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Monday, June 27, 2011

Don't Miss - Special YaYA meeting next month!!

YaYA Camp Testimonies (cont'd)

Testimony from Matthew

Before the camp I could not really feel God's love that much. During the YaYA camp I could feel God's love and his strong presence, something that I have never really felt in my life.

The third night was when I could feel God's love the most, it was very prominent. Last night, I remember what Uncle Henry said about superior pleasure and inferior pleasure. I felt guilty about it and cried. The YaYA camp has helped me to feel God's love more and know that we should be comfortable in our own skin.

The camp itself was pure AWESOME. I hope that the next YaYA camp will be even better! God bless! :)

Samantha Ng
i will never ever forget those special 5 days of yaya camp i spent time with God and leant about his wonderful love for me. i all the ppl who went for this wonderful camp and i know for sure that i am God's child!!!!!
Pauline Lim
yaYa Camp was fun !
Knowing that god loves me and i'm his child (:
Great to know some friends too !
Can't wait for next camp :D

YaYA camp was an experience i would never forget. The worship, message and soaking were all great! Most importantly i experienced God's presence and LOVE!

Chua Boon Hui
During the camp, I felt that God was the most important person after all. He can do things which people can't do like washing my sins away. This camp is useful.

Janice Tay
The worship was such a powerful and pleasurable experience!! The camp was best ever! Can't stop humming and singing praises to God! (: Awesome!

I really enjoyed & experienced God's presence and Love for all of us in this Camp. Looking forward to the next YaYA Camp !~

Grace Fong
camp was just amazing. God's doing something in all of us! :)

Thank u lord for everything you have done for me,you are truly and surely the best!

Fabian Ng
one word, awesome.
Kelda Wong
i loved camp! really enjoyed his presence during worship and all:) cant wait for the next one. well done everybody!

Luo Lingyan
Flexibility. Identity. Quality (time with God & friends). That's what I ♥ about this camp :D
Elias Goh
this year camp very holy, so many worship and preaching, something supernatural happen also. don't believe can go ask fabian kevin elaine they all

Nothing can beat this YaYA camp. Well done fellow camp comm members! Thank you Ah Jaan Henry and Auntie Carol and of course Shih Yang :) Above all, greatest thanks to our Heavenly Father who watched over us and helped us make this camp a success. Awesomeness :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Thanksgiving for Kingdom Culture Camp

Thoughts on 2011 YaYA Kingdom Culture Camp

I am certain that most of the youths and young adults who attended agree that this is one unforgettable YaYA camp where God's presence is so real, so personal and so supernatural. We are still getting feedback and testimonies from those who attended, a good number testified of a greater love for Jesus than they have ever known and a greater excitement about the Kingdom than they ever thought possible.

Through games like “Captains' Coming”, “Buy, Build, Bomb” and “Food Junction”, the campers forged a bond that reflects the true value of the Kingdom. The Lord showed the YaYAs that they are born into the King's house, that Father God celebrate (and not tolerate) them, and like their heavenly Father, they are holy and God is releasing good dreams and desires so that they will experience a new freedom and pleasure that comes from God.

The sessions and worship throughout the camp, whether during the day or night meetings, were very powerful. During the ministry time on the third and fourth night, the campers began to experience physical manifestation such as weeping, laughing uncontrollably, shaking as well as lying still in the presence of God. Interviews with some YaYAs who didn't received physical manifestation also shows that a number of them experienced an overwhelming presence of God, as well as a deep assurance of His love. A few of the YaYA also shared that they received healing of past emotional hurts and wounds, whilst some received physical healing.

During the camp debrief, I explained to the campers that while the leaders discerned that these external manifestations reveal the power of God, they are far less important than the deep life transformational work that the Holy Spirit has started in their lives. Such experiences must lead them to the Word of God and Prayer. The continued encounter with God will come out from a devotional life that is vibrant and a prayer life that is alive.

All that happened during the camp was the result of God answering prayers from the church leaders and Covenant members, the YaYA leaders, camp committee members and the campers. Jesus turned to his disciples and said “pray that my Father's Kingdom would come and His will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.” This wasn't the 'wishing upon a star' kind of prayer, I am convicted that Jesus actually expected us to believe that we could pull heaven down to earth. Enclosed are moving testimonies from Clarence, Keith, Darius, Alex, Damaris, Jethro, Elaine and Kelly who experienced the reality of this prayer during the camp.

Henry and Carol

Testimony from Clarence
A long journey:
On the night of 17th June 2011, I felt somewhat lonely and honestly I was really hoping someone came to pray for me, like I wished the speakers or a friend would come pray for me, but in the end no one came. I was wondering why God did that. So when the session was over, I asked one of my closest friends Keith to pray for me. 

