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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This Sunday [01.03.09]

This Sunday, we'll be having a session to kick start off the habit of reading the word (which equates reading the bible). Something that can so often be missed but yet vital in our spiritual growth! READ THE BIBLE!

Let us all come together once again, (after a series of a great time of worship + fasting introduction) last week, we'll start by having worship led by CG6! (Yays!! - That means it'll be the batch with Ruel + Nat Nat in it) =D

So come down, once again, our 老地方, 不见不散!! See yous!

Monday, February 16, 2009

"I love Kueh Pai-tee"

AHH! KUEH-PAI TEE + POPIAH action. I think kueh pai-tee gets people creative, they make some people come out with singing and hence, certain the food was yummi-lish-ious.

i like kueh pai-tee, you like kueh pai-tee, if you notice me, i have eaten three.

Juhayaha. (A form of laughter), here's what I managed to catch on my kuteh camera. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves together with creating the envelopes and writing "Love Letters" out. And awaiting new messages in your "inbox"!

Kudos to En Min + Ying Qi for the awesome job of "You've Got Mail" - Hope you got a good dose of some Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan action.

So there, the boys were having some jamming fun with the instruments, and I went snooping around looking at the instructions on the You've Got Mail, and here's some funny jokes i saw. - MUST SHARE!! (Please do not do that to your love, you're gonna end up losing a date in 2 minutes).

If you can't see, it reads: "Kthxbye" <-- Polite ok.

Ok that's all I've got, anyone of you have pictures elsewhere, load them up, share the links! Oh and keep writing to your other halfs? =p

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You've Got Mail!

Vday initiative -- You've Got Mail!
we're gonna brief + choose character + create your post box + write away!
Lasts through March! (hopefully!)
Trust me, you wont wanna miss this
See you at YA room on 15Feb (following sunday)
inclusive of games and yummy food

<3 EnMin&Yingqi

Monday, February 2, 2009

Intro to Flag Worship

Ah! So while these students were learning some moves, i caught all these on tape! (Forgive the quality, its taken with a mobile phone!) But for mementos sake, hope you all had fun in trying out another way of worshipping God, through flags!



And here's Cyvia, with her free worship, flag worship solo =D

Some stills ^^
"Look Ma, No hands!"

and some very heart-warming moments.


And now, for the other half of the announcement that Pei Lin was trying to say, towards the end of the session.

Its a graduation showcase for Ngee Ann Polytechnic's Multimedia & Animation (MMA) peeps!

6th - 8th February 2009

10am - 10pm

Raffles City Shopping Centre, Level 3

(So if you can, just go drop by and say hi or something =D)