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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sell all, Live Meatily Together (SLMT 2012) Day 2

Day 2 (this is a backdated copy!) Woke up bright and early, had an awesome breakfast lovingly prepared on the bus. Yes, I mentioned prepared on the bus. The chaos that ensued can be left up to your imagination, but whatever you imagine prob won't be far off from what happened. So many firsts on this trip haha. Thank God that we all didn't get a tummyache despite our lack of sanitary conditions :) anyway day 2 is a busy day, with lots of stories to share! Had 3 visits to various different places, 4 in total. First one was to Roshan, he's like a real cool surfer dude who owns like a surf school cum restaurant at the beach. Rebuilt it after the tsunami hit. Sang for him (imagine: sun sea and guitar music) to encourage him, and I think attracted a few of his colleagues/friends attention! Haha we really wanted to have a beach concert there, but that pending discussions with our tour manager haha. Hopefully our arrival is a step to sth greater, I think PL released a prophesy that he is a lighthouse to his friends and Auds corresponded with the image of an umbrella reflecting the sun rays in its seven colored splendor to his friends. We then went to visit Gomez, in a history filled (300 yo) church quite near like some colonial administerial district. He has a testimony that is really colorful (read also: long) and was really sleepy then so pls forgive if I don't do it due justice. He was actually a Buddhist chief, but one day  had a dream where he saw the temple being destroyed and the church built in its place. So he decided to join the winning side and told the monk he could no longer be a buddhist. Naturally being a Christian in Sri Lanka is one fraught with difficulties, society, family and communities just dont support you. Told us abt his struggles to balance societal commitments with Christian expectations.  Also had the caretaker told us abt her story in the tsunami, super drama and cool! If you want to know, go to Sri Lanka yourself.  Joyce had a WOK for back pain. Couldn't quite figure out who had it, until a woman came in suddenly. Prayed and she had no more pain, even broke out into song praising God. Realized that the Slankans really enjoy praising God, haha we should really learn from them!  We also visited the hospital to visit a nurse returnee and also, Ps Sunil's (a pastor in a church near Kataragama) church. Ps Sunil was one of the four young men who came out to start churches after the senior pastor in Kataragama died. Will tell you abt the story of the wife who is an awesome woman one day, am really tired right now. Anyway ps Sunil is a really welcoming chap, and Ps Keith had a cricket exchange with the kids. And the church is being built with funds from farmers, so just can imagine the seasonal nature of the funds. We then went to the Agape children's home, met the coolest, wittiest pastor (Ps Dayak, if i didnt get his  name wrong) I have ever met. And our pastors in church are really awesome already so yea you can imagine! Haha he had a really interesting story to why he opened this children's home, it all started with him being asked to bring a kid to the orphanage. But he didn't as he couldn't find one. Abt one week later a guy brought a kid to him, saying the kid drank pesticide as he was suicidal. The kid died in his arms, and only later did he realize that it was the same kid that he was supposed to help earlier. Prayed for a second chance and abt a week later the first kid of many (103 in total) came into his life. Had lots of struggles in the way, but God has provided much, such as a friend giving free milk powder when he ran out, so much so tt he had to resort cutting down on milk given to the children under his care, and tt included his own children. Also, a van (which he didn't order to come) delivered like two fridges and cupboards and towel racks one day just out of the blue, when they required supplies to build up their home. Also he has like a Road Runner Coyote like relationship with a Buddhist monk, it's really funny but God always comes through and wins the authorities over to his side. Ask any SLMT member and I'm sure they would duly relate the details to you.  The Programme we ran was good I guess, many children came for prayer. Just glad we could just play with them and show some love and attention to them, am pretty sure they are in good hands  under Ps Dayak.  Also met Ps Don at agape, a ps from US. More stories were told, shall not delve into them here. Interesting it seems like this mission trip we have really come to be ministered to, ourselves be refreshed and inspired by all these people in Sri Lanka. Good stuff mans. Join SLMT next year if you feel as if you need refreshing in your life.  Okay signing off now, Louisa.  P.S if you want the full stories, just approach me after I come back okay!

