Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 7 Christmas is here in Thailand!


Matthew 18:4 
Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

After a WOW night of awesome, Spirit-led extended worship, we all woke up really filled to the fullest with the Lord's joy and Love and ready to start our Sunday church activities! I must add that during the 2 hours of intense worship brought all of us to our knees simply worshiping our awesome God of Love, all of us experienced such a tangible presence which really set our hearts on fire for more Love and more Power!

We had bread for our breakfast which was brought to us by... Lydia,Justin,Kelyn! Special fillings included sweet candyfloss tasting thingys, PBJ (peanut butter jam). We had it on our songtiao. It was a really refreshing start to today as we were literally freeezing when we woke up to an announcement from Kelda that the temp was 20 Degrees! Whoo! Thank God everyone is healthy and strong now just in time to brace ourselves for today's weather!

Arriving at Thanprapon Church, we were excited and hyped up to have this chance to celebrate Christmas with the locals, and saw that the youths and children actually arrived even earlier than us! Apart from the christmas deco (streamers and balloons) which we put up the day before, Air even hung up huge canvas paintings on the walls, which added that special touch. More children and elderly folks started streaming in and soon the service started with a full-house congregation, which later on spilled out to the outsides of the church (there were about 50+ locals?) Praise the Lord! The Christmas service was organised by the local church - Thank God for the chance to worship and sing carols together with the Thais, the divine opportunity to share our skit and plant the seeds of the gospel in the hearts of many (all who watched were really attentive, Yay!) After our skit was a sermon, we shared and even taught them our Jesus you're my superhero dance, which even got some 80 yr old grandmas grooving, haha! Then it was Qi's sharing which really touch the hearts of many. During the prayer led by the Thai pastor, many bowed their heads in prayer... and we will continue to pray for every seed that was sown, to be reaped in a harvest in His Time!

Then came lunch, and it was super AH-ROI-MAK-MAK[SUPER TASTY]. Rice,vegetable, fermented fish ( the smell of it was like OHHHHHHHH MY) After lunch, we went to buy coconut flavour icecream- super tasty -- it had glutinous rice in it. yummy! after lunch hour was free time so we continued to fellowship and bond with the children, even praying for people and even massaged them (massage is like our favourite physical touch love language).

Keeping Thanpraporn church + Pi Shaun in prayer :)

Late afternoon it was time for Sawingha church. The adult service was held in this really lovely sanctuary with a view of the garden. As the worship started led by Chu and 2 teen guitarists (one of them Pi Miu's daughter :), we could really feel God's presence as the Thai worshippers really sang from their hearts. Ah-jaan Henry preached the powerful message on Forgiveness and looking ahead into the future God has planned for us. He even prepared clips from Kungfu Panda 2, and the congregation really enjoyed it. The message spoke to many as some shed tears and others gave thanks for the word of God.

Children's sunday school went on at the same time and deb, u J and team even re-enacted the story of Jonah! Kudos to the impromptu budding actors and actresses. Then it was time for the plastic keychains - shaping and creating many different kinds of animals as gifts to the children, it was an instant Hit! Of course a children's session is never complete without U Jeremy's famous balloon sculptures!
Seeing the joy on the little ones faces is really most valuable, and we will continue to pray that they grow up in childlike faith in the Lord.

Having experienced the typical Sunday in Ps Engkiat and team's schedule, we really feel inspired by their constant joy, faith and passion, and commitment - praying for an abundance of blessings for each of these  wonderful Thai bros and sis in Christ.

Dinner Time -- In Clarence's words, the BEST thai dish ever!
Hotpot+bbq 2-in-one.. Pi Chrisina, Sing and other church workers actually set up 5 charcoal stoves and prepared tonnes of meat, vegetables, desserts... Their hospitality really warmed all our hearts <3 Settled into a really really really Yummy dinner, and what made this meal so ultra special was the fellowship with our Thai friends. U Jeremy spontaneously proposed a Yum Seng toast to which we Singaporeans gave our best shot!!! Haha I think in total we actually Yum Seng-ed about 15 min! 1st toast to the team for every individual's hard work, 2nd to our wonderful Thai friends and hosts, 3rd to our AWESOME GOD!
(at the end of it, Saiyan couldnt get enough and proposed his own toast to Shaun and Qi in advance for their wedding. to which the team and all really fully supported as can be heard from the volume of their Yum Sengs). The evening ended on a high!

Thanks be to God for all His blessings and presence here with us. Also to our wonderful hosts and friends, all the Thai workers and especially Ps Engkiat and Auntie Anong (who just cut a really sweet watermelon for our supper).  Many many more thanksgiving items in fact.

Prayer for: our last work day on Monday. We are scheduled to go to Pakathan village to support several  Christians living there,, and possibly to hold an evangelistic concert. The team is on fire to do as much outreach as possible and we just want to give off our BEST to the Lord. Please pray for open doors as we may do tracting and may the hearts of the villagers be open!


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