Monday, December 5, 2011

This is the start, JUST the start

Anneonghasaeyo! Or rather SAWADEE!!!!!
To start, we just want to thank everyone who came to the airport to send us off! We really didn’t expect such a big crowd but your support has definitely given us much strength! (: Before we set off on the plane, Qi Hui, our awesome team leader, shared with us “the verse of the day”. “Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear, then your righteousness will go before you and the glory of the Lord will be your real guard.” Isaiah 58:8

We thank God for a safe and rather comfortable journey to Bangkok but all throughout the ride, our minds were all occupied thinking about our break fast at McDonalds for lunch!!! I guess the staff at that Macs outlet had never seen such a huge group of people rushing to the counter ordering all the double patty burgers and not to forget their awesome fried chicken!! Oh before our fast food feast actually, we were welcomed by a group of Thai church workers (including Shaun) at the airport! Pink, Chu, Boom, Sing…It was really good to see them all again.

It was already dark by the time we reached Pastor Eng Kiat’s house. We started off by praying for the couple as they have been not feeling too good for the past few days. Also, we continued to pray for Alex (feeling feverish) and Ivian (slight flu) for complete healing!! After that, came the famous Song Thiaow that shuttled us to Tesco (Thailand’s version of huge supermarkets). Of course, a Song Thiaow journey would not be the same without the good old Song Thiaow FM!

Then came the Amazing Race (or Running Man) in Tesco! We were on a mission to grab our goods with limited time and budget. We left with more than 10 full trolleys of goods, ready to be packed in our factory line.

All in all, we have had a great day one! A testimony from Alex – he is 80% healed from his fever in the afternoon though still having a bit of a sore throat. We ask for continued healing for him, Ivian, Pastor Eng Kiat and Aunty Anong and also good health for the rest of the members. Strong tummies against food poisoning! As we prepare to rest…GOODNIGHT GUYS! (:

Things to thank God for:
1.       All of you guys who came to send us off at the airport
2.       Safe journey to Thailand and to Pastor Eng Kiat’s house
3.       Breaking fast
4.       Good weather
5.       Loads of positive energy among the team

Things to Pray for:
1.       Good health for all members (including the Thai workers)
2.       Good rest
3.       Smooth running of programmes tomorrow
-          Children’s Club at Wat Yat Soi
-          Cell group at Wat Yat Soi
-          Visitation at Tachang
4.       God’s guidance and wisdom as pray for the people and lead the programmes
5.       Good weather

Audrey and Alexzxzxz.


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