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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thailand Mission Trip Thanksgiving

Dear Covenantors,

Thank you for your encouragement and prayer support. Because of your prayers, we are so awed and thankful that God showed up in Singburi and Inburi to heal the sick and brokenhearted, and to set the captives free. Quoting Pastor Eng Kiat's, he felt “the Holy Spirit is like a wind moving across the province in the last one week, touching and healing people through the ministry of the mission team.”

We saw for ourselves the fruits of the Covenant Green Shop – a pig farm, a mushroom farm and a fish farm. The initial start up money comes from our own Covenant Green Shop. The pig farm we visited belongs to a woman, called Miw, whose pigs are paid for by the covenant seed fund. She had attempted to commit suicide in the past but was saved by her dog. She contacted the Christian radio station, which linked her to Pastor Eng Kiat. Thanks to the labour of love from Pin Kiat and Gek Hiang and contributions by Covenantors, Miw and other families who received your love gifts are able to start life anew.

We also want to express our appreciation to Covenantors who contributed brand new stationery and cash donations that were given out as gifts to the Thai children and needy families during outreach events and visitations. We met up with the students who are recipients of the Thai Education Fund that was raised from the Sharity Food Fest and contribution from church. All of them are from needy families and had done very well in their studies. One of them was even interviewed by a local TV station for overcoming adversities and coming up top in her studies.

Thanks also to the parents of the young adults who released their children for the mission trip amidst the H1N1 flu. I remember Su Lan (Pastor Derek Hong's wife) declared prophetically during our Jul 09 Burning Bush Service that the young adults are like eaglets ready to take flight. This has indeed come to pass as they soared high during the mission trip by being so open to being used by God so that many lives were healed and impacted through them.

We want to thank the Pastoral staff, Session members and Mission Committee for their magnanimous support in terms of financial contribution and spiritual impartation to the mission team. Special personal thanks to Pastor Keith and Mui Fong for their advice on the planning and preparation for the trip.

And not forgetting the prayer and fasting team who prayed for us. Thanks so much for co-labouring with us during this mission trip. You all are the home HQ for the mission team !

Although we saw the Holy Spirit moved in physical healing and deliverance, God showed us during the trip that many Thai children who are abandoned by parents needed inner healing, many of them rarely have a chance to experience true Fathers love. We need to pray for them to continue to open their hearts and allow our Heavenly Father to touch them with His love.

Though the people we've ministered to will be followed up by Pastor Eng Kiat and the local church members, lets continue to commit them in prayer and stand alongside with them through our prayers!

All Glory, Honor, Praise and with Thanksgiving to God !

Wan Hsi, Eunice, Lydia, Kirstie, Joyce, En Min, Ying Qi, Charissa, Keryn Shi Wei, Alvin, Mark, Clarence, Gabriel, Andrew, Jacob. Henry & Carol

Saturday, July 18, 2009

TMT Photo

Visit to Singburi Church
Hooray!!! We've got a healing!
Chicken Dance led by Andrew

19/07/2009 Saturday

N: Thanks Aunty Ellen for your words of wisdom and everyone else for your support. God is the same in Singapore and Thailand and I believe that God's going to continue being totally awesome and real even after we return. And I too believe that the people 'left behind' will have their OWN incredible, personal stories to share as this is only the beginning as blessing upon blessing, testimony upon testimony will be heaped onto us. Yeah.... hopefully you agree. Having said that, we do not look forward to seeing you all again. Kidding. But I really feel an ache, a sense of loss, that all this is over so soon, because everyday had been so rich in experiences. I really don't know how to start writing as I feel so overwhelmed.

G: Yeah, today was amazing! Just go rest N, today I'll help ya out with this. The Fathers love was really tangible during today's session. From the morning session about knowing how much our Father loves us and Wan Hsi's testimony till the very end, Gods love just kept us going. Anyways, here's what sorta happened: the morning session started with Wan Hsi asking all of us if we knew how much God loves us or that every thought He thinks of us is good (when she asked that, I sorta noticed that quite few hands went up and those that did, did so quite hesitantly). She also noted that we tend to relate God the Father to our earthly fathers, which explains the response to the questions, as Pastor Eng Kiat(PEK) clarified: the Thais relate to their parents with so much reverence that they do not actually have any physical contact at all. The most intimate greeting they have is just the standard bowing with hands together. So in a way, due to their culture, the Thais rarely have a chance to experience true Fathers love. Our job was to pray for them to open their hearts and allow our Heavenly Father to touch them with His love and also to give them a nice BIG hug to enforce that love in their lives.
Then we had a super good thai kuay teow lunch together like a big family! As a person who doesnt take spicy food, I just have to say that even non-spicy thai food is uber. I don't mind eating it everyday even though my choices are quite limited. (time for more chilli training)
Anyways, back to the subject at hand, the afternoon session is a youth camp. about 40 youths from around the region came to attend it. There were little girls and boys, teenagers( there was a group that even looked abit ah beng), adults, and even an adorable little old lady in yellow(shes so cute I can still remember her smile). for the adult session, Wan Hsi shared her testimony about how God always hears us when we call upon Him and Uncle Henry(UH) and PEK stood in as proxy fathers to the thais; that was an AWEsome session.
UH and PEK filled the breach by being fathers to the thais for that moment, in which the thai people could release themselves from the hurts of not having felt a fathers love. In the words of UH himself, and I quote: the thai people really released forgiveness to their fathers, some of them even asked: Why were you not there for me when I needed you? Where were you? One of the girls said: "I've not seen you father, I've wanted to see you, I've always wanted a father like everyone else." One of the men, Sayang (yes thats his name), said: "I'm sorry dad, that I hit you when I got angry at you." Another woman, who was abandoned twice by her natural father and then by her step father, said: "I'm angry at you father, why did you leave me all by myself?" The Holy Spirits presence was so strong and the stories and words were so heart wrenching that UH and PEK wept openly while asking for forgiveness from the people and for a prayer of blessing from our Heavenly Father over their earthly fathers. At the same time, the team also went around and hugged and comforted the thai people and prayed for them. The Holy Spirit's presence was so sososo tangible right then, that even whilst ministering to the thais, some of the team also burst into tears when our Wonderful Father touched their hearts and released forgiveness and healing to their own hurts. How amazing and beautiful our God is! Personally, this is the most important day to me in the whole trip. The past 7 days, we mostly prayed and moved in physical healing and deliverance, but today, God moved in the spirits of the people and showed us what He meant in His word when He said we are of one spirit. What an amazing family we have in Jesus!
Before dinner, we all really needed to recharge and since it was our last day, it was time for IMPARTATION! Recharge + Impartation = FIRE TUNNEL
the whole team formed a tunnel as best as we could in the small area we had, and all the people present walked through it. (remember the "ah beng" teenagers I mentioned earlier? well as it turns out, looks can be deceiving and they participated in all the previous ministry and even waited their turn to enter the fire tunnel) Every single one was prayed for. Some of us were knocked down by the power of the Holy Spirit and Wan Hsi was so filled with the spirit she couldn't find the strength to get up for dinner! But after going through it we were all restored and it felt so goooood!
After the ministry time, we had another super duper thai dinner, brown sweet soup with rice, pork ribs and meatballs! ROCKS. A-ROY to the MAX.
Well, I took so long to type all this that everyone's like already resting. so I think this is where I'll sign off today. See you all tomorrow back at home!