Keith prophesied over me, telling me my current situation, like how I know that God’s presence is there in a waterfall yet I just sit on the banks with the rotting leaves and not reach out and jump in but I just quench myself with the little trickles I can hold in my palms. The worst part was that I pretend to be satisfied and I act like I am satisfied, not knowing that my entire being desires so much more. I should be in the waterfall with open arms. The most dangerous place is the most right place to be. (I think what happened on the last night was because I really opened up my arms 100% to God. AWESOME!)

After that, I sat in the clicker’s chair (by the way I believe it is a very anointed place to be) and I just sat there in tears, and then a strange uncle related to the band came over to me and said something like, “talk to God, just talk to God.” I was already in tears what more response would God want? What else would God want to show me that night? On hindsight, I think I was limiting what God can say to me/show me/let me feel. 

I remember uttering to God, quite angrily, “What you want from me?!!”

He(God) brought me to a room, he looked angry/disappointed at me. Then I was made aware of Jesus’ and the Holy Spirit’s presence by my side hugging me. In front of me appeared a mass of stuff, I knew it was my sin, that very moment; Jesus left my side and went to pick up all the stuff and was lifted up. At this moment, my insides churned and I felt extreme pain, pain like I never felt in my life. It felt like I was having my insides ripped out and my heart in a vice grip. Next, was nothing I could ever imagine. I saw blood, blood rushing out from Jesus’ veins and covering the sin and even more pain and anguish was felt. I remember Jesus saying to me, this is how I feel when I see you living smaller and just being satisfied with a status quo lifestyle. I was called to be set apart a royal priesthood, a chosen generation to bring revival to the land.
For myself:
  • There is no substitute for God. Honestly I think I love Lydia more than God. Wrong priorities
    • God let her into my life to build me up
  • I should live a life directed by God, just send out my resumes to everywhere, God will open the door that is right for me.
For our YaYA/ Church:
A fire is coming and it will seal the hearts of God people for God’s purpose, the fire will burn away the chaff and purify our hearts setting and aligning our hearts with His.

Morning of 18th June 2011, I sat at the back honestly I really don’t know what the speaker were talking about I couldn’t really see them after I started tearing up during the worship led by Shaun and Alvin because God kept telling me he loved me. LIKE ONE MILLION TIMES. It’s like every time I heard it, He would purposely say it and make me feel his Love. Then I was brought to heaven into a small little intimate room with a small round table, at the table was, God who hugged me when I got there, Jesus and Holy Spirit. God told me that this was a room that I should come often to, to talk to him, have a drink and just chill and really just spend time with him. I told God that I want to be there often and I want to have long conversations with him.

Well I initially intended to just sit back and chill as the previous night’s encounter really took a lot out of my physically, I was tired and CHUI MAX. Then I think Caleb told me “eh, let’s go in front see his guitar and he nudged me forward.” During worship, my voice was gone! I couldn’t really sing properly, too much shouting in the day. So I closed my eyes, as soon as I started worshipping, my back started shivering , my legs behaved funnily too like I had no control and suddenly someone behind me started laughing. I really thought laughing was ridiculous, then BAM! Someone put hands on me and some current-like feeling shot through me and I started going mad, I thought I lost it. I was laughing rolling around and worst of all I was feeling unglam cos I couldn’t hold in my saliva.. BUT best of all I was feeling SUPER SUPER SUPER HAPPY! That really took away all my holding back and I just let go. When I recovered I turned around to walk back, I saw everyone and it was just different everyone looked perfect and beautiful I couldn’t take my eyes off everyone, just because they were so beautiful. That night was one I would never forget, not in this lifetime. 

