Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 4 - Visitation + Evangelistic Concert! :)

Sawadee ka!

Sending all Covenantors Warm Greetings from Singburi, Thailand! It has been a great day, isn't it? Time certainly flies...we are now into Day 4! As usual, we will begin the day with breakfast . . . sometimes even on the Song Tiao. But this morning we have are truly blessed with a chef in our midst - Reuel. His delightful creation using Maggie Mee, eggs, hot dogs, tomatoes & mushrooms. Yummy!!!!

After breakfast & worship, we set sail towards Inburi Church. There we witnessed GOD's mighty work in building up the church, which accordingly was build pillar by pillar, level by level . . . It is almost complete with a large sanctuary on the second level. We took the opportunity to pray for the lay leaders, Gair and Thar of Inburi Church, upholding them with words of encouragement. Some were even inspired by visions. For instance, Auntie Marita got a vision of Gair teaching God's word in front of several of children during the prayer walk at Pi Song Si's house. The interesting bit of this vision is that Auntie Marita have not seen Gair before! So we praise God for that! :D

We also had the opportunity to pray for Fai, from Thong En Church, who was visiting. Fai is suffering from severe headaches and is suspected to have a tumor/blood clot in the left side of her head. She is scheduled to have a medical checkup this upcoming Monday & the youths below prayed fervently for GOD to heal her completely . . . after the prayer, Fai reported that her head felt lighter. PTL!!! 

Melody & Pinky - Really Cute lei!!!

After which, we went to visit Dawrung and her family, an Inburi staff worker in her two storey 'chalet' overlooking the breathtaking Chao Phraya River. During the flood this year, the water rose to the second level of the house! Thank God that it didn't really affect their lives as they are still able to stay in the second level.  One life lesson we learnt from them, is the ability to adapt to all extreme circumstances, such as doing your 'toilet business' (doing it in a plastic bag & throwing into the waters). 

Arriving at Dawrong' house

2nd level - Waters rose to the shin level during the flood  
Chao Phraya River(background)

Gair with Fai's daughter, Pinky
Scenic View of Chao Phraya River(background) 

Shuan Ho with Wolverine (who more handsome?)
Oh! We met Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) too! The Thai version, A, Dawrung’s hubby. They are expecting their first child. Whooo! A group of us then gathered around the family for a time of prayer and chat a little about their love life. :P While, the others gathered around Fai's mother-in-law to pray about her health condition. Guijia was inspired to sing song 53 (God Is Good To Me – Prajao dii tor chan). Just then, Uncle Cheng Kie was reminded by a verse, Isaiah 53:5. Little did they know, Dawrung and A's house number is 53/5! Pretty amazing right? 
The Team Praying for Dawrung

Praying for Fai's Mother-In-Law

Lunch was provided in a roadside stall that sells delicious noodles such as beef kuay tiao, wanton mee and so on. Everyone had more than one bowl of noodles! Haha. We had an opportunity to see how popcorn is popped in a roadside stall too! The popcorn is definitely a healthy snack in this case. :P 

Beef  or Wantan Noodles, Anyone?!? 

Feasting before the Evangelistic Concert 

We arrived in Sawaeng Ha Church to find a house full of kids for an evangelistic concert. From ice breakers, song and dance, the team entertained the children. We had great fun with the kids until we were all energized; particularly the kids. The team put forth a skit which touched and captivated the audience. Jasmine came up next to share her cute testimony. About 10 children responded positively to the altar call. Praise God! We truly felt GOD's presence and were so greatly encouraged.

 Fun & Games

 Balloon War!!!

Putting up the Skit 

 Testimony by Jasmine

We ended the day with Joshua leading us in a time of devotion. He touched on the need to forgive, Luke 6:27-29. FORGIVENESS IS THE KEY TO BEING FREE. We customized our own keys to remind us to forgive our enemies! J              


·        -  Thank God for the visions that He has been showing to the team and pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to reveal even more.
·        -   Pray for good health for each and everyone on the team, especially Jolyn and Grace who are having some throat irritations.
·        -   Pray that we would continue to go forth in joy
·        -   Pray for more children to attend the Christmas evangelistic concert tomorrow.
·         -  Pray that people will respond to the gospel.
·        -   Pray for salvation 

Blessings from Jolyn & Wee Seng


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