The interview

All right. Yeah. For today we have an interview with the main man, the incredible PASTOORR ENG KIAT!! Uncle H felt that a 'outside' pespective would be great and would be an excellent input. So here goes:
(Actually, this sort of ended up as a conversation. Poor Joyce... she was really copying down points frantically as we chatted. You go girl!! Since we copied down points first, this ain't ad verbatim)

Q: So how different is this trip compared to others before us? (not that we wanna rank and judge, but it really was different)
Pastor Eng Kiat: For previous trips, focus was on going to schools to teach English and just inviting students for evangelism. For this trip, we went through a typical week of a missionary's life.

Q: How are your feelings for the past 7 days?
Pastor Eng Kiat: This was a typical week for me, so its not very tiring, except for the movement as team size was around 25-30 so takes more time and coordination. (We were all super tired at the end of every day, and that's a typical week for him!!)
I find it refreshing from my point of view and actually energized rather than tired and drained. I felt the Holy Spirit is like a wind moving across the province in the last one week, touching and healing people through the ministry of the team. I also felt encouraged to press in with my walk with God, and minister in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Q:What's next?
Pastor Eng Kiat: The people were already there, but the trip has encouraged me to move more in the Holy Spirit and in faith. Like healing the sick and casting out demons. I also learnt how to minister to the people so that they can be served more effectively, such as areas like physical and inner healing. Whether the church is conservative or charismatic, these works still need to be done. From time to time, we come across people who need deliverance. Most families are actually dysfunctional and has to be ministered to (inner healing). Lastly, I feel encouraged to equip the members of the church to move in the supernatural.

Uncle Henry: We really want to see Christians here move in miracles, signs and wonders. That's why we arranged a prayer fire tunnel on the last day for impartation of the healing anointing to the church leaders and workers. There is no secret formula to healing, God is the one who use our hands to heal. I believe that something takes place in the spiritual realm during impartation. The healing anointing that was imparted to us by other healing revivalists would also be imparted to the leaders here. I would be passing Eng Kiat some Bill Johnson, Kris Valloton and Derek Prince books and CDs to help him in equipping the church members.

Q:What growth did you see in the TMT team?
Pastor Eng Kiat: Majority of them has came before when they were kids. They were young and needed a lot of guidance and constant encouragement and enthusiam. But now, they're here like ministers, who could take the lead on their own. Many of them testified that they encountered God, which stirred up their faith level and made them realise that there's more to life than living for self. Looking back, its more like a partnership. Members of my church grew alongside with the TMT teams. If there was no TMT that year, it felt quieter. The Thais love TMT too. It's such a joy and annual celebration when it happens.
Every team that comes believes that God would work powerfully in the Thai spiritual life. The Thais have high respect for the team because they feel that we are empowered to evangelize, and they believe that God has great plans for them and would use them in various ways. In fact, I don't even need to send out invitations for mission trips. Teams always offer to come first. I'm glad to be a contributing part of the TMT.

There you have it! Directly from the horses mouth! HAHA!

Friday, July 17, 2009

18/07/09 Friday

J: WHAM PACKED ACTION, anyone wants some? Back from ANOTHER day of more works of healing and deliverance, armed with more testimonies! Ready?

N: Thanks for passing the buck. All right. It seems that everyday is getting more and more incredible. Loads of testimonies. Which means that we have to work our off tonight. Ok. We had another action packed deliverance this afternoon. Super intense man. We prayed for some lady who used to be a witchdoctor. Aiya...the story is sooo long. So just ask any of us when we return. Anyway, to cut things short, she got violent - very violent. Even Neo got owned. But Wan Hsi bounded the spirits in her and cast it out. And she renounced all ties with the spirit of the dead 'monk' who controlled her. Epic battle and don't fret, we are feeling better than ever. we also learnt the important of worship during deliverance; the demons in her didn't like it at all when we started to worship, then she manifested.

