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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sharing from CP Blessing

Ling Yan
Awesome to see so many doors opened & one couple even asked us to pray for their expecting baby.

It’s a great joy to witness the girls approaching the people in the flats, knocking on the doors one by one, making sure that they don’t miss anyone.
They were so sincere and excited just to give out the eggs. I’m actually very moved by that and amazed cause one of the girls was actually very reluctant initially. But when they did it with joy, I am very proud of them. Some carry eggs, some rang the door bell, some kept an update of who took the eggs and who the people were at the door. Its truly amazing, that the girls blessed with their hearts.

Carol :
My group comprises of 4 sec 1 – Isaac, Jethro, Boon Hui and Timothea  and from the YA – Dorcas Lim, Kelly Fong, Kevin & Elias. They are awesome and they rock !!  Working alongside with them really encourages me !
They are all so enthusiastic that they did all the talking and blessing. And the boys asked the residents “Anything we can pray for you?” Faith .
We have residents giving us money to bless us and we did not accept of course ! And there is a Hindu priest who requested us to pray for his daughter-in-law who just lost their unborn child. And he came out and gave us gifts instead – chocolates and biscuits. 
We prayed for one old lady who had problems walking.

Steven Neo
The young & young adults are so cool. Great fun doing it .

The CP Easter Giveaway was an amazing and refreshing time. God’s presence was really strong amongst us, filling us with much needed courage. The eagerness of the youths from CG1 was really encouraging as they would literally run from door to door, bursting with excitement to bless and pray for the people.

As we approached the last floor for our distribution, I prayed that something amazing would happen and that all the doors and hearts of the people will be open and God answered us immediately!

To our amazement, 4 out of 6 of the doors were already open prior our arrival, as though they were ready to welcome us! 

I really thank God for once again showing us His faithfulness during this experience!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Treasure Hunt & Community Blessing - 24th April 2011

Greetings YaYAs,

On the 24th April 2011, we'll be having a Treasure hunt & Community Blessing together, and we'll be on search to find our "treasures" so be prepared to walk abit more :)

It is gonna be fun and exciting, so come down @ 11.00 am at the YA Room before we set out!


Games Day - 17th April 2011

 Hellos Yayas!

Coming this Sunday (17th April 2011) after our ACM Meeting, we'll be coming together to sweat it out with Table-Tennis, Floorball and Captain's Ball. (We've got a new TIGER Table-Tennis Table, with new BUTTERFLY bats and new floor ball sticks!) So come and have a test-run with the new equipment and have a fun time together. It's also to prep up for the upcoming Synod Games on the 21st of May. So come decked out in your gear :D

We'll meet @ 2.00pm at the YaYA room before the games begin!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Prayer Request for our youths and young adults

Pray for the uni students preparing for their exams. Pray for discipline and wisdom. That they will walk in sweet communion with Jesus as they study.

Pray for all the A levels students and the fresh Poly graduates as they apply for the uni courses that God’s favour be upon them and their applications.

Pray that all our YaYAs will have a 
Hunger for God, His Word, His Presence. 

Uncle Henry Wong