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Monday, December 24, 2012

Special Christmas Service - 11am, Sanctuary

Amazing way of sharing the Gospel.
Coming to Covenant Presbyterian Church on 25 Dec, 11am service. Bring a friend!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

TMT 2012 Day 7 Update

Greetings from your lovely 2012 TMT leaders! 

Haha.. Okok, we are terribly sorry for posting out updates so late. Please forgive us hee! Anyway, its never too late to know how awesome God was during our trip! Here we go!!

We started the day with an awesome time of worship!! Its really nice to start off the day praising God and getting our hearts ready to do His work! After which, we went to visit Pi Miew! ( She is the lady who owns the pig farm which was funded by our very own Covenant Green Store!! )

I just want to thank God for my awesome team's love for her as they release many prophecy, word of knowledge and encouragement to her that God is always with her! :)

Visitation at Pi Miew's house

- sharing about the financial situation
- debtors taking the land away because the debt cannot be repaid
- feeling sad that the house/land she had work so hard to maintain will be gone soon
- a debt of 1,250,000 Baht.
- Daughters studies are good but having uncertainties about the future.

After which, we headed to Tachang Church for our lunch and to join them for their Ministry Combined Meeting as they confirm and prepare themselves for the AMK team that is going up this coming Monday! After that, we went over to ACES center where they spread to the people the importance of not having sex before marriage, follow up on Aids patients and to spread the gospel whenever they have a chance to! We Just feel that God is going to use this ministry to open many doors for the church to share the gospel and to let people hear about God! :) 

Next, we went for another visitation at Cream's house. She is only 16 years old and already have a daughter and a 3 week old baby girl! It has been really tough on her to raise up 2 kids. Prayed for her and even prayed for healing for the baby girl who was sick. 

After praying, we were already behind schedule and was going to be late for  children club. Haha, *Opps*! So anyway, we travelled to Wat Yat Soi to conduct the children's club. Initially when we reached, we were abit sad when there were ZERO kids present for the English club due to a performance in the village to celebrate the King's birthday! We didn't give up but instead went out to look for kids around the village to invite them over! I am so glad and thankful that we managed to have about 8 kids who appeared and had a wonderful time singing and dancing with them! 

Next, we had dinner there and waited for the cell group to start! Had a wonderful time worshipping together with the Thais and we are just so encouraged when they shared their testimony and thanks giving. As they were sharing, it just reminded me of how important it is to always make time to do it and will be sure to implement it when we are back in Singapore with out CG and BAGs! 

We did the car activity and it was nice hearing how the Thai leaders and workers were feeling and what they wish to be in 6 months time. We prayed for one another and our very own Grace shared a short lesson and testimony with all of us! After her awesome sharing, we just broke into smaller groups to continue praying for one another and we thank God for the couple of healings that had happened! We than bid our final farewells to the Thais as we won't be seeing them anymore until the next trip. :( Sighs, we wish it never had to end.

We went back and had our debrief and I am just so encouraged by their sharings and thanksgivings. As leaders of this trip, we are just so happy that everyone was happy and had an awesome time experiencing and doing Gods work! So thankful that throughout this whole trip, there were no arguments and everyone was just so helpful and encouraging to one another! Loving the culture of Honor in this team! :))

Well, that will be all and we thank each and everyone of you back home who have  been following our progress and keeping us in prayer! We could have never been able to do it without your covering and prayers! To God be the Glory! 

From your lovely leaders,
Mark and Jerone HO!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

TMT 2012 Day 6 Update

Hi all,

Sorry for the really late update! We are just so touched by the love of the Thais!! Even though Monday is their only rest day, they still made an effort to plan a trip to the sunflower for us! Firstly, special thanks to Phi Chu, Bpaa Nan and Son as they used their free time to wake up early and serve us. 

Next we had out lunch at Tachang Church prepared by our awesome chef Pi Na!!
Amazing beef noodles. The food was awesome and all of us enjoyed it. :) After lunch we went back to Ps Eng Kiat's place to rest! Very thankful for that one hour rest after our lunch before we head down for visitation to Da Rong's husband's workplace then to Inburi Rice Field.

Da Rong and Hubby

- Recently gave birth to a baby girl called Hosanna. 
- Praise God that Da Rong was able to use her daughter's name to preach the gospel to the doctors and nurses at the hospital, and their neighbors too!
- Her husband has a motorcycle repair shop of which the startup fund was seeded from Covenant's Green store; previously he was a car mechanic for Chevrolet.

Inburi Rice Field

- Had less than an hour to finish our performance for them and thus, we weren't able t go int the village and call more people to join us for it. 
- Carissa shared her testimony and led the alter call. Her testimony touched many and she was very brave.
- Our God is indeed a God that never fails. 4 healed and 2 people saved. 
- Thank God for having this mini revival in Inburi and that there weren't as many mosquitos as we expected!!! 

All in all, God has been really good to us and to the Thais. Really saw the love of God being poured out and it was really encouraging to see the whole team constantly moving around and finding more and more people to pray for! All Glory and praise to God!! 