J: The team was split into two today, one that went to pray for the witchdoctor, while the rest went on to do their children program :) After a victory won by Jesus, we moved on to have cell group at a church which was known to be called "mozziesland" by the experienced Thailand mission trippers. There we had a sumptous dinner and a sharing session on Faith by Mark. It spoke deep into what we were about to do again later, after his sharing.

We all thought we could leave after cell group before everything started, but was told that people had already come to receive prayers today. One of the most presence of God was felt today, where Alvin made a prayer that they'll be no bugs/insects/mosquitoes to be of any hindrance and it came true! We were spared from being blood doners as compared to any of the previous days. It was really cool cause when we asked Supanee/Arunee, they said the place was usually swarmed with insects/mozzies.

N: Aye. God really watches over us. Cool thing is that Wan Hsi wasn't with us as she was busy preapring for tomorrow's discipleship lesson, so we were like without our most pro member. But miracles still happened. All glory to God! Ok, Uncle H, Clarence and Neo prayed for this woman who was the mother of Sayang (+10 pts if you know who Sayang is) . Anyway, she had leg problems and couldn't lift her feet; she needed the aid of a walking stick. Anyway, we prayed for her and then she could walk without aid of her walking stick. And she had a 'physio' session under Uncle H. Haha.

Ok. We have yet another guest writer. She's covenant's very own DS lite. You should see her during deliverance and healing sessions. Super fierce.

EM: Try picturing a woman with facial expression that resembles that of a tree trunk- motionless, unresponsive and stoned. Her face was powdered white and her eyes were blood shot. Scared and shocked were what we felt when we first saw her. Anyway, Andrew, Joyce and I took a step of faith and prayed for her. She was such a promblematic woman, I tell you. Firstly, she wakes up confused every morning. She also had irregular heartbeat, partial blindness, a crack in her hip bone which caused her to walk with a limp and lastly, she is HIV positive. After inviting the presence of God and casting out some spirits (eg. spirit of confusion, spirit of blindness, spirit of unforgiveness, spirit of numb) her face flushed back with colour. We prayed for her blindness thereafter and she is able to see clearly now. We healed the blind! We also prayed for the crack in her hip bone and God was amazing. He removed the pain and she started walking normally again. God solved her problems! She left with a smile.

Anyways, there's like quite a few more testimonies, all of them amazing, plus countless photos. But that's all for today. Reason is simple: its 3.30 am. We'll be happy to tell you more when we get back. Tomorrow's another busy day. Last burst of fire. Woot!

TMT Return Flight details

TR103, ETA S'pore 11.45am
Shi Wei, Jacob, Kirstie, Gabriel, Lydia, Andrew, Joyce

TR105, ETA S'pore 4pm
Henry, Carol, Ah Bi, Eunice, Mark, Clarence, Wan Hsi, En Min, Alvin, Charissa

Thursday, July 16, 2009

17/07/09 - Thursday

J: Back once again! Thank you Aunty Ellen for all your lovely compliments, heh, it is an honour having devoted fans over on this blog, one like you:) It keeps us going, since all these conversations are reported fresh after our debriefs. It takes some discipline!

Today's main topic, we'll be sharing testimonies! If you all don't know that sharing testimonies does act as a form of release of power of Jesus! Hope this will encourage and spur the many of you others, into this walk of faith into the supernatural!

N: I think Neo appeals to younger demographics than Aunties. So if you find him to be amazing, then good for you :) Anyways ...... YeeeaaaaaooOOWWW!! Sorry, just wanted to get that off my chest. Incredible day!! For parents who are reading this blog, YOUR kids are doing really doing some amazing stuff in Thailand and the Holy Spirit is really working miracles through them. C'mon, don't just secretly read through this blog, support them by sending encouraging posts in the tagboard or something. Everyone is in the thick of the action, ALL of us.

Ok. Let me begin. We had a soaking session in the morning because uncle H and auntie C felt that we needed refreshing and rest. We were supposed to do visitation in the morning too but instead, we 'slacked' around in Pastor Eng Kiat's house. Most of us fell asleep, we were that tired. But I think we were ministered to in our own way.

In the afternoon, we went to a man's house. He is a recent convert and has been suffering from serious itch all over his body for around 1 year. We removed idols from his house and even performed a communion and 'baptism' on him. But no really obvious healing happened to him. Some of us were rather disappointed. But that doesn't mean that God's presence isn't with us. We held on to his promise and amazing stuff were to follow.

J: Simultaneously, there was another prayer going on for a lady, who had HIV for the past 10 years, was blind and had numb feet for 7 years. Having numb feet would mean that she couldn't wear her footwear, just by slipping her feet onto them. She always required the aid of her hands. But after prayers, HALLELUJAH + PRAISE THE LORD, she could finally, place her feet onto her flops without much aid of her hands. It does make me realise how often a time, we tend to take things for granted daily. That's just part of the awesomeness of the happenings today, let's have a guest writer today to show you some more power!

C: eh! why did i suddenly get an arrow shot at me? hello. how do i start? well as you just read, i was like praying for that lady with the HIV, i was actually quite stunned *ZOHMUG* by the way she had reacted, she totally leapt! imagine seeing an adult shout and scream, she was so overjoyed like a kid receiving a coolest present! even our reaction of joy, seemed so watered down! she was literally shouting "KHOP KHRUN PHRAJAO!" over and over! translated just simply means, THANK YOU GOD! it was awesome my first miracle i prayed for. my trip has been just simply AWESOMELY AWESOME! =) haha! on a side note, everyone's getting FATTER! THE FOOD, SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD!~ and HOT HOT HOT HOT SWEET SWEET SWEET SWEET AND SALTY SALTY! hopefully not salty from perspiration due to the fanatically hot weather! erh Joyce, Neo! SAVE ME! i'm overkillin'

N: Yeah .... Thanks C. Keep this up and i'll totally be replaced. Anyways, its 1 down and SEVEN more testimonies with us. Stay with us ... this is like LoTR, super draggy but totally EPIC!! Plus the protaganists in here are far better looking. Next up. We had a children's club and concert at Thong En. But it sort of ended up as a healing session. Uncle H mentioned that everywhere we go, regardless of the programme, we always end up doing healing and deliverance. After the concert, we prayed for a couple of people who stayed back. We prayed for the landlord of the place who had pain in his knees. He was a non-Christian. After the prayer, he stood out and felt no pain there. BAM!! for extra effect. Then he accepted Christ, just like that.