Testimony from Keith Wong
i do not want to say anything false, or even slightly different from the truth. i want people to know exactly what God has done in me in the past week; no more, no less. God help me to put it exactly as it is. 
six years as a youth, and four more in the young adults. i have not been around the longest, but i suppose i have a good idea of what camps are like; planning, scheduling, execution. 
something that impacted me before the camp; shih yang's story, that he told during the overnight prayer session, of how he used to want to be a cool christian who could do all the things that non-christians do, until he and his friends were overwhelmed by the glory of the Lord, and how that makes you realise that being cool is overrated. my friends know that i am very cool. (was)
i came to this camp expecting little. i have not been walking close to God; there have been things that have been hugely discouraging. issues with school results a month before, disappointments with the way things work, feelings of guilt and inadequacy. our camp planning ran dangerously late and if i am to be honest with everyone i was not happy, and i am sorry that i was carried away by things that do not really matter to God. 
on wednesday camp started, and the session on the first night was good. i do not remember what it was about, but it was good, and i remember telling clarence that this camp might just turn out better than i thought it would be. 
thursday morning - had to lead devotion while half-asleep. could not hear myself talking, had difficulty with the pictures (i have absolutely no artistic sense) (i get very agitated when i have to do arts and craft). buy build bomb was fun. unfortunately the first water bomb destroyed my tower. very saddening.
at night clarence, darius and i went to sheng siong to buy food supplies for the next few days (because the ravenous youths had destroyed our stock). i missed the first half of the session, but i came in and i remember the soaking session. i went into a tent intending to lie down and maybe nap a bit, but the Lord was there, and He reminded me that i still held dear to me many things - my confidence in my academic capabilities, my desire to be rich (i really want(ed) to be affluent, not just a generic thing). my dream to get a history phd. my ambitions for myself i wanted to hold. i put a lot of my confidence in myself in my (self-perceived) smarts. I cried, and the presence of the Lord brought me some peace of mind.
[last semester i told God (informally) that if He wanted me to go into full-time ministry that He should give me disastrous results and so it was to be, and i took it as a sign that i should drop out of school and go into full-time but i definitely was not going to do that]
The Lord said that i should let it go, but i did not want to let it go. 
on the wall of the tent was hebrews 11 - which tells the stories of biblical heroes like abel and enoch and noah and ends, 39 These were all commended for their faith, yet none of them received what had been promised, 40 since God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect.
i was not prepared to let go of those things and surrender. but nonetheless the presence of God gave me peace that night; more peace than i have had from two months of doing absolutely nothing.
Friday night session. At the end, the lights were turned off and we took out lightsticks; i thought : this is so been-there-done-that? but then i broke my lightstick and the mood changed. the Lord was there; i knew that i had been distant from Him. went up for prayer; when i knelt down i cried. the Lord was there; i knew how i had doubted Him over the past year, two years. periods when church was a place to meet clarence and darius and lydia for lunch. periods i had been so discouraged by things that happen i just wanted to quit everything and be free of all the restraints i place on my innermost desires. Times when church is a drag and if I dared to let go of it I would have.

Evangeline prayed for me - she asked me what she could pray for; i couldnt reply because i was crying. she prayed for me when she'd come for our burning bush night, and she remembered who i was. when i finally gained some composure i mumbled some stuff; generic things about not walking close to God and losing my way, things like that. She prayed for me and i wept. She told me how the Lord sees my heart and how i am good enough, even in times i feel completely unworthy and unholy. 
Friday night the Lord reminded me how much He loves me. Friday night i remember, that night i saw His love, and how it outshines by far the things i had wanted, and i surrendered. i also told the Lord i would not let socially unacceptable things be in the way any longer. which would be relevant to the next day, when we went on treasure hunt. 
i remember watching people shaking, and doubting. then i felt a directed shaking, up and down, up and down, and i finally say to God, okay fine its really real, then the shaking stops. 
Saturday: encounter night; honestly i was not expecting anything. worship time - i wanted to feel the presence of God, but my thoughts kept wandering. the worship leader said, you can sit down, kneel down if you want to. i sat down. i sat down; the Lord rebuked me for my disdain for the youths. He showed me how much He loved each of them, how each time i laughed about them i laughed at His beloved, the ones He had chosen. The youths; the seven thousand He had set apart, who had not bowed a knee to ba'al, kept pure and holy, not childish, for His pleasure. a huge field of buds, flowering simultaneously into lush beauty, a powerful wave of glory radiating outward from the centre. 
[here i confess - i have always thought that the youths were quite childish and naive and that they really should know more about the ways of the world. like seriously guys, whats gonna happen to you when you come out into the real world and army and university and stuff you are going to be torn apart]
i cried and told the Lord that i was sorry that I had scoffed at at his beloved. the worship session ended. there was some stirring at the back; the guest people were laughing. someone was rolling on the floor. everyone was confused. i was confused. i stood up to see what was going on. a little skeptical, a little frightened, a little curious. wished i could feel what it was like, didnt really believe that something like that would happen to me. 
the laughter spread; the middle of the sanctuary was filled with laughing, rolling-around people. i sat at the side, feeling kind of left out, feeling a little wary. 
a lady came up to me; i'd seen her earlier, she was at the back, just watching. she look out a bunch of coloured sticks, told me to pick one. i remember very clearly thinking, are you serious, this cant be allowed, its like what they do in temples! Was very wary. when i looked at the bunch i saw the blue one. it was behind two others, i took it. number nine. she took her notebook and flipped to page 9, read the words she had written on it earlier that day. first one : refreshing spirit. i thought, okay that's me (that's me, right), but quite generic still. 
second one, third one. fourth one i was literally agape. tears were falling, i knew they were there but i was not really paying attention to them. every single thing that i had asked God about the past two nights :
where i should go to in the ministry
my future
as well things that had been said over me before, and things that i'd thought about myself in my head and never said. what happened next can be best described as a choke-cry-laugh-shocked sound. then she said, i will leave you to the Lord, and she prayed for me and left. 
i sat there, amazed. just completely amazed. thank you, Lord. incredible! amazing! i knew i was weird-crying. it was a while later when i stopped crying when i realised i was laughing as well, and i was a little happy that I’d not been left out from the rest, but the presence of the Lord was so strong, He removed all distractions. i sat there for what felt like half an hour, just laughing and crying and feeling a renewed and serene peace. peace really cannot describe it, it was shalom. 
gloria came over and said some nice and comforting things (thanks), and then after a while i stood up and went to the middle of the sanctuary, where things were very messy. saw alvin and caleb and gave them a man-hug and i starting laughing and crying all over again, and alvin was praying about the gifts the lady told me the Lord had given to me. it is hard to explain like this how wonderful it was. its like a single-coloured thousand-piece jigsaw that falls into place in an instant - the knowledge and emotion of the love of the Father and His paths and will and plans, all expressed in a single thought. amazing. unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain. 
i asked the Lord to change me from within, to let me live not by restraining my desires. alvin prayed for me again, making a motion like washing on my back. i did not know what he was doing but the Lord told me that He was washing my inner man. 