- Sean Tng and Carissa Fok

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

No News Is Good News

Hey guys!
Sorry for the series of postponed updates, we've been staying out late and getting back even later, so the team has been really tired. We do ask for your forgiveness! We'll be coming back tomorrow, so do keep the team prayer for the last stretch, and we will see you in a bit,, exciting updates coming soon! :)


Sunday, December 2, 2012

TMT 2012 Day 5 Update

day 5 update!!!!
Hi Everyone (: today Alex and I (Gift) are blogging! Today was a rather relaxing day with breakfast prepared by Mark, Daryl and Charrissa. We had scrambled eggs,breads,sausages&hams.hahaha.

we left home(pastor engkiat’s house)at around 8am to travel to Thanprapon church for a special early Christmas service.we had both worship and a sermon,which we couldn’t comprehend a thing the pastor was preaching,but afterall,we enjoyed ourselves taking care of the kids who came for the special service at the church,despite having kids that were rather wild and were jumping all around us&on our backs,we had a lot of fun playing with them though.After attending the special Sunday Christmas service at the Thanprapon church,we had a great lunch with many dishes with the people there. I felt pretty sad when we had to leave to the next destination though,because we really had fun
there playing with the very active kids

we arrived at the sawaengha church around 3pm and we were splitted into three categories. When we arrived, we saw that 6 girls who attended the English camp actually turned up for church! Coupled with the youths from Sawaengha church, the room was literally bursting full, an answered prayer! For most of them, it was their first time stepping into a church. We thank God that they were engaged in the worship and sharing of the story of Daniel. Our TMT song, Amazing God, (written by Vanny and Daryl & translated by Arunee) was a major hit with the youths, even those who are pre-believers! A few of them are planning on singing it at their school - Sawaengha High School where we taught at two days ago, during the Christmas concert! This will be an amazing opportunity for a Christian worship song to be heard by hundreds of students! Praise the Lord for this divine opportunity to share about our Amazing God!
The adult one which they did worship, sermon by Shaun and had a wonderful testimony by Sean (BOOMZ) which some of the Thais could relate to.
We also saw Aunty Somsi today when she said that her back was in a good state now and was no longer in pain. Thank God.
We also saw Aunty Chrishina and her back was also no longer in pain. She had to rely on the back braces initially, but now, she says that after the prayer upon her, the day before when she felt a stick going through her back, she felt a lot better. There was no more signs of pain and she even had the thought to remove the back braces,because she thought she wouldn’t need it anymore,but still,for safety precautions and also that the back brace would provide and further protect her back,we advised her not to remove it first,till she is really really sure that she can do it without the back brace.Our God is so good!
next!we had a really delicious (AROI MAKMAK) dinner at Tachang church.prepared by aunty chrishina.Shes a really great cook and a blessing to all of us. Even Ahbi who seldom eats vegetables ate a lot of vegetables and rice.hahahhahahahahahahaaa.
chewychewychewychweyulalalaalalalalallalala- Alux(alex) and Gift

Saturday, December 1, 2012

TMT2012 Day 4 Update

1 December 2012
Good morning, sorry for the late report. Yesterday was very eventful wheeeee.

We had our English camp today! God really answered our prayer about wanting such a great turn out that we wouldn't be able to handle it. 60 children turned up for camp although pastor EK only expected about 45 kids. Eight students from Sawengha High school came, like woah they really came! (Shaun says that the students always say they'll come but don't in the end, so thank God they did) During the english  camp we split up into 3 groups as there were more kindergarten children than we expected. 

Vanessa did a fantastic job managing the kindergarten and lower primary group. Everyone relied on her and the programmes she had planned. Chu and Chris also played a really big role, as they were helping us to translate to the kids and they were also very good in getting the kids attention and they were able to pay attention to Vanessa's lesson plans. We all worked together very well and the lesson was more than successful! 

Shaun, Elaine and Darryl was in charge of the upper primary class. They started with introduction and a game of wacko. Then they taught the children about positive adjectives by acting it out. They also played charades and held an activity which was about to write positive adjectives to affirm themselves. The kids were very smart and the learnt the adjectives really quickly. 

Qi Hui, Alex, Carissa, Grace and Jerone motivated the upper secondary students by sharing about Nick's life. The students were very engaged and a few of them even agreed to come to church on Sunday for the Christmas programme! 

We had our concert after lunch and children were superrrrrrrr enthusiastic when we did our dance. The skit went very smoothly and Joshua shared his testimony of how he found God, how God helped him overcome his anger problems and improved his relationship with his family. 

While Jerone and Sean entertained the little kids with craft, we had a session to prophecy and pray for the older kids. Since we were always the ones gettingmprayed for in situations like these, it was a first time experience for many of us. Furthermore, the kids were running to us in big groups as pastor EK thought that it would be less intimidating that way. That was definitely unusual. :O 

God worked nonetheless and many affirming words were given, new bonds and friendships were made and strengthened during that time. it was really cool how Gift drew pink flowers for a girl only to realize that was exactly what her name meant after the picture was given to her. We learnt that prophecy not only encourages the person receiving but the person praying as well. 

Everyone was very tired after giving it their all during then english camp. We had our well deserved rest before very yummy dinner at tachang church. God is good hahahahahahaha. 

We had work to do again after dinner. Some of us prayed for Pi Christina and her husband while others prayed for her grandson Mark. During prayer we felt that  Pi Christina was burdened because of her son who was recently released from prison. We also prayed for  restoration of the couple's relationship and that love will grow between them again. Pi Christina was crying as she felt touched by the holy spirit. 

The group praying for little mark were playing the guitar and singing songs that we felt ministered to Pi Christina. Pi Christina said that Mark was facing some rejection from his father and also facing some problems in school. The group encouraged him by playing guitar with him and little Mark was a really good guitar player. We prayed for him at the same time and he was more cheerful after that. And we also prayed that he will grow up to play the guitar for god and that he will grow more as a Christian. 

Now comes the reason behind our late report. Our dear leaders felt that we needed to foster a culture of honor within the team so we had this session of affirming one another which lasted all the way till 1.30am

The trip's been so exciting thus far and we're trusting God for even more in the next half. Pray along side with us, for strength, for his presence to be with us everywhere we go and that you people will have even more interesting blog entries to read! :)