Sell All, Live Merry Together (SLMT 2012) Day 4

Okay today will be a short one, not that it is not eventful, but because its too eventful that now I am really tired and hence, I will make it a really brief one. Prob will try to catch up if the wifi works and when I have the time, and day 2 is finished but the wifi is ... uncooperative. So, as I always say, good things require some waiting yes? But enough on updating abt updates, and let's plunge into the day itself.
We had as mentioned in the previous day, school of healing (SOH) day 2 in the morning today, followed by the night rally. SOH was good I think, was out playing duck duck goose with the kids, but came back in time where we had impartation of love (from Ps Keith) and also healing of any newcomers who require healing. Prayed for healing and as expected from God, most people were healed, some more exciting, some not so much. Not too exciting since such healings are only to be expected from God no? Well but anyway not to focus too much on the healings, but more on how to equip the leaders to continue this in their lives, that they can just learn some you know, "guidelines" (for lack of a better word) on healing and also just be empowered to know they have this authority and power to heal.
Anyways, we heard the testimony from the lady whose husband was martyred and it is a really powerful one, but due to time constraints (it is 12 am SL time here and I am currently dying) shall not go into it. Will definitely share it with you guys one day, pls look forward to it :)
The healing rally was electrifying (their av system was somehow not grounded properly so they had minor current leakage). But actually, I think through the night rally (which lots of people were healed, and lots of "fallings" haha) the SLankans really opened their eyes to the signs and wonders (not that they haven't seen it, I just think they haven't seen it done to so many people and they themselves doing it) and the power of God's presence when He just falls onto a place. Kinda shocking always huh, the first time lol. And I think they are fired up to just do this as part of their everyday life, it's kinda exciting to just see where they would bring this movement to. Just know it will sweep through SLanka.Detailed accounts next time. THEY OWE ME THAT.
Prayer pointers for tmr:
Will be splitting up to individual churches, just pray that God's presence will just continue to be with us throughout the 3 churches. Whatever you are praying its working so haha just continue!
Rising up of the local leaders
Continued good health for the team
Thanks for the prayers guys!


Friday, July 27, 2012

Sell all, Live Merrily Together (SLMT 2012) Day 3

Day 3 Hey all! Today is day one of SOH (aka school of healing)! Having it at kataragama where a church leader was martyred by Buddhist monks, yet in his place rose his wife and four other young men who carried out his calling in life.  It seems apt that we are having this SOH right in the church where his wife is the senior ps of! Shows how God is ever faithful!  Anyways moving on to the main story (as told by UH, additional info from me!) School of Healing today was awesome. Things started slow. Then Ps Keith gave word of knowledge for hip pain. One lady Esther came fwd, I prayed & she fell n God healed her. Few more people got healed, of aches and pains that have been disturbing them.  Here louie comes in with little addendum. There was a woman with a wrist pain, who was wearing a cast because her shoulder was in pain too. After praying, she move her arm fully!  Another woman with pain in her toes came forward after a WOK was called, her toes were cracked. After praying she said she felt a heat in her legs, and after a few rounds her pain was gone! K back to UH's account.  Neo then taught on Word of knowledge, he asked participants to practice. Esther came out, and she gave a WOK for stomach problem. (Louie: admire her lots, will never ever be the first to  go out) A lady came fwd, we asked Esther to pray 4 her. The lady fell n got healed! Talk abt chain rxn huh.  I spoke in afternoon on 5-step prayer model, follow by impartation of gift of healing. Everyone came up; the SLMT members prayed for them. Very charged up. The SOH participants will be our ministry team at tomorrow night rally. It is our prayer tt the Sri lankans would be able to rise up and really step into their identities as healers, prophets and basically the anointing given as children of God. And tmr is gonna be the real deal, the slankans are going to minister beside us as we do the rally.   So prayer pointers: That the slankans would step into their identities as children of God, for courage and the understanding of this truth Presence of God just go forth before us the healing rally, that all lots of miracles would be seen and lots of people would be ministered to, and people ministering would be ministered to as well Covering over the trippers, good health (some are sickish) and blood of Jesus just be with us. Tmr would be an awesome day, we would be carriers of God's presence everywhere we go, people can't help but be drawn to the majesty of his glory.  Lots of love (LOL), Louisa Ps. Day 2 coming to theatres near you soon...

Sell all, Live Merrily Together (SLMT 2012) Day 1

Day 1 Hey all! Sorry Abt the media blackout last few days, the journalist is enjoying the time away from the Internet. Okay here is quick update on the first and second days. We have reached sri lanka safely, it's a place that is definitely not what I imagined, pretty modern with large swathes of beauty. It's called garden of Eden for a reason! I think that is apt that we started with the trip with this idea as us as little children, carrying streamers of love and joy with us as we go ard SL. went to church, and the next day went grocery shopping cos everyone is a food monster and cos we gotta buy some gifts for the various orphanages we go to. After that, went to mahagarama orphanage where we had our first prog in the open field, with a makeshift stage demarcated with plastic chairs and eager faces ard us. We have also found a sure fire way of ice breaking with children, with a singoff competition amongst the children! The power of worship, brings so much laughter! Audrey was being dragged on the dusty floor, but I guess it was all worth it as many kids raised their hands to express interest. For Jesus says let the children come to me, and I guess they can't help but to draw close to his love.  Went to New covenant church for the youths, they are a really awesome bunch of youths, moving strongly in the Spirit. Many words of knowledge (wok) released, one abt father issues was released and a newcomer came forward. Said  he identified with everything (haha meant the skit) and dedicated his life to God.  Went to niwala, were super late! Do you know that slankans sleep at eight and wake up at five. Cannot imagine that! Perhaps has sth to do with the tendency for blackouts in sl, the children who had an item for us performed in total darkness. Our skit too was in darkness, illuminated by two torchlights. Really fun times! Anyways enough Abt blackouts, the children there are really well brought up, speak really good English and many aspire to be pastors, missionaries, doctors and lawyers. Ps Sudaiman said cos the emphasis in this orphanage is on the children, hence, they are a real talented bunch. Makes me wonder what I wanted to be then, if I'm not wrong, it was a policeman, then a oyster opener or sth to that tune. Really glad they have found security in their identity in Christ :). Okay I'm tired and really backlogged on updates so shall end here, day 2 coming soon!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Jul-Aug SOAP

