Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day Four – Eat Pray Love

We woke up bright and early to a sumptuous breakfast consisting of tuna, sausages and toasted bread with melted cheese. (Yum! – Clarence) This gave us a lovely kick-start to our busy day of visitations. First stop! We paid a visit to the church in Inburi, and were pleasantly greeted with the sight of a new sanctuary that is almost completed. A spacious expanse greeted us as we entered the new facility on the second floor of the church, together with a stage (that is HUGE) :O At this stop, we took the opportunity to pray for the church workers in this church with regard to their family and physical health. The session ended on a high note with a satisfying session of massages that left the church workers exclaiming “Chorb! Chorb!”  ( “Like! Like!” in Thai)

Next stop! We travelled to a church member’s house in the Thong En district. Upon arrival, we met up with Fay, together with her mother and daughter (Pinky). We learnt that Fay had unfortunately been diagnosed with a tumour in her head and fervently committed her to Christ in prayer as a team. This encounter with God touched her emotionally and she and her family were evidently encouraged and touched by God’s work in them. We also got the chance to pray for Nuan - a lady with a growth on her forearm, which was visibly enlarged, preventing her from carrying out her daily chores with ease. Although the lump did not disappear completely following prayer, she testified to a decrease in pain and some of us observed that the swelling in her arm actually went down. God’s work is indeed mighty in Thailand!
We had the fortunate opportunity to visit Fay’s father-in-law at his workplace – the river where he fishes. Astonishment came upon us as we witnessed the fishing contraption at work – an equipment purchased through the help of the Covenant Seed Fund, that enables Fay’s family to stay afloat financially.

LUNCH! We dropped by a roadside stall that offered delicious fried rice, Phad Thai and a dish comprising different meats topped with basil. Yum yum! Enough said.

We blitzed home to get our paraphernalia for the Evangelistic children’s concert that was set to take place in the evening in Saweng Ha Village. With the help of fervent prayer and God’s intervention, the Gospel was received with great enthusiasm through the skit as well as engaging games that got the children hyped up and excited throughout the evening. Following the skit, Esther gave a testimony and a gospel clincher that was met with positive responses as many team members witnessed the children praying to receive Christ and even tearing as the Holy Spirit moved within them. All thanks be to God for this outcome!

Dinner was nothing less than satisfying, with chicken rice lovingly prepared by Pi Na (Great reminder of Singaporean cuisine) that had us (e.g. Clarence/Jerone/Alex) returning for second rounds. :O :O

We ended the delightful evening with a round of prayer and praise amongst the TMT team and the church workers. It was a good time of bonding as some of us got to know the church workers better while sharing in their troubles and joys.

Signing off & love you all in Singapore!
Esther and Clarence ;)


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