Thursday, December 6, 2012

TMT 2012 Day 7 Update

Greetings from your lovely 2012 TMT leaders! 

Haha.. Okok, we are terribly sorry for posting out updates so late. Please forgive us hee! Anyway, its never too late to know how awesome God was during our trip! Here we go!!

We started the day with an awesome time of worship!! Its really nice to start off the day praising God and getting our hearts ready to do His work! After which, we went to visit Pi Miew! ( She is the lady who owns the pig farm which was funded by our very own Covenant Green Store!! )

I just want to thank God for my awesome team's love for her as they release many prophecy, word of knowledge and encouragement to her that God is always with her! :)

Visitation at Pi Miew's house

- sharing about the financial situation
- debtors taking the land away because the debt cannot be repaid
- feeling sad that the house/land she had work so hard to maintain will be gone soon
- a debt of 1,250,000 Baht.
- Daughters studies are good but having uncertainties about the future.

After which, we headed to Tachang Church for our lunch and to join them for their Ministry Combined Meeting as they confirm and prepare themselves for the AMK team that is going up this coming Monday! After that, we went over to ACES center where they spread to the people the importance of not having sex before marriage, follow up on Aids patients and to spread the gospel whenever they have a chance to! We Just feel that God is going to use this ministry to open many doors for the church to share the gospel and to let people hear about God! :) 

Next, we went for another visitation at Cream's house. She is only 16 years old and already have a daughter and a 3 week old baby girl! It has been really tough on her to raise up 2 kids. Prayed for her and even prayed for healing for the baby girl who was sick. 

After praying, we were already behind schedule and was going to be late for  children club. Haha, *Opps*! So anyway, we travelled to Wat Yat Soi to conduct the children's club. Initially when we reached, we were abit sad when there were ZERO kids present for the English club due to a performance in the village to celebrate the King's birthday! We didn't give up but instead went out to look for kids around the village to invite them over! I am so glad and thankful that we managed to have about 8 kids who appeared and had a wonderful time singing and dancing with them! 

Next, we had dinner there and waited for the cell group to start! Had a wonderful time worshipping together with the Thais and we are just so encouraged when they shared their testimony and thanks giving. As they were sharing, it just reminded me of how important it is to always make time to do it and will be sure to implement it when we are back in Singapore with out CG and BAGs! 

We did the car activity and it was nice hearing how the Thai leaders and workers were feeling and what they wish to be in 6 months time. We prayed for one another and our very own Grace shared a short lesson and testimony with all of us! After her awesome sharing, we just broke into smaller groups to continue praying for one another and we thank God for the couple of healings that had happened! We than bid our final farewells to the Thais as we won't be seeing them anymore until the next trip. :( Sighs, we wish it never had to end.

We went back and had our debrief and I am just so encouraged by their sharings and thanksgivings. As leaders of this trip, we are just so happy that everyone was happy and had an awesome time experiencing and doing Gods work! So thankful that throughout this whole trip, there were no arguments and everyone was just so helpful and encouraging to one another! Loving the culture of Honor in this team! :))

Well, that will be all and we thank each and everyone of you back home who have  been following our progress and keeping us in prayer! We could have never been able to do it without your covering and prayers! To God be the Glory! 

From your lovely leaders,
Mark and Jerone HO!