things i remember from that night:
the presence of the Lord, like nothing before
twice the Lord told me that i do not need a phd. like, "you do not need a phd", kind of telling me.
Being reminded also that the poor are not the lowest in; they are blessed. (poverty and inequality had been a big thing for me this year)
believing the things i only know; my status in the kingdom, forgiveness, holiness, joy
revelations and words
repeated reminders of my blessings and my work (God said i can choose where i want to go)

other things i remember: 
worship on the first night : when i saw the AG girls the Lord said, he who has been forgiven much, loves much. they are not just children who need special care. their love for the Lord is special. 
amazing contacts by sheradine and caleb during the treasure hunt.
alvin, neo and i praying during the last night. 
the Lord overcoming my fear of approaching random people
every single worship session during the camp (every single last one)
praying with neo on friday night
hebrews 11

today : one day on. i feel like life begins anew. now the race begins, and we run to finish. All glory to God. 

Testimony from Darius

Background of my heart (pre-camp)
To be honest, I been stubborn in having my own way for the past year, I struggle with my studies, feeling inadequate to write my essays and function in group projects. After my finishing my studies in April I just been feeling at a loss at what I want to do with my life. Life has no sense of purpose and the feeling of inadequacy and insecurity has continued to increase to higher levels that I feel powerless to do anything about it.

Hiding behind my computer and drown myself with entertainment to feel the void in my life. I’m being struggling at home also, my family has a lot of angst (Dad has his hectic business (18/7) stressed. My mum recently been increasing her frequency of nagging/whining/complaining & drowns herself with TV shows). My brother and I being the middle suffer the blunt of both sides, we both feel unloved in a way, feels like orphans in our hearts. I end up not listening to my parents, developing the sense of rebellious in my heart. Home is not a place of rest (physically, spiritually), it is yet another battlefield. It is hard to submit to God when you face yet to another authoritative figure (God), another set of “rules/regulations”. I ready find it hard to submit to my parents yet alone God.

In my confused heart I wanted him as much as I wanted him to leave me alone; I don’t need your help unless I have to.

Despite what I was doing to God daily, he continues pursue me, always reaching my heart during worship in church and MRT/Bus, I know this because I had been crying in my heart for the past months. Deep down, there is a longing to be with God in my Life to save me from my troubles and frustrations.

God Experiences
I think the past 4 days of camp has been a tremendous journey for me. God is relentless pursing me in this camp, reaching out to touch my cold, rebellious heart.  He is trying to show his sovereignty in my life that he has his best plans for me.

Every worship session, I been weeping non-stop during worship, for the brokenness in my heart and he wants to heal the broken cliff in my heart and bridge the gap between him and me again. I never felt so much peace in my heart since last year. God’s presence was so thick that you cannot not worship without crying and raise your hands in worship, singing praises to him.

