Monday, December 19, 2011

Day ONE - L4D: Light 4 Darkness

5.00 AM. Singapore. Changi Airport Budget Terminal. A strange group of half-awake zombie-like creatures were spotted chomping down on pancakes, hash browns and other forms of starchy things at MacDonald’s. They seemed to keep a distance from meat-like objects, for reasons such as “preparing for battle”, or “the love of Thailand”. After much gobbling, this strange gang was surrounded by much prayers and love from close allies before swiftly departing. They boarded an Identified Flying Object known to some as “The Tiger”.
9.00 AM. Bangkok, Thailand. Suvarnabhumi Airport. The peculiar group was spotted leaving “The Tiger”, slightly less zombie-like than before. Lugging ten giant suspicious looking objects, they decided to change their mode of transportation. Whispers like “when there’s a wheel, there’s a way” were heard from among them, and very soon, they were on the move again. Zombie A (aka Joshua Tan) was heard complaining to Zombie B (aka Guijia) that his fuel cells need refueling, to which Zombie B answered passionately in the affirmative. Zombie C (aka Keith Wong) expressed that he desperately needed to have some meat as soon possible, to replenish his severely depleted meat cells. Hence, the group made a brief stop at a familiar “Meating place” with an enormous yellow M, where they carried out Operation Break Fast.
1.30 PM. Singburi, Thailand. “THE BASE” (aka Ps Eng Kiat’s house). The zombies arrived at a warm homely place, which was to be their home for the next 9 days. They were given a few hours to recharge themselves, during which some of them decided create intricate sculptures from balloon-like objects, while others lazed around in their quiet corners. A short briefing was given on the operations that awaited them in the coming days.
5.00 PM. “THE ARMSKOTE” (aka Tesco Lotus). The zombies were seen alighting from a unique, open air vehicle known to most as “The Songtiao”. The mission objectives now were simple: Gobbling Mee and Shopping Spree. They moved stealthily into The Armskote, where they quickly consumed a range of different flavourful delights. Whispers of “yummy pork stew rice”, “tantalizing beef noodles” and “crispy mussel omelette” were heard from among them. Operation Second Helping had to be implemented for some of them. They then proceeded to complete Shopping Spree. Their weapon of choice: Barrage of Shiny Trolleys. They split up into their assigned divisions and swiftly embarked on Operation Grab and Go.  And grab grab grab they did, till Barrage of Shiny Trolleys was quickly exhausted, filled with mountains of gifts, sweets and daily necessities, both for their own use and for giving away. It was an exceedingly successful operation and all the mission objectives were accomplished well.
10.00 PM. “THE BASE” (aka Ps Eng Kiat’s house). The zombies returned back to base to pack their plunder into 300 gift packs. Production was very swift and was completed within an hour. At this point, Big Chief (aka Ps Henry) felt that the zombies had been zombies long enough and something had to be done. Hence commenced a short time of worship and devotion on the theme of Isa 45:2-3 “”I will go before you and level the exalted places, I will break in pieces the doors of bronze and cut through the bars of iron, I will give you the treasures of darkness and the hoards in secret places, that you may know that it is I, the Lord, the God of Israel, who called you by your name.”” (ESV) Big Chief then laid hands on the 2 Zombie Horde Leaders (aka Charissa and Keith), anointing them with olive oil and praying for them. Immediately, they were transformed from Zombies into Christ-like Warrior Chiefs. The 2 Warrior Chiefs then passed on the impartation in the same way to the other Zombies, anointing them with olive oil, laying hands and praying for them. One by one, the Zombies received a touch from The Highest Chief of All (aka God) and were transformed into Mighty Warriors as well. It was an awesome night, full of God’s love, and the Warriors were now prepared to march confidently into the battlefield to claim the victory that is already won!
Prayer requests:
-          Thanksgiving for all that the Lord has done today
-          Continued good health for the team, complete healing for Joshua who has slight fever
-          Great unity love in the team
-          Visitations at Tachang tomorrow
-          Children’s Club and Cell Group at Wat Yai Soi: interaction with the children, Parable of the Prodigal son will be shared by Samantha Fong, Uncle Cheng Kie will be leading a parenting workshop

Zombies turned Warriors signing off,
Jasmine and Reuel :)


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