Sunday, December 2, 2012

TMT 2012 Day 5 Update

day 5 update!!!!
Hi Everyone (: today Alex and I (Gift) are blogging! Today was a rather relaxing day with breakfast prepared by Mark, Daryl and Charrissa. We had scrambled eggs,breads,sausages&hams.hahaha.

we left home(pastor engkiat’s house)at around 8am to travel to Thanprapon church for a special early Christmas service.we had both worship and a sermon,which we couldn’t comprehend a thing the pastor was preaching,but afterall,we enjoyed ourselves taking care of the kids who came for the special service at the church,despite having kids that were rather wild and were jumping all around us&on our backs,we had a lot of fun playing with them though.After attending the special Sunday Christmas service at the Thanprapon church,we had a great lunch with many dishes with the people there. I felt pretty sad when we had to leave to the next destination though,because we really had fun
there playing with the very active kids

we arrived at the sawaengha church around 3pm and we were splitted into three categories. When we arrived, we saw that 6 girls who attended the English camp actually turned up for church! Coupled with the youths from Sawaengha church, the room was literally bursting full, an answered prayer! For most of them, it was their first time stepping into a church. We thank God that they were engaged in the worship and sharing of the story of Daniel. Our TMT song, Amazing God, (written by Vanny and Daryl & translated by Arunee) was a major hit with the youths, even those who are pre-believers! A few of them are planning on singing it at their school - Sawaengha High School where we taught at two days ago, during the Christmas concert! This will be an amazing opportunity for a Christian worship song to be heard by hundreds of students! Praise the Lord for this divine opportunity to share about our Amazing God!
The adult one which they did worship, sermon by Shaun and had a wonderful testimony by Sean (BOOMZ) which some of the Thais could relate to.
We also saw Aunty Somsi today when she said that her back was in a good state now and was no longer in pain. Thank God.
We also saw Aunty Chrishina and her back was also no longer in pain. She had to rely on the back braces initially, but now, she says that after the prayer upon her, the day before when she felt a stick going through her back, she felt a lot better. There was no more signs of pain and she even had the thought to remove the back braces,because she thought she wouldn’t need it anymore,but still,for safety precautions and also that the back brace would provide and further protect her back,we advised her not to remove it first,till she is really really sure that she can do it without the back brace.Our God is so good!
next!we had a really delicious (AROI MAKMAK) dinner at Tachang church.prepared by aunty chrishina.Shes a really great cook and a blessing to all of us. Even Ahbi who seldom eats vegetables ate a lot of vegetables and rice.hahahhahahahahahahaaa.
chewychewychewychweyulalalaalalalalallalala- Alux(alex) and Gift


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