(meanwhile, another guest comes in)
JAC: So far everything is just awesome and it just and incredible and great. Everyday i am just suprised by what God can do when we go out in full battle to heal and minster to the people. It's really an experince to see and experience God's healing power first hand. All in all, i anticipate what God will do everytime we go visitation and heal the sick.

N: Way to go, JAC! Anyways, a few of us also prayed for another lady, who had a multitude of maladies. It was 3 of us versus the horde of diabetes and kidney problems, hypertension/high cholestrol(normal is ~200, hers was 500!), numbness in right arm, headaches and heaviness on back. But our cause was just: the lady was actually supposed to go to the hospital today as the village clinic told her that she was in trouble, but she had faith in the living God and that he would heal her, so she came for our 'concert' instead. haha...pressure sia. But again, its not who we are, but who we fight for. As we prayed continously for her(it was a rather long 'session') , she started to feel better. Her arm slowly gained strenght and feeling, and her heart, which used to beat very fast, started to beat at a normal rate (Lydia prayed that her heartbeat whould be 1 with God). Also, she felt the heaviness being lifted off her. We were advancing inch by inch, until her body was completely reclaimed and redeemed in the name of Jesus.

J: Another thing to note of, was that all the prayers were going on at the same time. The only thing that was different was the time it took for the healing to take place, which was really cool, and it made the entire area felt like a healing clinic. I finally realised what it was like back in those days of the bible, of having healing sessions at homes and it feels like we yaggers were writing history. A room conducted by all of us, for the first time! HISTORY MAKERS (of course glory goes to God once again)

En Min, Joyce, Uncle H prayed for this woman who had back pains due to an error of a doctor who was drawing her marrow and in addition, felt giddy and at times get so bad that she would black out. Asking for the presence of the Lord to come, she bent her back after receiving prayer and no longer felt pain in which she would normally do. We all squealed in joy for her healing and would also believe that her giddy spells is a thing of the past too :)

N: Nice. Sweet. There was the land lady, who wasn't a Christian. Andrew, Clarence and Jacob started off the prayer for her. She had diabetes, hypertension, numbness in hands and backache. At first they felt that she didn't really understand what was going and she couldn't really experience the healing presence of God. But they persisted, like true warriors. Haha. And kept on persisting as she slowly improved, especially as sensation slowly returned to her hands. As for her back pain, Aunty Carol got a 'download' that it could be due to uneven leg length. That was something she didn't know but when we stretched out her legs to compare them, it did seem that her right leg was slightly longer than her left. After constant prayer, we compared them again. They appeared to be the same length. WOW.

J: Here's another lady who had headaches, giddiness and high cholestrol levels who felt better after prayers. She was asked to open her hands to receive the blessings and she said it felt warm and there was a sensation that moved from the movement of hands pulling to currents flowing through her. Now how cool is that?

(AC walks into the room...)
AC: This lady with frozen shoulders and breathing difficulties. Eunice, Mark and myself prayed for her a few times and erh.. she started smiling and like she was very happy and erh, her shoulder pain was almost gone and she started dancing and moving her shoulders and that her breathing difficulties were gone! After that Pastor Eng Kiat shared the gospel with her and she comitted her life to Christ. Aint it AWESOME?

N: Thanks AC. Seriously, no one is safe from my arrows. I'm totally on a shooting spree. Ok, next up, M.

M: I am so gonna kill Neo in Telunas. haha! Ok i just want to give thanks for Gods work being done in this Uncle (around 60 years old?). I was thrown into the deep end when I was the only 1 person available to pray for this man. I was very nervous as I never prayed alone before. But, this has reminded me that its not me but God who does the work. =D The man was suffering from breathing difficulty, and knee pains. In Jesus name, both sickness left him and I could just see that joy being shown through that straight face of his haha. I just thank God for showing me full healing for all that I prayed for! To God be the glory! (Ty Aunty Ellen, if your reading this, just want to let you know I am fine and coping well here!Thank you! )

N: Yeah, Mark is awesome. He can make a totally random girl at a petrol station fall for him in 3 seconds. just by saying some words. Respect.

J: Alright man, so much so for all the guest writers today! We're gonna be reverting back to the usual writing style tomorrow again, so savour today's entry! We'll be back! *winks winks* All glory be to the Lord who has been so amazing today, causing our faith to rise and opening our eyes to even more of this walk in the supernatural! Go preach the word and heal the sick, may God's presence be with us wherever we go, and thank you all for all your prayers! See, it works! Never underestimate the power of prayers, though wer're miles apart.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

150709 Wednesday

N: All right. Today was yet another awesome day. Totally mind-blowing. My mind is so blown that it gonna smash into the screen anytime, for I am super sleepy. Anyways, today was meant to be a 'lighter' day as there was less activities planned and we were supposed to have shopping in the afternoon.

J: Yeah, my entire body is itching now, thanks to all the bites, but the food really is good over here, like the waffles! Shopping was a short one as we all gathered to buy some food for Pastor Eng Kiat's surprise birthday party!

