Wednesday, December 5, 2012

TMT 2012 Day 6 Update

Hi all,

Sorry for the really late update! We are just so touched by the love of the Thais!! Even though Monday is their only rest day, they still made an effort to plan a trip to the sunflower for us! Firstly, special thanks to Phi Chu, Bpaa Nan and Son as they used their free time to wake up early and serve us. 

Next we had out lunch at Tachang Church prepared by our awesome chef Pi Na!!
Amazing beef noodles. The food was awesome and all of us enjoyed it. :) After lunch we went back to Ps Eng Kiat's place to rest! Very thankful for that one hour rest after our lunch before we head down for visitation to Da Rong's husband's workplace then to Inburi Rice Field.

Da Rong and Hubby

- Recently gave birth to a baby girl called Hosanna. 
- Praise God that Da Rong was able to use her daughter's name to preach the gospel to the doctors and nurses at the hospital, and their neighbors too!
- Her husband has a motorcycle repair shop of which the startup fund was seeded from Covenant's Green store; previously he was a car mechanic for Chevrolet.

Inburi Rice Field

- Had less than an hour to finish our performance for them and thus, we weren't able t go int the village and call more people to join us for it. 
- Carissa shared her testimony and led the alter call. Her testimony touched many and she was very brave.
- Our God is indeed a God that never fails. 4 healed and 2 people saved. 
- Thank God for having this mini revival in Inburi and that there weren't as many mosquitos as we expected!!! 

All in all, God has been really good to us and to the Thais. Really saw the love of God being poured out and it was really encouraging to see the whole team constantly moving around and finding more and more people to pray for! All Glory and praise to God!! 

- Sean Tng and Carissa Fok


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