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Thursday, August 28, 2008

This Week 31.08.08

Rusty Russell's Sessions

Burning Bush Nite (Bring the sick for prayer)
29 Aug, Friday
8 pm

Walking in the Supernatural (Equipping)
30 Aug, Saturday
9.30 am - 12 pm

Sunday Worship Services (1 Cor 14:26-40 - Operation of Gifts in the Church)
31 Aug, 9am and 11am

*More information on Rusty Russell,
Miracle Life Ministries
Rusty Russell's Podcast

Community Blessing

Dear all,

This Sunday, the young adults will go out after the worship service to distribute mooncakes to the community. The entire young adults ministry has been allocated with 30 floors in block 11@ Farrer Park. We will meet in the YABF room at 11.30am for a short time of worship and prayer before setting out.

As Auntie Mui Fong mentioned last Sunday, we will also be going on a 'Treasure Hunt'. As we take risk and step out in faith, please pray that the Holy Spirit will bring all of us into a supernatural encounter with the residents whom the Father has already prepared for a divine appointment. Ask the LORD that as we step out as 'treasure hunters', we would receive words of knowledge, and bring healing & encouragement to the people we meet.

Indeed, ask boldly that God will release through us the presence and power of the Kingdom of heaven through all healing of the sick, prophesying the secrets of people's hearts, revealing their true destiny, and setting people free to live a blessed life.

Uncle Henry

Genesis Project

Andrew, Alvin, Daniel, William & Ryan will be taking part in the Genesis Project this Sat.
It's a Christian Songwriting Festival, somthing like FOP with an original touch!
This event is free & open to public. Registration is not required.
Those who are interested to support this festival, or wish to bring both Christian & non-Christian
friends along, do be seated at 1pm.

Paya Lebar Methodist Church is a 5-10 mins walk from Serangoon MRT Station.
The Festival will begin with a time of Praise & Worship, followed by a showcase of
songs written by 30 different local songwriters and their bands.
Heartdrive will be sharing a new song at around 330pm, and will be playing again at the post event
in the evening.

See you there!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

UPDATES 21.08.08

Hi there, we're currently trying to sort things out now. I know the HOME page looks real messy and you can't comprehend why all the random postings. Its gonna stay on for a while, at least till more posts comes in and pushes all these older posts behind.

What's going on now, is each page you see above on the navigation bar is being created, and being the HOME page, being the root page, the pages for the "bread", "pictures" gets linked back to it. So all these subpages gets shown and it really looks messy on the front of the HOME page. So please do bear with it for awhile (It feels like furniture being moved to some new house, and the place is getting furnished and arranged). Till things settle in, and we get a lovely home (I hope, with my fingers+toes crossed) =X

So things are going to get started and fired around here. Keep posted, and please fill free to write and leave your comments behind. See the "COMMENT" link over there?

Meanwhile, here's the upcoming updates on what's happening to the YA in coming weeks to come.

(sidenotes: And if anyone of you realised, the banner up there is a picture from somewhere taken pretty lately. Any guesses? Or rather, guess the people in the picture? ahaha.)

  • 24 Aug - BS 'Worship Leading'
  • 31 Aug - Community Blessing
  • 7 Sep - Games Day
  • 14 Sep - Table Fellowship
  • 21 Sep - Prayer and Worship
The Beloved YA Comm (on behalf)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


This is real late, but better late than never. So here's some of the pictures taken, the advantages of a DSLR is really, we get really lovely, great shots with great colours. But it really means you'll take a couple of hundred to 500 shots.

Which means having free online storage albums is good, but really, I wished one would have a function that would just enable one to just click and drop and let it all appear on a photoalbum (quite like the one in facebook), but till yet. Haven't found anything decent, so for the benefits of leaving something behind here, i doubt facebook photoalbum should be used:( so anyways, its still a click at a time.

I've uploaded the entire file, all zipped up and uploaded it onto a free file server. So if you really want the entire shots, and pick the ones you love, why not just download the entire thing, and just view the shots. (some multiple shots, some big faced ones, but all for the entire fun of it, i shall not spoil) work is still done, uploading is still in progress...

YA Retreat