N: Yup. But on to that later. We don't really follow the schedule and stick to the script for our trip, and really fly by the spirit. Rather un-Presbyterian. Oopss. For example, we went to a hairdresser's place for a visitation and ended up doing a deliverance on her customer, who had just came to know Christ just before we reached the house. The spirit is really leading the way and opening paths for us. Awesome. And because of that everything was pushed back. But it really was a eye-opening lesson for us, as WanHsi got us to 'handle' the deliverance, and En Min was the person leading it.

J: It is really hands on, getting to learn more on how to do this entire deliverance thing, and seriously, isn't any fixed formula, apart from learning to listen and seek the Holy Spirit, during the entire process, as to what is going on, what spirits to cast out, and how to pray or going about doing it. It took 2 hours, and really, isn't some speed thing that often a times, one can lose focus or get distracted, and start losing our focus point at the end of 5 minutes, which was what happened.

N: Yeah. We also prayed for the Singburi church, which suffered a recent split due to differences between members. Apparently one group was more 'evangelical and on' while the other group was more subdued and homely. We went to both churches and prayed over them for reconciliation.

J: We stood in proxy for the church, seeking forgiveness for the church members and it did touch one church member who shared what was going on in regards to the split, where we all knelt down and just shook the heavens with our pleads.

Thereafter, we went over to Christina's place, a church member whose family was troubled and parents who are not believers. We prayed blessings and reconciliation and for healing to be upon her, as she was frequently the one who cooked all our meals, it was just really something we could give, out of love :)

N: Ok. Back to Pastor Eng Kiat's B-day celebration. After a particularly fantastic meal for dinner, we surprised Pastor Eng Kiat with a cake we bought from the shopping mall. We then literally washed the feet of Pastor Eng Kiat and his entire family one by one and proclaimed a personal blessing or prophecy into their lives. That was quite an experience, eh?

J: Yeap, how often do we really get to do that, and it really is a culture of honor we are going about, honoring this entire family who have been toiling in Thailand all these years. It was really heart-warming time where we could encourage and spur each other on, in this walk of faith. After that, we had our communion together with the Thais, which was again, a different experience from our usual city lifestyle. Everything's really simple and old school.

N: Yeah, Thais are really an incredible people and Pastor Eng Kiat really cares for them deeply. What a shepherd of souls is he!! Anyway, we ended up returning 'home' super late as usual. Actually, a lot of time is spent travelling in the 'Song-tiao', which is like a supersized tuk-tuk. And we have our very own 'Song-tiao' FM, with Mark and Andrew with our resident DJs along with a backup singing crew of 16 people.

J: And when the "Song Tiao" travels along, it makes a whole lot of noise, that we hope, with our voices raised, will hopefully bless the people along with our singing. But on a cooler discovery, for those who think Covenant Presbyterian church are the only one who fasts a meal every Wednesday, there is hope! Apparently, Tachang church fasts a meal every wednesday too, to pray for breakthrough! So it really encourages!

Yeah.There have been reports of people hearing funky grooves that emanate out from nowhere and are gone in an instant. If you are travelling along the roads of Inburi, be advised that you are not safe from the phenomenum know as the 'Song Tiao' FM!! And if you are reading this, you are the resistance. 'Song-tiao' FM, out!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

140709 TMT

Yeah! Back in pastor's Eng Kiat's house way past scheduled time again! That means that many awesome things have happened today. Anyways, sorry about the abrupt change in style for our post yesterday. Sadly, half of it was gone when we checked today. Super Sianz. Thankfully, Uncle Henry work out something this morning. Anyway, lesson learnt: Jesus saves, and we should too when it comes to posts. Ok. And Uncle Henry is pleased that the blog counter is jumping. So tell everyone who is interested in God's incredible work here on EARTH and push the counter higher. Muahaha. Anyway, we totally agree with you Shaun and Ben. Seriously, awesome stuff is happening, and i'm not just saying it just to make you feel bad. All that's missing is for Ben Chan to shout 'On Your Knees!! during our Deliverance sessions.

Anyway, we'l be sharing mainly on testimonies for this post as there are so many of them. I'll just give you a quich lowdown on what happened for today: we first went to a farm in Tachang for visitation(yes, a real farm, with chickens, pigs and ducks, and some of us actually witness the sow giving birth to piglets. Then we went for a second visitation, also in Tachang. Following that, we have a children's evangelical programme/concert(same programme as yesterday, but different kids) and then had a CG at Takham.

The farm we visited belongs to a woman, called Miw, whose pigs are paid for by the covenant seed fund. She had attempted to commit suicide in the past but was saved by the dog. Anyways, she contacted the Christian radio station, which then linked her to Pastor Eng Kiat. Yeah ... we renounced the spirit of rejection, death, despair and so on and called forth the presence of God into her life. Anyways, she currently resides within the farm as her house needs some more funding to be completed. You know what to do. haha.

Ok. Then we had our first conversion of the day, which was completed unexpected and unplanned for. Ok... first things first. Another woman, a new believer had came over to be prayed for. She had kidney problems, and God revealed to us she harboured bitterness and unforgiveness towards her husband, and she prayed for a reversal of that. There was anotherwoman who had popped by to learn more about the faith and one of the Thai church worker preached the gospel to her. She then accept Chirst into her life, and our word for her was to be lifted out from despair as she had 2 previous abortions. The Holy Spirit also revealed to Alvin that she had headaches and insomia.

So far so good. Note an interesting link here. As we pray for healing and release from sickness, the Holy Spirit sometimes reveals to us any strongholds and sins that are causing the affliction.

