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Monday, May 25, 2009

Awesome is an understatement

Day 3 (night) - 23 MAY 09

Nothing warmed our hearts more on day 3 than seeing the crowd rendering heartfelt praises during the worship led by Alvin and Mark during the evangelistic outreach event.

The presence of God was so palpable that some wept while others fell to their knees in awe of our AWESOME God. Worship is more than mere songs and music. It is the surrender of our hearts. I think God saw our worship and honoured it with His presence.

After the worship, Sarah shared her testimony and told of the restoring power of God’s love. Many were touched by her compelling message and gave their lives to Jesus. There were 2 altar calls that night. The first was for those who wanted to receive Christ and also for Christians who wanted to return to their first love. The second alter call was for healing. Contrary to the Day 1, the team stepped out without hesitation and enthusiastically prayed for the individuals. We were so hungry to pray for the people and Daniel even found someone to take his place at the keyboard just so he could pray too.

Clarence who claimed since Day 1 that it was too uncomfortable for him to pray for strangers died to self and went forth to pray for 4. To say that the ministry time was AWESOME is an understatement. It was more than amazing! All of us left the church that night with surpassing joy and the awareness of the transformation that was taking place in our lives.

Day 4 - 24 MAY 09

Day 4 started off with church service in the morning. Sarah’s sermon urged us to listen and obey and bear fruits that will last. Service ended with a fire tunnel in which we, the ministry team for Sarah, were the tunnel. The next hour saw us fervently laying hands and prophesying over every one that entered the tunnel. It was very encouraging to see the team relentlessly praying for others despite the fatigue and lack of sleep.

Life-changing can be the word to sum the KL mission trip and you can be the judge to whether it’s true.

The friendship, camaraderie and bonding formed with our KL brothers and sisters-in-Christ is so precious and unforgettable.

Parting words from Pastor Chris Leong and friends from Antioch Network Community:

Dear Henry & CPC team! TERIMA KASIH! THANK YOU! It's been a great blessing & encouragement for us to have you all come to bless us. Continue to Shine for Jesus!

26 MAY 09

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 2 & 3 of KL Mission - Spot the difference

The day started off with an interpretation of Pastor Chris’ dream for the KL mission trip team during our morning devotion. He prophesized about a new generation, us, that will rise up and rewrite the reformation theology – one that tells of what a Christian who is rightly related to our Father God and empowered by the Holy Spirit is capable of. Akin to how new wine is not to be poured into old wine skin, the upcoming revival is more than just attracting new believers into the Kingdom, it will also be a time of discipleship of new believers to move in love and power in the spiritual realm.

Yesterday was one of anticipation, hesitation, and apprehension. Today saw a radical change in the KL mission trip team. There was no more testing waters; we dived straight in. Responding to Sarah Yang’s request for us to become her ministry team, every single one of us arose and shone for the Lord. We exercised our faith during Christian Fellowship at Kolej Damansara Utama (college). It was a great session, where the Malaysians responded to Sarah Yang’s call to commit their lives to the Lord, while the team experienced the Holy Spirit through prayer, worship and prophesy. We prayed for those who came forward, releasing word of prophecy and healing prayers over them. Alvin also gave a Word of Knowledge for a girl in the room – that the Lord is raising her to be a shepherd, one who is strategically placed in a position that provides her the platform to be of influence over her peers. Indeed, that is what she is, a prefect in school.

Day 3
1 Cor 14:31 “For you can all prophesy one by one, that all may learn and all may be encouraged”. We saw this verse come to life through a series of practice. The team and other fellow sisters and brothers in Christ practiced prophesizing for each other back in Antioch church before heading out to the malls for Treasure Hunt. Accurate prophecies were prophesized for us and by us. We were strengthened, encouraged, and comforted.

It’s only Day 3, and it is evident how the team has grown and developed.
It’s a time for CHANGE.
Spot the difference, in us.

Below is a testimony from Eunice:
My group of three, myself and two young adults from the Antioch Church, had with us ten clues as we headed for the mall. But we could not find any one who matched the descriptions. It was ten in the morning and no one was at the malls yet. With about twenty minutes left, I told the other two that we had to do something, anything, before we left. The other two shared the same sense of hunger and expectation to see God work.