Although I have not listen to the sessions attentively, I been just been resting well in his presence. Despite the tiredness, I didn’t complain much as I would in the past (I always do that, Joyce/besties Keith & Clare can testify to that). The change in my heart was not to complain/whine about being tired all the time but to do what I could, pressing on to the end.

The last night encounter with God was quite scary experience for me, people laughing crazily. I told God please don’t make me laugh as I was continuing to worship. I worship to the point that I was so exhausted and lie down to rest. The next thing that happened to me was that I couldn’t move after lying down. I was “slain” by God. At first I was thinking, “omg, I want to get up, please please please god.” I didn’t know how long was I lying down but at that moment I knew in my heart was that God was teaching me that he is in control of my life and there nothing to worry about. Slowly I was able to get up as the time passes as I being to pray for people. God has never been so tangible in my life before as being 4 years of being a Christian. This is actually the first time I felt his power overwhelming me. After I got up, something overcame me, I begin to worship sing praises to God freely and praying for people through prompting, ranging from Church to our leaders, bags, YaYA. From the river of piss and vinegar of the past, I have been the river of living water Praying and sing at the same time! Awesome, because in the past I had been struggling with praying, words doesn’t flow. YAY God PTL!

Something that I haven’t felt for a long time, there was tremendous calmness in my life, I felt unfazed by my struggles in life and nothing became impossible in my life as God was really with me now. God has implanted this in my heart, if you can’t listen to man, at least listen to me for I’m good and I have plans to prosper you. This camp is about obedient for me and listening to voice of God. The Acceptance of his anointing in my heart to worship and pray freely, he wants to be your friend and father that none can compare on earth, a love & comfort that no human can give. I’m changed in my heart and my attitude to life, I cannot deny when if I make mistakes, he is always there beside and no fear will grip me every again. The spirit is stronger than the flesh.

I will not stop praying for my family now as I gave up in the past, I must reflect god’s character in my life and treat them with patience and love and not angry and restlessness.

Testimony from Alex 

this is my testimony : at the camp I knew it was going to be fun as I was a camp comm and I knew most of the game, but what I didn't expect is that I would feel gods love soo strongly.

The first night was normal nothing supernatural but on the second night while waiting for my turn to be prayed for by Joan I suddenly felt guilty and I don't deserve to be here and I confess all my wrong doing (trust me I have done alot of bad things) when it was my turn Joan said some super amazing words she said that I would work in big ministries and my holy sprit is not a small little boy but a fully grown one and I was soo amaze by her words I kept crying and crying and my good pal joshua Ler keep on patting my back and say are u ok and I would just nod my head and I didn't believe what Joan said was my destiny but u felt god say it is real so I believe it and I went to the toilet to wash my face

On the Encounter night I didn't really encounter god like the previous night, I saw some of the guest speaker laughing at the back for no reason the I was woo ok is this the holy laughter that Joan was talking about earlier today (just to tell u I do pay attention in class) I felt left out cause I didn't know  what was going on when they came to the middle and many of The AG girls were laughing then I a man came and prayed for me but I still didn't laugh do I pretented to do so after a while I went to find Joan to pray for me she said that it is not the holy spirit didn't touch me is that I can't recognize it so she prayed for me then after she prayed I felt very warm she said many people feel the holy spirit in different ways she said feeling warm was one of it ( to Yayas out there who felt left out maybe god spoke to u in a different so don't be discourage but have faith in god) and an Aunty prophecies for me and I want to thank Kelly and angsana bonsana  chiara for saying like wa so real and really u ley.

And after the camp I continue to live with god and have faith in him now I sing holy song at random time just feeling like thanking him(god)

Testimony from Damaris

Throughout the entire camp, I've learnt many unexpected yet amazing things happen to see how God works in each individual, in a very special & unique way. I began to know more abt myself better through ppl prophecise over me:) which i feel glad abt it. I just never expect the unexpected to happen. God is also speaking to me through worships songs of how great, how awesome is he that he never fails to pick me up when i fall and lifting me up again despite from all my failures and sins. I really love worship because not only just singing praises to our most high king but to be still and know that his God, savouring his presence above everything else. Worship is one way i enjoy the most :).

Testimony from Jethro
i learnt that God is real and how God manifest himself among people and help how to control my anger, find good fellowship with friends and stronger relationship with God i also find my spiritual gift from God, i also learnt God is love.