I am really excited that we are entering another 40 days of S.O.A.P.
Here is my S.O.A.P for yesterday: 
Psalm 19
Title - Fear of the Lord

The fear of the Lord is pure,
enduring forever. 
The ordinances of the Lord are sure
and altogether righteous. (Psalm 19:9 NIV84)

The fear of the Lord is the cleanest, purest form of fear. It is fear without tyranny or coercion; it's the awe when you are in the weighty presence of God. We are created for a healthy longing for the unknown and uncontrollable mystery of God. The reward of those who walk in reverent fear of the Lord is revelation of our identity in Christ. We will even receive strengthening through angelic visitation (Ps 34:7). When we walk in reverent fear of God, following his commandment is so much easier, so much more desirable.

When all my reverent worship is towards God, I will have no other fear. I am so secure in my sonship in Christ.


Release your Spirit of the fear of the Lord and the Spirit of Knowledge on me.
Thank you God that when I revere you, I have no other fear!

Uncle Henry

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sri Lanka Mission Trip

Prayer for Team
       Ps Keith, Ps Bandara, Ps Henry, Audrey, Cheryl, Deborah, Louisa, Peilin, Joyce, 
         Keith, Shi Wei (team leader)
       Health and Safety of Team 
       Lots of energy through God’s grace

       Being united in love/ bond of peace
       Outstanding teamwork (different gifts, same mission)
       Individual members

       To be confident in their identity as children of God and a royal priesthood
       To know and operate out of God’s Love(Theme: Father’s Love)

Prayer for Ministry
       Interpretation (Bandara and Sudaiman)
       T-net Training sessions
       Minister to hearts thru programs  @orphanage, School of Healing, Wesley College
       Encouragement for returnees during visitation @Matara & Colombo
       Establish warm relationships with New Covenant Life Church and the 3 churches in Kataragama
       Anointing (move mightily in power and love of the Spirit)
       Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit (heed and promptly obey God’s voice)
       Change of spiritual atmosphere through the release of God’s presence wherever we go 

Youth Alpha Weekend Away(11-12Aug)

Hi YaYA,

We're finally in our 4th week of Alpha! Time flies! I'm taking this time to announce that we're having a Alpha weekend away on 11th & 12 Aug and it'll be a 1 night stay-over in church!

Do inform your Alpha friends early so that they can block out that date! We'll start at 12pm - 2pm for lunch and start our live talk at 2.30pm!

There's also be games and dinner provided! This is an exciting time as we stay-over in church, pray for one another and also bond and get to know one another better! 


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Father's Heart


God is revealing his Father’s heart through the paintings of the girls from AG Home. 

How deep the Father's love for us,
How vast beyond all measure
That He should give His only Son
To make a wretch His treasure

How great the pain of searing loss,

The Father turns His face away
As wounds which mar the chosen One,
Bring many sons to glory

Behold the Man upon a cross,

My sin upon His shoulders
Ashamed I hear my mocking voice,
Call out among the scoffers

It was my sin that left Him there

Until it was accomplished
His dying breath has brought me life
I know that it is finished

I will not boast in anything

No gifts, no power, no wisdom
But I will boast in Jesus Christ
His death and resurrection

Why should I gain from His reward?

I cannot give an answer
But this I know with all my heart
His wounds have paid my ransom

Monday, July 2, 2012

Pic from YaYA Youth Alpha

 We praise God for the 25 new friends that He brought to our very first
YaYA Youth Alpha. 

It is so exciting to see the entire YA room fully packed, and the air-con
working overloaded to compete against the body heat.   
What is more exhilarating is the energy that is in the air!!!  
Amazing things are going to happen in the next 8 weeks.

Great opportunity for your friends to explore the Christian faith in the fun and thought provoking sessions. 

Bring a new friend next week. :))

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Starting Soon - Sun 15 Jul