For the second visitation. We visited the house of a youth named Don. Anyway, there is a mushroom 'farm' next to the house, which is also provided for by the covenant seed fund. As, for Don, he is currently on the run from the police(!) and drug traffickers(!!). He currently resides with his grandmother, who cannot speak with his grandmother as her vocal chords are ruined by smoking. Also in the ... scene were Don's relative, an old lady who was an ex medium, and a woman who had some hand injury plus some Thai church members and some other family members and some chickens. We prayed for the 4 main characters ... On to the woman with the hand injury first. As we prayed for her, she felt her hand getting better and she could twist and move it freely, which was soemthing she couldn't do before. If that isn't amazing enough, as Charissa was praying for her, she sense that the women was dealing with a lot of rejection. Upon further probing, we found out that her husband had abandoned her along with her 2 small children and the rest of the family members ostracised her for becoming a Christian. As Aunty Anong prayed for her, she suddenly shouted out a short phrase 'that was not Thai' - exact words from Aunty Anong. We believe that the Holy Spirit compelled her to speak in tongues. As for Don, we prayed that God would make a way for him and he could really feel God the father's love for him, for he was rejected by his parents who abandoned him when young. Anyway, Uncle Henry led him thru prayer to release forgiveness to his parents and got Don's Grandma to bless him and he started crying. I think God touched him that day. The ex temple medium was suffering from headaches and blurness in her left eye+ blindness in the right. As we prayed for her, she felt her headache clear. Praise the Lord!! To surmise, we were all praying like mad and Uncle Henry said that he really felt the Holy Spirit in that place.

So after all the prayers, we went on to minister to the kids over at Takham, with our usual Evangelical Concert!

That will mean doing our ice breakers, Jai Ho - Every Move I make dance with the kids and our flash card testimonies! Not forgetting the Everything skit, that never seems to fail to leave the kids a little scared, during the "Satan" portion, where Alvin comes about to taunt Eunice with a knife, and today, Satan brought a new tool, of a noose.

Lydia did a great job being an emcee of the concert, but went over the top, with her sassy, "Nobody, nobody but you" dance. She managed to get her darling sister, Eunice to dance along with her, which was really a joy to watch! Totally funny (so i wonder what the boys over at Singapore were missing?)

Today saw Jacob sharing his testimony on the importance of family love, with his experiences of being influenced by bad company, but overcoming it, having a great releationship with his family later. It was moving to share with the kids on the importance of it, and to treasure it (:

Thereafter, we had a fun time eating Thai snacks and giving out balloon sculptures and gift bags to the kids. Definitely brought back some memories of being kids with those snacks, but here comes the best part, of a Cassanova and a Hero.

Cassanova, was Neo, who flaunted his girl wooing skills, by throwing down a stalk of flower down to a crowd of screaming girl fans. It got alittle scary when the girl who picked the flower up, did chase Neo some distances. But do not fret, fellow Neo fans, he's alright!

Hero, was Jacob, who sprung into action, by saving a demsel in distress, by helping get Pink's motorbike, out from the muddy drain. His right leg ended up really dirty, and his two shoes totally soaked in dirt and mud, we really felt Jacob's expression of loving our neighbour as ourselves.

After all that action, we had a wonderful dinner of Fried Rice with veggies, sitting at this open air area, that made it felt like a campfire! But the only drawback was that, everyone was literally scratching their heads and legs off, thanks to the gazillions mozzies all around, feeding on our foreigner's blood in Thailand!

With all the yummy food, we proceeded on to Cell group which saw many testimonies and the literal demonstration of healing the sick and setting the captives free. There was a testimony and sharing session by Joyce and Eunice, on the love of God and a short sharing by Eunice. When it ended, it was pure ministry time.
There, we saw a woman who had knee pain, healed partly during Sunday's church service, and received total healing today, because we persisted and took the step of faith to pray for her. There was another old lady who was the owner of the house we were at, who had some problems with her heart. A bunch of us prayed for her, which made her puke quite a bit. Anyway, En Min shared that she felt something weird about the house, and then there was actually temple amulets found over there. We prayed for any spiritual bonds to that to be broken. Nvevertheless, Wan Hsi sensed that what she needed was restoration and love. After the prayer, it was a heartwarming sight to see her hug the people who prayed for her. There was also this man called Sayang(sp?). Anyway, he actaully fell into insanity 7 years ago, when he was a new believer. He was sent to a mental hospital and till now remains under medication. He also works for Pastor Eng Kiat now and is quite a gentle and pleasant fellow. Uncle Henry prayed against to spirit of orphan(ness) in him and brought him through a inner healing process. Oh yeah...and there was this man who had right knee pains and misalignment of the spine. He actually is not a believer but after we prayed for him, asked to receive Christ into his life and prayed the sinner's prayer. Score 2. However, we are unsure if his pain is gone as he only feels it when he does hard labour.

So....All in all, today has been awesome. All glory to God, whose presence has really been tangible with us today. As we encounter many many prayer requests and needs and hidden brokenness, we can only say that the kingdom of darkness has really a strong grip here and people really need the light of the Lord. Countless people need to be uplifted from rejection and despair and brought into his glory. And sometimes we may feel like we are being thrown into the deep end as we are facing tasks after tasks - truly, the harvest is great but the harvesters are few. But we fight under the banner of the living God, and proclaim his greatness into lives fraught with trials and pains.

Pray for God's strenght to be with us. And the joy of the lord to be our strength. There is really an escalation of intensity here as we take things TO THE NEXT LEVEL!! That we will have energy and for the Holy Spirit to fill us and refuel us.

Pray for protection over the team. As we bring forth the light into people's life, we too renounce the works of the devil. Pray for protection from any spiritual or physical attacks. Espeically from the H1N1 virus.

Thank God for the unity among the team. We have been really getting along well. As we face challenges, our trust in one another starts to grow. Pray for the continual release of spirit of kindness and gentleness upon us, that we will continue to honour one another and serve each other with a loving heart.

