Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 2 - Visitations at Tachang!

Hi we're back again!! Day two has finally ended and we're here to update you on the day's super exciting events.

So.. We started the day with an amazing breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, sausages and toasted bread glazed with butter prepared with the sweat and blood of Charissa, Grace and Damaris who woke up extra early while most of us were still snoring away.  
Then we had a wonderful devotion led by Joanne and Samantha. Joanne shared a vision she had before the trip, on how we all should have a heart of love and how God has already gone ahead of us and how we do not have to worry about anything because God has already won the battle for us. She had another vision of hearts raining from heaven which Cass affirmed her vision by telling us that they prepared an activity for the children where paper hearts were to be given out to the children to let them know that they will always be loved by God and that we loved them too! :D So with our hearts on fire and filled with love we headed to Pi Song Si’s house for our first visitation! She’s one of the elders of Tachang Church and we just wanted to go down to bless and encourage her. She started to share about the struggles in her ministry and the new Tachang Church that was going to be built right beside her house and also her back problems. We all gathered around her to pray for her. Everybody was just so eager to pray and many were so bold to share visions, verses and prophetic words of encouragement. Reuel and Uncle Cheng Kie also released bible verses. Reuel shared Psalms 1, Isaiah 40:30-31 and Uncle Cheng Kie shared Habakkuk 3:17-19.
We then did a prayer walk around the plot of land where the church was going to be built on it was so encouraging to see the first-timers like Grace, Zachary and Auntie Marie. It was really really cool how Grace and Zachary had the same vision. They both saw how Tachang Church would be a lighthouse that would shine through the darkness. Auntie Marie saw streams of youth that were going to the new church. All the visions and words of affirmation were very encouraging and Song Si felt really blessed.

Then we went to Tachang Church to eat our number one meal of the trip (so far)!!!!!!!!! THE FOOD WAS AWESOME! We met two new missionaries that were attached to Pastor Eng Kiat, Chris and Sarah from the United Kingdom! We had a good time fellowshipping with them and the church workers over lunch. We then sat through the church’s leaders meeting and we saw how our words of encouragement and visions that were being shared to Pi Song Si became a testimony and encouragement to them. :D
We split into two groups and visited both Pi Miew and Pi Mao. At Pi Mao’s we learnt that her husband disappeared 5 years ago, she just had one of her legs amputated in an accident, her son is a drug addict and daughter doesn’t want to accept Christ. We felt that she needed to forgive many people but she was reluctant to as she rather just forget about it. Pi Saiyang then shared his testimony on the importance of releasing the anger in your heart and slowly we led her in a prayer to forgive her son and get rid of the bitterness she felt. As she prayed that prayer, there was definitely a change in the atmosphere and she seemed happier!!! Praise the Lord :D
At the same time over at Pi Miew, (the one who owns the pig farm #asyouallknow) we found out that she went to the doctor and learnt that her arteries were no longer clogged! YAY!! As well as the two nerves in her back that were deemed “dead” became “alive” and were slowly recovering!!!! We thank God for such a testimony of His healing. We prayed for her eye that was twitching and we saw our first healing of the trip as it stopped twitching after an hour. WHOOH. This definitely encouraged all of us and it showed that God really loved the Thais! The lucky few that went to Pi Miew’s house got the chance to go FISHING!!!  Grace, Zachary, Uncle Wee Seng, Auntie Marie, Damaris actually caught fishes :) (so good. Not fair :'''''( ) “in Singapore it is impossible to catch 4 fishes in 15 minutes,” said a very jealous Keith. We all met again at Watyaisoi for Children’s Club. The group that went to pray for Pi Mao was late! But Uncle Wee Seng and team handled the kids like champs whooh! They played games and got the kids really excited. Samantha taught the story of the Prodigal Son and each of the children had a puppet representing the characters in the story. They were made to act it out as Samantha told the story and it had most of the kids laughing happily. Pi (ka) Chu and Cass sang children worship songs with the kids that had cute actions and that got everybody really high. The kids then made a cape and crown each that had endless amounts of paper hearts stuck on them to assure them of their identity in Christ and His love for them (and ours too!).  In the meantime other people were making awesome balloons for the kids! We had such a wonderful session and we’re just so glad that the kids enjoyed themselves :)

We met this lady with AIDS and the virus has spread to her ears and her eyes making her partially deaf and blind. Ah Jaan Henry found her leaning against the wall thus we went forth to pray for her. Initially she could hardly understand us but after 3 rounds of praying she finally responded and even smiled at us. She felt better when Pi Shaun asked her how she felt. Praise the Lord! :) We gobbled down our dinner and had cell group led by Uncle Cheng Kie!
The theme of the lesson was on family upbringing and he displayed four possible parenting styles: 1) Uninvolved (don’t care), 2) Indulgence (spoil them to the max),3) Authoritarian (Hitler style), 4) Authoritative (fierce but reasonable, the ideal style). We did a short skit for each of the individual styles and had the Thais sit into groups for sharing. One of the sharing that was encouraging was that one of them felt that he was under the “Uninvolved” category and  he felt really lousy and after we prayed for forgiveness for the lack of care for his family, he decided to adopt the Authoritative style on his grandchildren!! This affirmed us that the lesson was a success!!!!!!!!!!! :)
We headed back and had a short time of sharing because we have to wake up super duper early tomorrow to go the school. So be really honored and grateful that we wrote such a long a detailed post for all of you and sacrificing our beauty sleep (not that we need it).
Okayyyy that ends our post see ya tomorrow.
Prayer requests:
- Thank God for everything he has done for us so far :)
- Pray for protection for the team
- Pray for God to go before us tomorrow, that we would make a difference during our teaching stint.
- Pray that we would continue to go forth in joy
From, The Babies. (mArK and naTaliE)
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