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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

LOOK OUT for your new YA BAG this sunday!!!

Wow, it's new year soon.

Come to YABF room this Sunday and discover what's happening in YA for 2010.

Also find out which BAG (Basic Accountability Group) you're in.

Uncle Henry

YA Christmas Party 26 Dec 2009

Cheese... merry Christmas and blessed new year!

Shaun Ho sharing his testimony at the Christmas Party.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Dream

We have a dream for this Christmas. This dream has been burning in our hearts for some time. That an army of dreamers who literally believe that they are sons and daughters of the most high God will arise from the young adults...

That you will be the ones who will carry the Presence of God, manifesting in healing, deliverance and miracles.

That you will be a generation that will rise up to face giants, who will challenge the drug abuse, alcoholism, gambling and pornography addiction in Singapore.

That you will be the ones who will sweep thousands into the Kingdom of God with your music because you are a passionate worshipper. Because you are not singing or writing new songs to get recognition somewhere, but you have been worshipping when nobody is looking, seeking and thirsty for more of God with fasting and prayer.

If we dare to believe him, God is going to put dreams before us that will drive us to the edge of our comfort zone, and bring us to the realm that is beyond our wildest imaginations.

Pray that God will give all of us Big Dream!!

Have a blast this Christmas!

Uncle Henry and Auntie Carol
24 December 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Last Sun - Testimony on Flashcard

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

YABF this Sunday @11.30am

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Tribute to Rev Sunil

Rev Sunil has a very special place in our heart, and in the hearts of all our young adults, every church members in Covenant, as well as the many Sri Lankan disciples that he has shepherded. In his short life, Sunil was instrumental in helping to build up what is perhaps the biggest Sri Lankan Congregation in the whole of Singapore.

Within a span of 11 years from 1998 and up to Jun 2009 when he was forced to rest because of his illness, he was able to lead many Sri Lankan people to Christ. To the many of the Sri Lanka workers who are amongst his flock who were living such a difficult life, Sunil provided a candle along with a light, the light of the Lord Jesus.

I have the privilege to give him rides home every Monday evening when he didn’t have Bible Study class. He would be very appreciative and before he got off, would thank me profusely and shaking my hand. I grew to be very fond of him during my first year in full time ministry. He is always such a gentleman, gentle in spirit and compassionate, but courageous in carrying the banner of Christ wherever he went.

Long before we talk of prophetic vision, Sunil has already received supernatural revelation. One day over lunch, he related to me an open vision that he received from God. As a youth, Sunil accepted the Lord Jesus as his saviour but hesitated the day before his baptism whether to go on with it. That night, he had an open vision of the heavenly bodies and the universe whilst lying down in his bedroom, and had absolutely no doubt that it was a revelation from God. Filled with courage and conviction about the reality and truth of God, Sunil proceeded with his baptism the next day.

He has never looked back since then. I honour Rev Sunil because he showed us what it is like to be a minister of Christ. Sunil was fully convicted that God calls the church to make new Christ-followers, and helping those Christ-followers become fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ by teaching them to obey everything God commands us in the Scripture.

The growth of the Sri Lankan congregation in Covenant, adding new Christ-followers and helping those Christ-followers become fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ, is what we discover took place as Rev Sunil took this charge seriously. He led Bible Study groups in various parts of Singapore four out of five nights in the working week, ensuring that his sheep are properly feed and tenderly cared for.

Thank You Sunil for being the able Commander of our Sri Lankan Ministry who was more than able to lead them to greater heights through love and peace. But most of all, thank you for being our brother and our very good friend.

We will miss you very very much, Sunil.

2 December 2009