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Friday, August 21, 2009


hey there wonderful & powerful citizens of God's kingdom, Hear ye Hear ye! We are looking for new songs to add into our already awesome song books! Use the chat box to give your suggestions! look forward to hear from you soon.

the Intern.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

YABF on 23082009 at ABF Room (:

Born as a Jew in Russia, and migrated to Israel at the age of 15, Elia will be sharing his testimony with you this Sunday. So don't miss it!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rest is Such a Huge Thing

I have compulsory REST over the last two days, mostly lying down listening to the sermons of Bill Johnson and Heidi Baker. Also watched a HK drama series, read the Bible and soaking worship.

Hebrews 4 refers to the rest in Christ. Heb. 4:3 “Now we who have believed enter that rest,...”

Rest is a Huge Thing – it is about knowing that you are not in charge.

There’s no striving in rest, and faith comes out of rest. It’s the place of peace that faith grows out of. When anxiousness comes, when peace seems to dissolve, returning to the place of rest is where you’re going to find your expression of faith. Out there striving, fighting devils, fighting thoughts and fighting this and that, is not where faith is found. Faith is found in the place of rest. So, you go back to wherever you lost your peace and work from there to recover true biblical expression of faith.

You’ve got to capture your moments, because when you lose your moments to fear and anxiety, we never get those moments back. But God is so glorified when we work to maintain that peace, that place of rest and just express trust and faith in Him. It’s the highest of honors.

We can experience this rest now, as we ascend to God in worship (Heb. 4:4-11). Prayer in worship leads us to the eternal rest of the Kingdom. The reality is that heaven and earth are joined in worship.

Get soaked in God (24/7 Prayer - pray without ceasing.) One of the first hearing things I’ve ever had in my life was when I was praying and asking for what He is going to tell me. As I was kneeling there, I had my hands raised and started worshipping the Lord – the lyrics just came to my mouth, “….” I learned that you get a whole lot more done by worshiping Jesus than you do by striving and trying to figure everything out.

As His presence becomes manifest upon a worshiping people even unbelievers are brought into an encounter with God. We experience this when we worship God during the deliverance and healing ministry time in Thailand. How did it happen? Heaven touched earth, I tell you what, depressed demons don’t like hanging around happy Christians. You repel them! In Psalms 2:11, we’re told to “rejoice with trembling.” So this is the prescription. Rejoice, with trembling if need be.

Uncle Henry

10 Aug 09

Saturday, August 1, 2009

YA Internship

Congratulations to Eunice and Mark for respectively completing 2 months and 3 months internship programme in the church. They have been a great blessing and joy in the office. I offer my heartfelt thanks for the good works they have put in during their period of working in Covenant. All the pastoral and admin staff will really miss their contagious fun and bubbly laughter in the office.

Uncle Henry

Possible future full-time workers?