Testimony from Elaine

Hello everybody!
I'm back from YaYA camp and i'm guessing that this would be a really, really long post because there's just so much to speak of God's love! :)
It was a totally fabulous experience and i really found many things that i've lost during the camp.
For example, feeling God's love! ♥ ♥ ♥
He really spoke to me A LOT during this camp, be it through visions or other people (like our guest speaker : Joanne and Evangelle).. I'm really glad that there are people like them who are going around, speaking of God's love for us and spreading the Word! Thank God for them :)
During the camp, I had A LOT of visions.
The most visions i've ever had, within the short span of five days.
If you're wondering what visions are, visions are like images (be it in the form of words or pictures) that God speaks through to you.
God really, really spoke to me through every way possible and i'm really very touched.
I've never been so touched in my entire life, but this camp, God really touched me.
He took away all my insecurities and really just showed me how much i mean to Him and how much He loves me!
He also answered to all of my burning question and took away all my fear and disappointment and that was super amazing!
For example,
On the first day, we were asked to write down why we came to this camp in our booklets and I wrote "Because I feel lost and i haven't been spending enough time with God".
And amazingly, for our 1st session, the speakers spoke about 'The Parable of the Lost Son'.
Through the speakers, God spoke to me and you can not imagine how shocked/surprised and elated was i when i attended the session.
He also emphasized this bible verse in my head : "because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found."
God wanted to tell me that I was once dead and is alive again, was lost but is found... And i was just so overwhelmed when i heard that sentence.
It was amazing, how God touched me.
Also, because i felt that i haven't been spending enough time with God, i felt like i was 'unholy' and again, God spoke to me through the session.
He spoke to me through this verse, "Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to Spirit".
This verse means that we are what Jesus is, we were born to be like Him.
And the speaker said that "As Jesus is, so are we." He is holy, and therefore we are holy as well. There is no such thing as being 'unholy'!
I was so, so elated and moved after hearing this session and through this session, he answered all of my doubts and insecurities :)
Also, I went to this camp with a lot of things troubling my mind but throughout this camp, i always felt God's peace with me and it was difficult to even try and make myself feel sad although there were a few times when I felt troubled again but God always made me feel better :)
Also, during soaking (soaking is like, soaking in God's presence) God gave me a vision of a forest with a smooth-flowing lake flowing through the middle of it and what it appeared to me only spoke of one word : Tranquility.
God really knows how i feel and think and He is just using so many ways to reassure me so i really received a lot from Him during this camp :)
I was also prophesied for, a lot, during this camp by different people and all of them were of how God saw me as.
And they were all very true because all of them saw images/words that spoke of similar meanings and I was so, so, so glad :)
Prophecy, using the dictionary, means 'a divine truth revealing God's will'.
When you prophecy over someone, you are asking for God's perspective of the person :)
Some examples of what people saw me as, through God's point of view :
Damariss (my church mate) saw a beautiful white unicorn with wings (which was me) and it was about to soar off into the sky... That was how God saw me as, a beautiful unicorn, flying towards Him :)
That really warmed my heart...
Jasmine (another church mate), saw words.
She said that she saw many, many words.. like, 'Intelligent'.. God saw me as an intelligent child :)
But the word that she saw that stood out the most was 'Strong'.. And i think that's really true.
This made me realise even more that what God is putting me through is all for a reason and because I am strong with Him, He knows i can pull through all these setbacks.. And that really gave me more strength :) ♥
Joanne, the guest speaker, prayed for me on the second last night, which was the night where I felt the most emotions.
I really felt God's presence that night, in me and all around me, with all the lights turned off in the sanctuary and everyone was just kneeling before the altar, worshiping, singing and asking for God's presence.
So i really just broke down and cried a lot, because i was so, so touched and amazed.
And that night was the night where i truly felt loved and because of that, i was really moved.
I have never ever felt so touched in my entire life, because God's love is really that amazing.
Looking at everyone around me, all having the same purpose that was to worship God, really warmed my heart. ♥
And when Joanne came over to pray for me, she spoke to my spirit.
And what she told me really just.. made me tremble and i cried an awful lot.
Well, almost everyone was crying.
She said that she saw my spirit and it was really, really beautiful.
She said that my spirit carried itself different from others and God and myself knew it.
She saw it in a beautiful gown and a tiara, and she looked just like a princess, which was God's perspective of me.
As she spoke to my spirit, we was smiling and giggling and could you imagine someone smiling so sincerely at you, telling you that you are beautiful?
It was so overwhelming and with each sentence, i cried more.
She said that God wants to share many secrets with me that He wouldn't share with others because He trusted me.
And i was like... I can't find any words to express my emotions. God trusts me so much, and i really felt... You know...
And she said she visions me in concerts and on the television, speaking of God's love and Word and how i'm going to impact others in my life.
I was just... Wow.
Yeah i cried my heart out that day.
However, for others, the last night (Encounter night) was the night that made the most difference.
And that was just, last night :)
Last night, God's presence really just filled the entire sanctuary.
So, so, so many people were just manifesting in God's presence.
Manifesting can happen in many ways and last night, many people experienced Holy Laughter.
Its where the Holy Spirit within you just causes you to laugh non-stop, and without reason :)
And it was really a sight to see, hehehe.
Some other people just had random motions which looked like muscle spasms LOL!
But it really can't be stopped, because it was the Holy Spirit's doing :)
And everyone was just laughing and having fun, soaking in God's presence.
A few people were slained too.
Being slained is when you fall unconscious without reason because the Holy Spirit is in you.
Sometimes when people are being slained, they have dreams and visions where God speaks to them.
Some people were also just jerking (one of the motions which looks like muscle spasm).
I didn't really encounter such dramatic manifestations but I just had a vision, which flashed in my head like, 5 times.
God was asking me to look only at Him and once again, I was amazed.
Because last night i had to many things on my mind and i was disappointed as well that i didn't receive any dramatic manifestations so i guess i wasn't really focused on just worshiping...
But anyway, i was really really glad to see many of the girls from AG Home just laying down all their burdens and chains to God and really worshipping God :)
Some of the girls experienced the manifestations as well!
Many of them cried as well because its the first time they've felt so loved by God ^-^
Oh and i got a prophecy from another invited guest during the Encounter night as well.
It was a list of things and some of the things were repeated of what people like Damariss, Jasmine and Joanne prophesied for me!
This is what is written on the paper and what she explained to me:
- Intelligent, wisdom of God
- Revelation from God
- Stable and mature (Her prophecy states that i am mature for my age and i think its quite true LOL. Remember, its my first time actually meeting her... God is amazing.)
- Patient to listen
- Healing anointing (Which means my anointing is in Healing. She said that it may be because when i listen to others' problems, that brings about healing in them as well.)
- Wealth (She said that it may be spiritual wealth or physical wealth! I hope its both though...)
- God will give me gold nuggets (Its not literal, more of spiritual)
- Steadfast and stands firm in God's words.
- Creative
- Mind -> Harvest, practical
- Calm in situations
- Turn water into wine
- Ministries anointing : Evangelism, Teaching, Intercession
And because my gifts are quite similar with Fabian's the lady said we can work together LOL.
Then Elias was going crazy and saying that it was super accurate because he can work with Joel (which he says that they are good friends) and i can work with Fabian because we're good friends(?) LOL.
All in all, this camp was really a wonderful experience and i really just saw God's work in all the people who went for this camp :)
Praise the Lord!

