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Monday, August 29, 2011

Kaya Toast from God

When Mildred (Rusty Russell's wife) shared at Burning Bush night two Fridays ago, she talked about the importance of going back to the Word of God. At the recent YaYA Extended Worship, Ps Bess also challenged us to commit ourselves to seeking God, through reading the Bible and prayer. These are really timely reminder that “man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Matt 4:4, Deut 8:3).

Like eating food that which is so indispensable, we need to feed on God's word. As a man, Jesus spent time to read the Scripture; he quoted the Old Testament from memory more than 80 times. Whether your breakfast is kaya toast, meepok or prata, we need to read the Bible daily so that we can  be nourished.

Since we started the pulpit series on John, I have been reading this Gospel repeatedly and also a few chapters from Psalms daily. I would get into the Psalms and read until something speaks to me. Sometime, I don't care how many chapters I read, but I just read until God speaks. When He speaks, when the word comes alive, it's like the presence of God is in the room.

It is the Holy Spirit who can make the Word a living power in our life. In the simple reading of the Scripture, learn to recognize that moment when it comes alive. Because in that moment, He's training your senses and your perception, He's training you up to be a person that recognizes the presence of God. And when you carry God’s presence into your workplace and your school, you will be able to transform the spiritual atmosphere there.

I challenge you to do that, start by reading, meditating, studying and even memorising the book of John, as we begin a season of study on John's Gospel in the YaYA ministry.

Uncle Henry
Aug 11 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pray for Joyce Goh

Joyce leaves this Saturday (3 Sep 11) for 6 months in East Timor; she will fly by Silk Air MI296 at 9.20pm. She will be working alongside co-workers at Cocoon, an education project in the East Timor capitol, Dili. Let's continue to uphold Joyce in prayer throughout the next 6 months.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

When you pray, go into your inner room

When you pray, go into your inner room (Matthew 6:6)

Have you ever thought what a wonderful privilege it is that every one each day and each hour of the day has the liberty of asking God to meet him in the inner chamber, and to hear what He has to say? We should imagine that every Christian would use such a privilege gladly and faithfully.

“When thou prayest,” says Jesus, “enter into thine inner chamber, and having shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret.” That means two things. Shut the world out, withdraw from all worldly thoughts and occupations, and shut yourself in alone with God, to pray to Him in secret. Let this be your chief object in prayer, to realize the presence of your heavenly Father. Let your watchword be: Alone with God.              
                                               The Secret of Fellowship with God, Andrew Murray

This year, I have tried to devote more time to prayer, with the hope that I would become more holy, and that there will be more power for ministry. Instead, God showed me the impurities that are still there in my heart. And instead of power, I was shown my own weakness and the need for more of His grace. The answer was not what I expected but I wasn't disappointed.

Just recently, I asked God for the supernatural peace that Jesus possessed whilst he was sleeping through the storm. What I got was a stormy situation that I have to deal with, and the awareness of my lack of inner peace. The Prince of Peace tells me, “stay beside me, be near me in praise and worship.” The answer was not what I expected but I wasn't disappointed.

I invite you to go into your own inner chamber. I know for sure God will hear and answer your prayer, but be prepared for the answers which might not be what you want, though it will be what you need.

Uncle Henry
14 Aug 11

Friday, August 12, 2011

Ps Bess speaking @this Sun Extended Worship

Dear YaYAs,

Let's all come together for a time of worship and experiencing God's presence, and allowing Him to speak to us. Ps Bess will be sharing with us her experience on the mission field.

Breakfast will be provided, come down to the basement at 11am!!

Uncle Henry

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our Inner Man is Renewed Day by Day

Our Inner Man is Renewed Day by Day (2 Cor 4:16)

There is one lesson that we all should learn, namely this - the absolute necessity of fellowship with Jesus every day.

Many Christians backslide because this truth is not taught or adhered to. They are unable to stand against the temptations of the world, or of their old nature. They strive to do their best against sin, and to serve God but they have no strength. They have never really grasped the secret - The Lord Jesus will every day from heaven continue his work in me.

But on one condition - the soul must give Him time each day to impart His love and His grace. Time Alone with the Lord Jesus is the indispensable condition of growth and power.

                                                  The Secret of Fellowship with God, Andrew Murray

Many a times, we strive to fight against sin but with our own strength. And without tapping upon Heavens' resources - we may be disappointed and discouraged.

Similarly fasting without coming into the God's Presence is starving. Fasting to me is converting the hunger pangs into time with God. Each time when hunger pangs come - go to God and talk to Him and draw strength from Him to be able to fast.

Anyone struggling with some hidden sins or addictions - try fasting for 3 days and draw strength from Him to break the enslavement. The urge for food will get fiercer with each passing day, but you will experience victory when you press in.

God really has desire to change our hearts and make us realise how amazing we are in His eyes. And we want to know that desire because it changes us when we feel the weight of it. We want to have a greater ability to feel the presence of God, to feel his desire for us and to have the desire for him by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Dear YaYAs, let’s rise up to a lifestyle of daily prayer and regular fasting, and stepping into the destiny what God has for us.

                                                                                         Henry Wong Carol Tan (hwct)