Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DAY 2 - Awesome Beginnings

            สวัสดี คุณเป็นอย่างไร! For those of you not as well-versed in the thai language, we just said hi. Thank you to those who have been keeping us in your thoughts and prayers, we are doing ok so far. :D Thank God for continuing to watch over our team members – those who were feeling ill yesterday are definitely feeling better today!
            Today, the main activities were visiting Thachang church members at their homes, as well as the Children’s Club and cell group at Wat Yat Soi village. We visited perennial TMT favourites Pi-Miew and Pa-Noy at their homes, and were glad to find out that they have been doing relatively well since the last team visit, and took the opportunity to pray for their health, spiritual well-being and daily needs once again. The visit to Pi-Miew had a particularly large impact on the team, as many team members were deeply touched by the Holy Spirit, especially when we were praying over her physical ailments. Peilin even received a prophetic image of a lone tree surviving amidst a flood, with the faithful regularity of the sun’s rise and set bringing new mercies and healing every morning. Overall, Pi-Miew felt really blessed by our prayers, and even managed to get some much needed rest in the peaceful atmosphere of prayer and worship! When we met her later that day, we found out that her physical pains had disappeared and that she was feeling much better on the whole. (: Praise God for his healing grace!

            At Wat Yat Soi, we executed a puppet show and skit for the children’s club, and Clarence and Lydia taught the Thais the five “love languages” during the cell group. Our experiences today really taught us that even when we are feeling unprepared and inadequate, God will come through for us! We were blessed with four Thai workers who helped us voice the puppets and really created an entertaining spectacle for the children. Kudos also to Clarence and Lydia who, with the anointing of God, were able to carry out a workshop which really resonated with the Thais.

            Continuing yesterday’s trend, it seems that the team’s prophetic link with God is working well! Peilin received a verse (Isaiah 53:2) which affirmed the verse received yesterday, and many team members were blessed with visions and words of knowledge. Deborah received a vision at Pi-Miew’s place about a stream of healing rushing over Pi-Miew, which was affirmed by Pi-Miew’s testament of feeling a cold blue liquid flowing through her body. Jerone also received a powerful promise that in his lifetime, one of the ubiquitous massive Buddha statues would be replaced by a cross. We would like to thank God for his manifold blessings to the team and we hope that our senses will continue to be attuned to God’s voice!

            Finally, we would like to thank God for the wonderfully awesome food that we were able to enjoy. (: Aunty Christina’s cooking never fails to leave us with huge smiles and enlarged tummies. More pleaseeee!!

            Please continue to uphold the team in prayer as we embark on our programme at Wat Pra Prang School tomorrow. Some team members are still feeling a little under the weather, so please pray for healing and restoration of energy! 

Justin and Kelyn


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