Testimony from Kelly
After YaYA Camp, I was inspire to write my testimony. And I wanna share this fruit of labour to you guys, my brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you so much for the amazing time at YaYA! Much love, Kelly.

New Creation

Like the Bible says, when you accept Christ, you will be a new creation.
That is what exactly happened to me.
God moulded and shaped me all over again, I am a NEW CREATION!

Kelly Before - Shame

I used to be really ashamed of myself.
Ashamed of my past, my family background.
I tried really hard, pretending to be perfect.
I pretended to have a happy, perfect and loving family.
I pretended to have perfect, loving parents.
And guess what? It works, no one knew the ugly truth.
No one knew that it was all lies, I do not have loving parents neither do I have a perfect family .
Everything I had was broken.
I hated the fact, so I pretended.
But am I truly happy? I'm not.

Kelly Christ

But when I knew God, he told me 'Its okay to be imperfect, Kel'.
He told me that it doesn't matter if I don't have the loving, perfect family I always wanted.
He loves me, and that is enough.
Now I'm proud of myself.
I'm not afraid to admit that I come from a broken and abusive family.
Because I know, God can use me, as a testimony, a broken and unwanted child transformed, found love, in His hands.

Kelly Before - Fear and Identity

Coming from a family that made me feel so unwanted, like an outcast, a burden.
I always had this hole in my heart, and whenever I go I tried really hard to please people.
I wanted to feel accepted, somewhere.
In school, I tried really hard to attained perfect grades, to gain my teachers approval.
I tried really hard to mingle around with the popular crowd, to fit into the 'cool' people.
And I realised, in the process of fitting in. I lost the real me.
Because I always have been different.
And I hated my differences because I couldn't fit in.
I suppressed the real me for long long time.
But once again, I did it. I became 'The girl with good grades', 'The teacher's pet', 'Miss Popular and Perfect'.
Was I truly happy? I wasn't.
On the outside, I seem to be this girl with the perfect everything, confidence and proud.
On the inside, it was just the opposite.
I was super self-conscious, I mentally slap myself for the slightest and stupidest mistake like not walking in a certain way, or talking in a certain way, or not dressing well.
I was plagued with fear of rejections, fear of failures,fear of inadequacy.
I hated myself for being not pretty enough, not tall enough, not cool enough.
Nothing was enough.
I was insecure.

