Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hi guys

Helloooooo People! Sorry for not updating you guys yesterday, we kind of got carried away while dwelling in God’s presence last night *TEEHEE*. Okay we will get back to this later, so……SATURDAY 10 dec………
We had a good night’s sleep last night as wake up time was respectively late YAY. We had our sumptuous “clarence’s black sauce mee” for breakfast, prepared by Audrey, Clarence and Deborah! After worship and devotion lead by Qi and Pei Lin, we got ready to split into two teams for two different events in the morning. Aunty Carol, Qi, Kelyn, Shaun and Ivian got on pastor Eng Kiat’s comfy car and headed to Thanpraporn church for the English club (English tuition for the kids there) while the rest had to squeeze in the Songtiao and leave half an hour earlier for Inburi church (less chilling time TOO BAD).
The Thampraporn team had to pick up Mr. Chong, who helps as a tutor at the English Club, at his house. He’s the only other Singaporean we met this trip…..just saying. Oh and he somehow knows pastor Keith and uncle Weeliang btw J upon arriving at Thampraporn church, we immediately settled down to help the kids who were already doing their English homework. At first, the kids were too shy and quiet to ask for our help or even respond to us L. Fortunately, after some time, the ice broke (perhaps too much) and we were bombarded by questions and some mischief. Qi shared that it was really fun to help these kids as they were so cute and adorable AWWWW! After the tuition, most of the kids left except for six girls. We went out to get our coconut ice cream with glutinous rice AROI MAK MAK! We then had a session of games and dance lessons which the girls definitely enjoyed to the max (Y)
Concurrently, a Christmas party was held at Inburi Church. Just a bunch of kids and the usual church workers gathering to spread the story of Jesus! We were just glad to spend more time with the kids and to forge more bonds with the Thais! The highlight of the programme was definitely a game planned by the church workers; tied turnips on raffia strings. Everyone was left rolling around the floor in uncontrollable laughter (literally). Oh and not to forget uncle Jeremy’s amazing clowning and magic performance. The kids (including us) were left mesmerized by the many little tricks he had up his sleeves. The party was a great celebration of the joy of Christmas and we definitely hope that we brought as much joy to the people as they have brought to us. God also led us to an opportunity to have a time of worship along one of the youths (basking in God’s presence)!
We Are One finally reunited at Inburi church for a short rest together before setting off for Thong En church. Thong en is a young budding church, just a simple, cozy small house beside the road. This is Pastor Eng Kiat’s latest planted church and most of the members are also from Inburi church. Deborah and uncle Jeremy led the children’s ministry with games, lesson on Jonah and making toaster keychains! Aunty carol gave her SERMON on the account of the five loaves and two fishes in Matthew. She had this idea on sharing with the church how little we came with and how much more we are taking back with us. So, she got Justin, Kelyn and Ivian to share three points each on what they learnt from the Thais. Apparently Justin’s sharing was so touching that an old lady cried for him after the sermon :’) we gathered to hear what she had to say and found out she is very weak physically, with very poor eyesight and weak legs. Of course we prayed for her and she claimed that she felt stronger in her legs but a little dizzy :O we said goodbye as we watched her rode off on her motorbike LOL? GREAT THANKSGIVING AT THONG EN! Firstly, the fisherman whom, we prayed for the other day said that he caught a very big fish, a rare catch which he could sell for 200 baht J Next, the lady with the swollen hand showed us that the swell has subsided and told us it was firmer J

NOTE: its getting late so I’m gonna rush through the last part SORRY! PHOTOS ANOTHER DAY OKAY?
We had dinner at this food court which had the nicest toilets (in Thailand). Uncle Jeremy wanted to wash his face again and again just to have a look at the toilet again. On the other hand, the girls were spamming photos in their toilet WHAT!?
We reached home and were welcomed by God’s wonderful creation >>> ECLIPSE + FIREFLIES = AMAZING. Thank God for giving us the chance to see these breathtaking sights J
After our showers, we had time of extended worship which went on for more than 2 hours!!! We really dwelled and enjoyed God’s presence deeply. (THANK YOU LORD!) That’s why we didn’t have time to blog #excused J

Signing off with love,
Cheryl and Ivian


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