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Friday, May 9, 2008

Happenings + Wassup!

Hi there all of you =) This space is created to provide all you people with a place on the updates and going ons of every upcoming sundays. share your comments, photos, videos (of events and activities that have taken place on the particular sunday. well if your comfortable with posting your pics up, ahahah by all means and be our guest.) that you have lying in your camera, come come here and upload. suppose there’s the flickr there to provide you with your uploading needs. i realise from time to time, the need of digging for photos come up and we’re pretty much dead cause somehow the photos lying are all around. so probably and hopefully this place and the internet can be some form of a storage solutions where we all can have some database so to speak.

and so have a place to talk about and come in and just share. since from time to time there’s new comers joining us, we can just “oh visit us at www.yagers4christ" which will be a website to store all our information, talk abouts and barangs barangs may seem a feasible way.

So some interesting pointers on the birth of this blog:

- Most importantly, to improve the sense of communication going down to every single one of you YA people out there. =) hopefully becomes more 2 way and interactive instead of emails. ahahar =X place to come about when you’re feeling sian, have some readings some fun, some sharings and to build this sense of family sense, relation building one another hopefully and of course, encourage one another in our walk with God. You’re not alone baby.

- Hopefully a place where we can have some sharings too, be it some faith talk, some slamming (hey all in the name of fun, no real hurt intended), prayer requests, a blog seems to be a more viable alternative to emails, cause it feels more “intimate” in a sense and the hippe yuppies may get more comfortable with the idea.

- A blog has archiving purposes so somehow i think its good for some reasons ahaha. if you ever have thoughts on an event we can all share.

so come come, and liven this place up alittle bits man. its pretty much still on its initial stages but with time hopefully, this place gets spicyyyy. grr. ^ ^

In Him,

Your dear YA Comm.