While we were walking back, I saw a middle-aged Chinese man, and decided to approach him. I started, trying to introduce us. All I received was a blank stare and then a dismissal. We walked on. And suddenly, Ming Yue said, ‘Hey, let’s pray for that man. He’s got financial difficulties.’ Ming Yue had been experiencing a dizziness and felt the ground shaking for the last five minutes before we met the guy. So had I. I felt a pain in the right side of my head, which spread, which I knew was not my own. I was amazed. So we stopped and prayed for the man.

We had a few practical sessions within the church before the Treasure Hunt, and despite a few accurate prophesies, I realized there is no trepidation like that when approaching someone in a big mall with no boundaries and limitless possibilities. I don’t know if those people bore witness to our testimonies, but results don’t matter, as Sarah taught us. I know for sure though, that God was proud that we, a bunch of young and hungry kids, stood out in faith and spoke His word. And that’s all that matters.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Size doesnt matter

“Covenant is quite small. We only have around 300 members.”

“That’s not small.”


“Hmm... we only have 70 plus members...”


We expected a church building, with a substantial group of worshippers. However, what greeted us was a warehouse, with a humble group of 30. Though small and simple, the Holy Spirit was present in Antioch Network Community Church. Size doesn’t matter.

Sarah Yang, a prophetic evangelist, spoke a POWERFUL message that hit home. She gave her testimony of God’s grace upon her life, and highlighted love as the motivation to evangelize. Without love, one will get burnt out and not be able to sustain in the long term. She urged all of us to make disciples of all nations, not converts. Sarah released prophetic words and healing through the Holy Spirit, affirming God’s grace and gifts for specific members in the congregation, and will continue to do so the next 2 days.

Praise the Lord for the Word of Knowledge released to Daniel. During altar call, Daniel rose up to be a catcher while Uncle Henry prayed for Albert, a member of Antioch Church. The word “healing” was revealed to Daniel. After Uncle Henry was done ministering to Albert, Daniel took the step of faith and asked Albert if he required any healing. Shocked, Albert shared of his stomach problems. We thank God for this Word of Knowledge and revelation.

Do cover the KL team with prayers as we go forth to assist Antioch Church in ministering to His people, and that we will simply worship with our hearts. We ask for more intimate encounters with the Lord. We ask to be used mightily as His instruments. Pray that God will grant us Open Heaven for the next 2 days.

KL team: Uncle Henry, Mark Ho, Alvin Ong, Clarence Ng, Charissa Tan, Daniel Tan, Koh En Min, Eunice Wong, Janelle Tan, Joyce Goh, Shaun Ho, Yingqi Ang

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Synchronized Prayer for Ps Sunil - 8pm Tonite

Dear Young Adults,

It has been said that the sum is greater than the parts, this is true when God's people focus their prayers and attention on the same cause at the same time.

Let us work together in synchronised prayer at 8pm tonight and ask the Lord for a healing miracle to be released for Ps Sunil. Let us pray for the presence of God to take away every infection and swelling, and to shrink the remnant of the tumour. We pray that Ps Sunil will be fully restore to how he should be - whole and alive and well.

Ellen, Carol and Henry
20 May 09

Monday, May 18, 2009

No YABF on 24 May 09

Dear Young Adults,

Please note that there will not be any YABF on Sunday 24 May 2009.

If some of you are free - come and help me man the prayer and fasting stall during the ministry fair. Thanks. :)

And ya, pls remember for the KL Mission team and i copied auntie ellen's mail for easy reference.

Here goes ---

Pls pray for the YA Mission trip in KL from 21 to 24 May.

We are partnering a team from USA (led by Sarah Allis Yang)and Ps Chris Leong's church at Petaling Jaya to reach out to University students in KL. The Covenant team led by Uncle Henry and Mark comprises of : Eunice, Clarence, Shaun, Charissa, Alvin Ong, Daniel, Janelle, En Min, Joyce Goh,and Yingqi.
The first two days involve evangelism at two foreign university campuses. On the 3rd and 4th day, we would participate in harvest events targeting the students from the universities/colleges.

