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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Homeward Bound

Final entry before heading off for the airport soon. Some pictures from the last day of the training for the returnees and it was a time of hugs, kisses and loads of smiles and photos before the families made their journey home :) It was a good time of encouragement and to see the countenance of their faces changed!

Yesterday was a day out for the team while the team went to a fishing village at Nagombo where their livelihood was mainly fishing and making tons of salted fish (you should have been there to take a whiff, it is bound to take you off your feet whoot) and a visit to a fish farm and a returnees home, Ashoka's family for a house cleansing where we removed some idols and prayed over his entire family :)

Flight Details of the team's return: ETA - 930 to 945pm, Emirates EK 348 from Colombo :) Thank you all for your prayers for the team! :D

The team (Pastor Keith, Mui Fong, Joan, Grace, Andrew, Praba, Shani, Joyce)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hellos! Sorry for the lack of updates, ahaha! Its really tough (without anyone dragging me out of the room to sit in front of the comp to type updates out) after my shower and a day's of activity!

The past 2 days has been really good! The final night was another night of encounter but we did a change of stations which involved holy communion, prophetic art, a prayer scripture verse station where they could meditate on and a prophetic station where the team took turns to release prophetic words out to the returnees.

But above all, Pastor Keith felt a need for the Father's Love to be done so we had a testimony from Andrew to share on the Father's Love and the team went out to be ready to give out free hugs and embrace to the returnees, to minister to them and stand in proxy as fathers and mothers, since most of the returnees were mostly women. It was powerful as many embraces often ends up in tears for the returnees of them, feeling loved and hugged by the Father. (This was the day before yesterday).

Many on the last day (which was yesterday) shared their testimonies and most shared how encouraged they felt throughout this entire camp, cause there was this feel of hopelessness and difficulties they felt in their circumstances they felt while returning back to Sri Lanka, and one lady even shared how much more loved she felt when she was back in Singapore in comparison to the church back in Sri Lanka and it was difficult for her. With the team coming back to minister in Sri Lanka, greatly encouraged them in their walk and faith and many desired to walk closer with the Lord as many due to circumstances turned away, but has now decided to take a closer walk with the Lord from what they experienced over the past few days. They felt loved with the Singaporean team being over at Sri Lanka for them.

One lady even had a dream of Pastor Sunil in the dream before this camp, that Pastor Keith will be coming to Sri Lanka, so she decided to come for the camp (if my memory doesn't fail me) in which upon arrival, was busy looking for Pastor Keith, seeing him was like a confirmation of what the Lord told her in her dream :)

God has been amazing really, and praise God for another salvation I just knew yesterday, that our driver has been converted! :) Hee hee. Its really amazing, Pastor Shani led him to Christ :) He's really funny, I tend to giggle whenever I look at the driver cause he constantly smiles everytime you have eye contact with him, he doesn't speak English so somehow along the way, you'll either need sign language or some translation to get things through.

Thank you all for the prayers! :) All the love, Joan's able to get by (she was quiet the day before yesterday) cause she was feeling pretty sick but I think she's better now that she's got more talking back. The team's heading out to the beach soon, an hour's drive away, I'll try to get some pictures up when I return! Grace is yearning for a swim after experiencing the massive winds by the beach yesterday and I have a beautiful shot of MF (mtv-likish shot) - She's gonna kill me if I post it up, but I'll risk it till she finds out :D while the guys in the team, Shani, Keith and Andrew went on to meet the pastors yesterday over dinner to talk about some TNET thingies.

Gotta run now! Loves,
The Babylet (*grins at AET)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 3

Greetings (It is 1040pm), ! I'll just update from today which was the start of the training of the returnees by Joan/Keith/Praba over at Wesley Methodist where we use the school's chapel and have the training held there. The 10 kids will be then looked after by Mui Fong, Andrew, Grace and me, where we did artwork of coloring and doodling after sharing 2 stories of creation and Adam and Eve.

Mui Fong asked the kids what did they enjoy particularly about for the day between the two stories, they actually do prefer the story of creation citing that it is important to know what God created. The kids do color and draw well, which was fun and teaching them the "Every move I make" dance, MF, Grace and me thought of together in the room, it was indeed a joyful time with the kids and praying over the kids as we asked them what would they liked to be blessed upon.

The main highlights for the day would be the Encounter Night, whereby we transformed the chapel, it looked different with the candles lighted up. The returnees were actually apprehensive after they were told they were free to head to the various stations to encounter God. Things got started as many started at the Communion Table where you can really feel their reverence for God as they took the communion consisting of some biscuit crackers and juice, irregardless of the age, young and old, all of them took communion with such thankful/reverence attitude.

There were 4 stations - A mirror station (where they were asked what would Jesus think of them), Communion Table, Feet Washing and the scrolls station.

