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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ignite Conference with International House of Prayer

This June, David Sliker & Marcus Meier join Ignite Conference from Kansas City's International House of Prayer, IHOP, for three days of liberating worship and inspirational teaching.

With seven solid sessions of sharing and ministry, expect
ongoing encounters with God, and be enraptured and refreshed in the renewing love of the Father at this
year's conference.

Burning Hearts
Be loved by God
Love Him
Know His heart for you 

Here is the info:
23 June (thur) 7pm to 25 June (sat)
Conference is free
At kum Yan Methodist (beside smu)
Registration Deadline: 10 June 2011
Rgistration is online at the site above. For group leader can just put Ang Shih-Yang.

Sign up if you're keen on the website! You can put Shih-Yang's name as a group leader :D

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A sharing from Joyce Goh from Sunday worship service :)

 A sharing from Joyce Goh from Sunday worship service :)

Yesterday, during main service worship where Uncle Jonathan led, was one where I saw many colors. I wondered if it was God teaching me a lesson on colors, but beside me, stood a flagger, that I only realized when his flags kept hitting my face, that I realized was an angel when I open my eyes to check who was that.

During the initial worship, he waved the colors blue and red. Blue which represented royalty and red, which represents the blood of Jesus. As the worship progressed, he waved the colors of gold, which represented the glory of God.

It was a sight to behold, when the angel flagged the different flag and colors, that he did it with such beauty and grace (that made me want to join him for a moment), right in the center of our sanctuary.

As he waved the gold flags, as the congregation sang the words of glory, with their hands lifted up high, His majestic presence was there. I know I felt like kneeling in His presence, in awe of His grandeur and splendor, it was beautiful.

As worship was nearing the end, he waved green flags, which would mean restoration and refreshment.

God once again showed me His goodness, that He always is:)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sign up now for YaYA Camp 2011!!!

I know God is going to do something amazing and totally 'out of the box' during this Kingdom Culture camp.

Be very excited!!!

Uncle Henry

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Extended Huddle Time - 22 May 2011


This Sunday will be EXTENDED HUDDLE TIME, (yes oh how we don't get enough of it eh?),

"It is going to be a time of food, fun, sharing and games! Come with a hungry stomach and a cheerful heart!"

See you there!

Clarence :D

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easter Sunday Miracle

Praise God for a supernatural healing that took place in a Sri Lankan member. This Sri Lankan sister attended our 2nd service on Sun. She shared with me that she was suffering from a kidney failure and the doctor told her that it is damaged with disease and needed to be taken out. 

The Sri Lankan ministry has been praying and fasting for her recovery. Our sister, LydiaTean prayed for her as well. When this sister went for a MRI, the doctor was surprised that the damaged kidney disappeared from her body. He said that this is something he has never seen before. 

She testified that God did a miracle in her life. She is now slowly recovering from her weakness in her body. Our God is indeed an Awesome God! ---Ps Christina