We pray specifically for
* 1. Sarah & friend,Yeong Wang Hsi*
* 2. Ps Chris Leong and his Church*
* 3. Henry Wong and YAs*
*Before the trip*
1) Be well prepared spiritually,* *be right with the Lord,and seek Him fervently always.Pray the Lord cover each one of them with the cloak of His Righteousness.
2) Not to be overworked and stressed out unnecessarily. Rest well and keep healthy.
*During the trip*
1) Pray for God's confidence, courage, fearlessness, to share the Good News and that God will use them mightily. *Phil 4:13-I can do all things thru Him who strengthens me.*
2) Pray for a spirit of humility, sensitivity, unity towards each other and with the students there too.
3) Pray for gift of discernment to apply the right kind of knowledge and strategy, to be 'flexible', not pushy during evangelism.

1) PROTECTION= pray for the Blood of Jesus to cover each and everyone of them against harm, injury, accidents, principalities and forces of darkness.
We pray that God's Guardian Angels will watch over all of them the whole time.
*Claim Isaiah 54:17-'No weapons formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their righteousness is from Me, says the Lord'
* *
2) Excellent health for all,esp. before and during the trip. Pray no one catches any flu so wont be weakened physically.emotionally and spiritually ; ability to adapt to new environmt and sleep soundly at night.

3)Target Treasures: the Uni students in KL- pray for open minds and hearts to receive the Gospel. Pray for spiritual barriers to be torn down and *A BOUNTIFUL HARVEST* awaits our teams.

4)Pray the team will not forget to have fun while doing God's work.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

YA This Sunday!!!

God does speak to us through dreams (Acts 2:17). All through the Scripture, God uses dreams to confirm covenants and confer blessings, forewarn of dangers and tragedies, and reveal actual condition of one's soul. This Sunday, bring the dreams that you have recorded through the past weeks & months and find out how to interpret the dreams that you dream.

Uncle Henry

Friday, May 8, 2009


Heyo all,

ALSO, this coming FRIDAY 15th May, there will be a COMBINED YA BAG!! Yes that means that REGARDLESS of your BAG group, we are all to come together for a time of learning and fellowshipping! =)As its going to be alot of people, FOOD WILL BE PROVIDED! YES GOOD FOOD! Our guest speaker that night will be Pastor Michael Ross Watson!

Venue: Church, YA Room
Time: 7pm

WIth love,

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Its the Time of the year again for the UPCOMING TMT (Thailand Mission Trip)!! I hope everyone have taken time to wait upon the Lord and reflect on the sharing made by Aunty Sharon. Nevertheless, if its a burning desire for you to reach out to the kids there, do sign up with either myselfMark), Eunice, Charissa or Uncle Henry. Slots are limited, therefore sign up with us ASAP to avoid disappointment!

God bless and see you all on Sunday!!

With love,

EXTENDED Worship and Prayer!

Hey all!

Many apologies for not posting it earlier. Haha. This coming Sunday, 10th May, we have with us the YA team to lead us into a time of praying and worshipping God. So come with a heart of worship and the eagerness to pray for the sick and those who are having exams. See you all @ 11.00am, YA Room!
God Bless!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

One of the difficulties about teaching ‘PRAYER’ is not pointing to you how to pray, but getting all of us excited about prayer. As Rev Abel Thomas pointed out at service this morning, some of us simply don’t pray. There are some who come to church, and pray when everybody else is praying. But when we go away, in our own world, the prayer is not really a living flame inside of us. We are boiled up in prayer when we get together, but the actual walking in prayer in our own world, that’s another thing.

Bill Johnson said, “God does nothing in the affair of men except through Prayer. He almost handcuffed himself to the prayer of His people. History is shaped by those who pray, or those who didn't pray. That’s what He did with Simeon and Anna as He stirred their hearts to pray for the coming Messiah long before He was born (Luke 2:25-38). If these things are going to happen anyway, what would be the purpose of prayer? God has apparently given Himself a self-imposed restriction – to act in the affairs of man in response to prayer. God has chosen to work through us.”

The Lord’s hand is not so short that it cannot save (Isaiah 59:1). But I truly believe that He cannot reach out His hand unless we pray more and more seriously. The significant moment is won when you stare into the face of God, battling in secret hours of prayer where nobody is watching you.

How can we possibly think we can work for Christ without spending much time in prayer? Is prayer important enough for that? Is prayer the greatest power on earth or is it not? Do we spend 10 minutes in prayer? Shall we begin to be people who pray?

Carol & Henry
3 May 2009