Hugs was going on at the feet washing station and yes, the most amazing thing that happened... Pastor Keith decided toinvite the security guard of the school who has been watching us from afar for the past couple of days, to wash his feet. After explaining what the entire act was about, Christ was being shared to him and he decided to receive Christ. The security guard came from a Tamil background (not Singhalese) and so, had some white religious strings/wristlets tied around his hand, which upon receiving Christ, decided to take it off as a symbolic act, had them cut away with a scissors. It was really encouraging cause there was a salvation but more importantly, someone no one really would have thought or have easily missed, but got invited for a feet washing opportunity and was changed for life. Praba shared that while we were praying, he felt something dark left so go Jesus! :D

We had another healing, of a man who was walking with a limp since the first day I saw him (yes, I've been eyeing him the entire time since I saw him the first time), Pastor Andrew had the chance of washing his feet and since saw he had a limp, decided to pray for healing... AND YES. IT HAPPENED, he could walk up and down the steps. I was watching him the entire time and we prayed upon him a couple more times and the people around was all amazed that he could actually walk. The last time I saw him, he was actually helping to lift a church bench up so it could be placed back to where it was supposed to be. It was really quite a WOWing sight but praise to God for a healing :)
We also actually had a live telecast of what we were doing in the afternoon, streamed over Skype, over to Covenant, back in Singapore, where the returnees danced to "Every Move I Make" for the people back in Singapore, both sides exchanged their greetings, some with their moms over at this sideand daughters working over at Singapore, it was really heart warming before the TOSHIBA laptop decided to overheat, malfunction alittle bit, went off on its own and we couldn't quite get the connection back.

So that's about all for today :) Tomorrow will be another similar day of training and kids program running and I would like to request prayer request! Pray for my dear roomie, Joan (she fed me Vitamin C tablets) but is now feeling a little bit flu-ey, I did pray for her before I headed off for shower and type this post but we could do with more prayers.

- Keep the entire team in prayers please! That we'll be well, in good health (no flu, headaches, gastric flu) and have enough strength and energy to last/teach/play with the kids!

- Pray for tomorrow's night encounter that they will have anot
her round of refreshing times with the Lord and be strengthened and encouraged! (They were encouraged today and many said they had a good time at the encounter night as they went into their individual groups to share and reflect).

- Pray for Pastor Andrew that he'll have favour from SINGTEL (YES), cause thanks to the data plan on an iphone, that was left on all the way till here, while he wa
s using minimal usage, the bill has exploded to a huge sum, pray he'll have more discount to have more amounts waived.

May we continually be sensitive to what's on the Lord's heart, I'll post some pictures up meanwhile
The Baby
(The team affectionately calls and introduces me as)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Greetings from Columbo

5 minutes to post (became 25 mins, since the rest of the team still seems to be snoozing in their rooms, Aunty Joan and me are on time!) We're on a free wifi available at the Hotel's Business Centre (it is way faster than the one at Timor, PTL =X) before we head off to Wesley Seminary School to check out the facilities where Pastor Keith, Aunty Joan and Uncle Praba will be teaching.Today's been a day of pretty much resting and grocery shopping where we stock up water to drink and head off to the supermarket to get some food for the kids. We went for breakfast @ Nimal's (Pastor Sunil's twin brother) place and had a great start of rice and their curry fish and rice for breakfast.

The highlights of the day so far would still be Pastor's Keith's passport being left behind at the airport where the red book stayed on at the immigration counter since we left the airport and made a detour 15 minutes into our journey towards the airport (that was a span of an hr odd since we left the airport). Aunty Joan's bag getting checked and held back thanks to our beloved nation's Bak Gwa :) They got it for Nimal and his family! He realised his passport wasn't with him 15 minutes into our journey towards the hotel and did a detour to get it back.

Our dear calm and cool pastor took it real cool when I asked "Aren't you afraid of losing your passport?". He went "oh, I suppose it is God's way of asking you to stay @ Sri Lanka. But praise God, you'll have your head pastor back in SG soon. He got his passport back :D Some pics before we head off. Pictures from our breakfast at Nimal's place! There's a pic of Nimal and his family!

Yes they have tuks tuks here!
Ok, that's all for now while the refreshed team comes visiting :) The team's here! Gotta run,

Your Sri Lankan Correspondent,
Joy Joy

Monday, August 16, 2010

Movie at YA Ministry this Sunday!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This Sunday 15 Aug - BAG Bible Study


"I really like this current series of study on discovering my real identity in God."

"Jesus shows us how to believe in people before they deserve it."

"As a member of God's royal family, I can share the King's power of grace and mercy."

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

YA Overnight Cycling (6-7 Aug)

ear Young Adults,
There will be an overnight cycling this Friday; we'll be cycling from East Coast to Esplanade and Orchard Road and back. Please refer to the link below for the cycling route:

Please message Ben Chan @98520244 asap to confirm your attendance.
Ben Chan & Andrew