Pray for a strengthening of relationship with Jesus and a deeper intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Pray that God will release a greater dose of the Spirit of Wisdom and Revletion, that the eyes of our hearts will be fully opened so that we will receive downloads from God to minister to the Thai people.

Pray for physical protection for the trippers from mosquitoes. The mozzies were especially aggressive at night and went into the commando mode as we were praying and doing ministry. Pray that the presence of God will be so strong that it will repel the mozzies.

The youngest mission tripper ah bee is doing really fine, mixing well with the Thai children and even helping to break the ice with them. Pray for physical protection, safety and good health as she endures the long hours of ministry with the older ones (though she is really enjoying it.)

Thank you for your prayers and support is very much appreciated.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mon (cont'd)-In My Name they will drive out demons

What a wonderful way to end the day with all the kids standing up when invitation to receive Christ was made by En Min, or so we thought. The final event of the day at Sawaeng Ha was dinner at a old lady's house in the village.

While waiting for dinner to be served, henry found out from Eng Kiat that the host of the home was previously a spiritual medium. Though she has allowed Eng Kiat to remove all the idols in her house, she is still quite double minded about her faith in Jesus.

After dinner, Wan Hsi, Eng Kiat and Henry prayed for the old lady at the verandah outside the house. The evil spirits inside the old lady manifested almost immediately when they started praying, with the demons shouting that they're not leaving. Believing that Jesus came to heal our soul, spirit and body, the entire tmt started to sing aloud 'It's Your blood that cleanses me.' Knowing that all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to us by God, we weren't afraid because we underwent deliverance training during YA.

This is first time for most of us to be involved in a deliverance. It took almost two hours: amazing thing was that we prayed and worshipped almost NON-STOP during that period. Initially a few of us felt that there was something 'wrong' with that place but as we worshipped in the house, we really felt God's presense descend upon the place. The woman was actually reluctance to renounce the spirit which had been in her for a long time and she had fear that it could harm her in some way. But we had the final victory when the old lady broke her ties with the evil spirit and confessed that Jesus is Lord of her life. After deliverance, we also prayed for her daughter and renounce all curses over her.

Our checklist is almost complete: we have preached the word, healed the sick and CAST OUT DEMONS!! But that doesn't mean that our job is done for this trip. Its only been 3 days .... We hope that the trip can be as eventful as this and by God's grace we will have divine strength to pull through. When we finally left the house at 10.30pm, we were all filled with such tremendous joy and the realisation that our God is an awesome God!!!!!

130909 Monday

Hey! This is N and J updating you from Thailand. The previous writers got fired as they were simply too boring. Yeah...

N: So... Hey J, so how was today?

J: It was great starting the day off with the concept of honoring one another, which really was edifying. Jacob received encouraging words from Ying Qi for being honored for being a brotherly person to us, bunch of kids during the past few days! Whilst Kirstie received words from Neo, of being honored for being real and caring towards kids! :) Yay, that was great, strengthening words to encourage each other to walk longer distances on this walk of faith!

N: Yeah, that's good news for Gabriel too. Anyways, Neo totally received words that he's uber cool and awesome. *cough cough* Oh yeah, then we went shopping in some open market place. Some of us bought some stuff for our loved ones and friends, so if you don't receive any gifts....

J: Yeah, but I received from Clarence, he got me this COOL water bottle holder, so I can look cool walking around and free my hands so I can shop! YThe Thais are so totally creative and innvative and of course, having a lovely to purchase it as a gift for me! Oh yes, but the funnest part of the day, was watching ANDREW DANCE! WHOOTS!

N: Yeah. Before we get on to them. We had a totally awesome lunch of beef kway tiao and wanton mee at paew's store. And on to our afternoon programme, where we conducted a children's club at Sawaeng Ha...

J: Gosh! I think today, everyone got a taste of Andrew's true powers! His dance prowness and his knack of teaching dance moves to the kids, as we all danced to JAI-HO (with moves with names like Helicopter, JellyFish, Ajar Ajar), and how loud they all screamed when the song went JAI HO, it was pure fun to see the entire team mingling so well with the kids, we could probably stand a high chance of handling our own kids in the future?

N: Yeah ....we would like to upload a video of Andrew dancing but decided against it as he would be totally flooded with calls from India. Anyway, we also had this skit/craft session/message on the lost sheep (which is basically the same as what we did yesterday, if you have been following us). That was led by Ying Qi and Andrew, and Ying Qi gave a testimony of being lost and found. After playing several games of icebreakers and singing some Thai songs, we now come to the evangelistic concert.

J: What was really moving in the concert, had to be the Everything skit. A stage that had a literal lorry as a backdrop, and metal gates and kids just sitting two steps away from the actors/actresses, they all did really well in managing the space, and the emotions being protrayed of God's love.. Itwas really moving, it made me feel the magnitude of God's love for me, *deep breath* nice.

N: Yeah, smashing job by everyone for Everything, especially the 2 leads. We also had the flashcard presnetation, where we wrote our 2-line testimonies on coloured paper. It was pretty cool as the kids read out the Thai alphabets we ourselves wrote. Following that was En Min's testimony, where she talked about how God makes everyone special and unique.

J: Talk about the amount of time, we spent simply on writing out the cards, I do take pleasure in loving the Chinese language more, and found it easier! The Thai language has 44 alphabets and 5 vowels, which really made our writing time, felt like Caligraphy lessons but it was good! I feel child-like, and that's what God has called out to be mah.

N: Anyway, the kids loved the dances so much that we danced it a couple of times. Besides Jai-Ho there was also a dance to "every move you make". Even pastor Eng Kiat joined in and he was almost as cool as Andrew. Besides that, Andrew and Alvin perfromed RK's abide in you in Thai.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Update from Thailand (12/07/09)

Greetings from Thailand. Today was a particularly fruitful day for our team. We are basically split into 3 teams - Children's team, Youth team and Adults' team.