Kelly Christ

When God came into my life, He made me embrace my differences.
He showed me how unique I was, He told me that He made me this way and He is proud of me.
He told me that I didn't have to pretend to be somebody else, He loves me for who I am.
He accepts me, broken or whole.
I no longer have to do things that would please people, that would gain peoples' approval.
God is please with me, and that is enough.
I learnt to love myself.
He sees potential in my inabilities, through my weakness, His strength could be seen.
Now I found peace and security in Him.

Romans 8:1
" Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus".
Isaiah 41:10
" So do not fear, for I am with you ; Do not be dismayed, for I am your God, I will strengthen you and help you ; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

Kelly Before - Walls

Because of all the hurts and rejections in my life, I build up alot of defense machanism.
I build walls to protect myself.
I was critical, arrogant, stuck-up. I wanted to show everyone that I am better than them.
I refuse to accept people who doesn't meet my expectations of being perfect.
I never tolerate nonsense from others, and expect people to tolerate mine.
I hide behind this tough and difficult facade, so that nobody can see how vulnerable I really am.
So that no one can hurt me.

Kelly Christ

When I found God, he slowly break these walls that are build over the years.
One by one he broke it down, allowing the real me, the part of me that is hidden to resurface.
He taught me how to be tolerant, how to be patience, how to be kind, how to forgive, how to be humble.
He told me that as much as these walls help to keep people out, it also keeps me in.
He healed me bit by bit, Jehovah Rapha.
He gave me a baptism name, Raphaelle, and it means 'God heals' and 'Healed By God'.
And I know thats His promise to me, to be healed completely.

Psalm 34:18
" When you are brokenhearted, I am close to you."
Revelation 21:3-4
"One day I will wipe away every tear from your eyes. And I'll take away all the pain you have suffered on this earth."

Kelly Before - Unloved
I used to feel like dying.
I used to think that I was a mistake.
No one love me, I was a parasite that everyone hates.
I wanted to die.
I always wish that I'll never wake up next morning again.
So that I can escape from all the pain.

Kelly Christ

God invited me to His family, His family In Christ.
I gained a bunch of lovely Brothers and Sisters.
I had so many spiritual Fathers and Mothers showering love on me.
I'm not unwanted.
I felt so much love that no words could express how grateful I am to God, my Heavenly Father.
He told me that I'm not a mistake, He created me.

Ephesians 1-11:12
" I chose you when I planned creation."
Psalm 139:15-16
" You were not a mistake, for all your days are written in my book."

From a broken and insecure little girl, I've growed so much in His love.
I learnt so much, received so much blessings.
And I want to be able to share with others.
I wrote this as a testimony, not to show how blessed I am, how fortunate I am or how much I have changed.
But to tell the world,
How great is our God
How much he loves us.

And to everyone out there that is like me in the past, God, our heavenly father is waiting for you to accept Him.
He loves you too, and he is waiting for you, always there waiting.

In his Love and mine,

Thursday, June 9, 2011

YaYA Camp - Kingdom Culture 15th - 19th June 2011

The YaYA Kingdom Culture camp will be held in church from 15th to 19th June.
Some information to note:

Please meet at the Church Social Hall at 7pm sharp on the 15th June (Wednesday)

The camp will end at 9am on 19th June (Sunday). We will be able to attend the 9am main service together.

PACKING LIST (Things to bring) :D

1. 5 sets of clothes + underwear (one dark coloured set)

2. Sleeping attire (unless you intend to wear the same sweaty set the whole day)

3. Sweater (if you're scared of the cold and to serve as a blanket at night)

4. Towel

5. Toiletries 
(toothbrush, tooth paste, soap, shampoo, contact lens solution, 
sunblock -if you're terribly scared of the sun rays, moisturizing cream - to look pretty)

6. Slippers (for showering)

7. Shoes and socks (for games, if you don't enjoy running around with flip-flops)

8. Sleeping bag (if don’t have please let any camp committee members know)

9. Bible, notebook, pen (so you can read, reflect and write!)

10. Ez link card with at least $10. (yes, to travel and not to buy a macdonalds meal with it)

+ Don’t bring expensive items

+ We will be sleeping on the floor in the basement and 2nd floor

+ Team leaders bring camera (with video function and with enough memory card space please (so try not to take too many self-portrait shots)