Saturday, December 24, 2011


Chilly morning, probably the coldest morning in Thailand. J
Woke up bright and early, realizing that THERE WAS NO WATER COMING OUT OF THE TAPS so no one could shower. 
 Brush your teeth and off we go to Thanpraporn church!

While everyone else went for English homework club at 10am, uncle Henry, uncle Chengkie, Zachary, Mark and Grace headed to Pa-Noi’s house instead. 
Last night after caroling we were actually praying for her knee because she fell while caroling.  Nothing happened and she went home limping. Pa noi felt bad that we were still praying for her at midnight. So uncle Chengkie suggested that we visit her today again to pray for her since we’ll have more time!
Early in the morning she visited the doctor and thank God x-ray results showed that there was no fracture/dislocation! Whoooo!:) 
We spent some time getting to know her, her family and Loong-Piak (her neighbour who is also Cream’s grandfather who attends tachang church). 
We prayed for Pa-Noi for 4 times and the first 3 times, the pain was still there. We decided to press, continue praying!!! 
  Pi-Saiyan took out a bottle of anointing oil and Mark applied it onto her knee cap. Mark felt heat while laying hands on her and she felt it too! After praying, she stretched her leg and started moving it around! We asked her to stand up and she could walk! YAY! 
Asked her to rate the pain level before and after prayer, and PRAISE GOD it dropped from an 8 to a 4! COOOOOOL STUUUUFFFFFFFFFF! :D

We didn’t get to visit her mushroom farm though, but received 2 bags of mushrooms… ENGLISH BREAKFAST HERE WE COME, thanks REUEL!!! ;););)

We moved on to pray for Long-Piak who has diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and a persistent headache that’s been troubling him for a long time… Got to know that he has been taking painkillers everyday for the past 10 years D;.  After praying once he said the pain level dropped from a 9 to 8! We continued praying and then he said it became a 4! “4 is good enough!!” says Long-Piak. HAHA. Really thank God for the 2 healings! Yay!

English Homework Club at Thanpraporn church was going on concurrently. While many of us struggled to teach the kids well with our grasp of the Thai language, it was rather amusing seeing uncle Weeseng emerge from the kitchen with woks and frying pans as demonstration to rather terrified children!

But truly it was super duper encouraging to not only spend time colouring with the kids, and even see new 5 girls from Wat Pra Phang come for the first time to the club, as testified by Shaun!! Praise the Lord and we pray that the seed of gospel will indeed be planted in their hearts.

Teehehe but Guijia was so tired he fell asleep colouring stars with a boy. O_O hahahaha!

For lunch, We had a taste of what Shaun and P-Air would have for a typical lunch at Thanpraporn church (super spicy and YUMS local fare like Keith’s fave Thai basil pork rice and beef horfun ) then went back home for worship devotion and rest.

During devotion, Mark shared about Hebrews 11 - That when we pray for people, we just have to have faith even though it’s as small as a mustard seed. God can still use you as his instruments to fulfill his plans.

Then we headed over to Thong En church!  Keith preached a message on the true meaning of Christmas - John 15:18-16:4, how we’re all part of a bigger story and how Christmas is just chapter 1!  Indeed how the end in mind is one of eternal reality. Awesome stuff, amen to that! Then Zachary shared his testimony about how he struggled with people in school and succumbed to peer pressure to acting cool in school which didn’t turn out well. One day he really submitted everything to God and stood firm by being himself and God blessed him in walking in His righteousness by granting Him favour among his friends. Both of them really did a super good job, the crowd was captivated and encouraged by what they shared!:D

While service was going on, the rest of us were having children’s club!

Aunt Marita had the kids role-play to the story of the Prodigal son, and we had taught the message of God’s eternal love for all His children with the craft of green bean shakers and shiny crowns! The kids were really adorable fastidiously penning down “God loves me!!!! <3” all over hearts on their crowns and shakers. Then we worshipped again!! ^^

Hungry, we sped over to Inburi church for dinner, which was kindly prepared by the caretaker, Pa-Kanchana! The noodles were soooo good that Jasmine tried to learn how to cook it but sadly missed out on one sauce HAHA. Wuwuwu :3  After dinner we played the cup game and broke 2 cups. OOPS! :/

But what was really epic, was the intense time of joyous worship that emerged immediately after dinner; we dragged out the church’s entire worship ensemble and jammed jumped sang till we honestly collapsed in surrender after 1.5hours.

We did a cursory necessary obligatory 7-11 trip to stock up on cheese sausages, Oishi and paos paos paos. I have put on 2 kg, according to the electronic weighing machines all over Singburi ._.

Today is Christmas eve, so we came back and did up the whole place!!!!!!!!!!!! Super nice! Hahahha and caroled at Ps Engkiat’s room at 12 midnight, THAI STYLE!!!!!!! Aunt Anong, Arunee and Supanee woke up to our warbles of ‘Silent Night’ and “We wish you a Merry Christmas’. :D Ps Engkiat didn’t wake up at all to the shouts of 19 pple… O_O We gifted them 2 huge jars of Marmite though haha!
The water was still out at midnight and we were to sleep without bathing… honestly the biggest bummer of Christmas eve and I seriously almost cried!!!

Then at 12.05am WE HAD WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT, PTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;’) ;’) ;’) ;’) ;’) ;’) ;’) ;’) ;’) ;’)

Prayer pointers:
 *After our 1.5hours of spontaneous worship, the Inburi church worship team requested for prayer for a revival and inspiration to really bring their worship to greater heights… indeed lets continue to uphold them as true worshippers in spirit and truth of the ever-living amazing God !!!

·        * For the Lord to continue to redeem, restore and renew the hearts of the thai! Amen!



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