We went to Tachang Church in the morning. I'm sure many of you who have been to TMT would remember the church and the people there.

The children's programme was based on the Parable of the lost sheep. They also did plenty of sing-along action songs which was a joy to look at and attempt to follow.

The youth team did prophetic art, which was done on T-shirts with fabric markers. Hence every youth went home with a specially hand drawn tee with a message just for them. We were really amazed by the artistic talent and the encouraging messages they had for each other.

The adults received a sermon by uncle Henry. Wan Hsi gave her testimony. The adult team also led worship.

Lunch was awesome. It was Hor fun cooked by the church workers, but of course, to them it was called 'Rat na kuay tiao'.

We went to Thanpraporn Church during the afternoon. We were like busy for the whole day. Anyway, many people from Tachang church also attends Thanpraporn church so they attend church service twice a Sunday. Amazing,huh?

Children's programme was 'I am special' where they all became prince and princesses of God wearing crowns.

The youth team played several icebreakers and games, followed by a testimony by Joyce Goh. We then sang many Thai songs with them. Finally, Eunice shared a message about God's love.

The adult team had a sermon in a room-sized oven that was baking hot. But that was nothing compared to the fire of the Holy Spirit burning within everyone's hearts. When it was ministry time, there was a whole row of people who went out for prayer. There are 3 incredible testimonies. First of all, after ministry, the temperature of the room suddenly went down. Also, a women who had problems walking and shook a lot felt much better after being prayed for. Last of all, a women who had a bent over back actually had her back straightened after being prayed for. Praise the Lord!!"

Oh yeah. Dinner was awesome too.

Cool findings: While exploring the town, we noticed that coffins were available at provisions stores.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Update from Thailand (11/07/09)

Heyhey! The YA TMT team '09 is in the house! (Pastor Eng Kiat's house). Thank God that we have arrived safely. (The take off was rather rough but the landing was great!) - ONE PIECE WE HAVE ARRIVED, and on to MACDONALDS for dinner!

Tomorrow will be the start of our real work here. There will be back to back activities as we will be conducting services at both Tachang and Thanpraporn churches. Pray for
1) Divine strength from God, to keep us going for the whole day
2) Courage as we share our testimonies and interact with the Thais
3) Unity as one body, encouraging and edifying each other
4) God's love to shine through us, that we can be sensitive to the Holy spirit

Ok. Check out this site for daily updates (hopefully) on the status of this trip and be the first to find out about the awesome work God will be doing in Thailand! Nights.

This is Joyce and Neo - Your correspondents from Thailand ^^.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Farewell Jessica n Jaclyn

Number 6:24-26

[24]Thee LORD bless you and keep you;

[25] The LORD make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you;

[26] The Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Healing Testimony from Jia Wei

I just want to thank God for the miracle and healing over my left leg. My legs used to be of unequal length and the difference is quite significant, about 1.5cm. So my left leg is shorter than my right leg by 1.5cm. I first realised this condition during my SISPEC (Army) training when I got injured while doing the Standard Obstacle Course (SOC). The Army doctor and Podiatrist at Alexander Hospital certified that my left leg is shorter than my right leg by 1.5cm which was quite severe, that was about approximately 1 year ago.

On 04/07/2009 (Saturday), Pastor Derek Hong came to our church for the Prayer Servant Training. God gave him a word to heal those with feet problems, as mine was a leg issue, I didn't really think that God was referring to me. But I wanted to get healed so I ask  some of the Young Adults to pray for my condition at the back of the YA room.

And God was truly Good and Awesome, He not only healed me that day but also risen my faith level and the faith level of those around me. They checked my legs and they are of the same length now !

Praise Jesus for the love and compassion that He has shown me... Amen!


Thailand Mission Trip (11-19 Jul)

Dear young adults,

On behalf of the Young Adults TMT '09 team, we would like to sincerely thank you for your contributions for our trip. Our team had a fund raising event last Sunday and the response was fantastic. With your help, we have raised a total of $437 which would go a long way to blessing Pastor Eng Kiat and the church in Thailand. In addition, your generous donations of stationery would greatly bless the children over there. Once again, thanks for all your support and do remember to keep us in your prayers as we go forth to bless the people of Thailand.

The group of 18 (Henry, Carol, Wan Hsi, En Min, Eunice, Charissa, Clarence, Mark, Alvin, Lydia, Yingqi, Shi Wei, Jacob, Andrew, Joyce, Kirstie, Gabriel and Keryn) will depart S’pore at 6.20pm on Tiger Airway flight TR108 this Saturday. The following day, we will serve at the children sun sch, youth sun sch and worship service at Tachang church and Thanpraporn Church.

From Mon to Fri, the team will be running 1 English Tuition club, 4 Children’s Clubs, 3 Evangelistic Concerts. We will also be doing 7 visitations to church members and 2 cell group meetings. The final event is a full day Christian Youth Discipleship camp on Sat 18 July. The team will leave Bangkok on 19 Jul for S’pore on flight TR103 (8.20am) and flight TR105 (12.35pm).

Do look out for periodic updates on the mission at our YA blog

The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me,
because the LORD has anointed me
to preach good news to the poor.
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
to proclaim freedom for the captives
and release from darkness for the prisoners

We are claiming Isaiah 61:1 over this trip. We would really appreciate your prayer cover over us. Thank you.

Serving Our Saviour,
Henry and Carol

P.S. This photo was taken at t
he open field next to COOS - really looks like the Lord's hand, I feel that God will unveil things from His heavenly realm that are beyond our imagination.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

YABF This Sunday!!