Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sri Lanka Mission Trip

Prayer for Team
       Ps Keith, Ps Bandara, Ps Henry, Audrey, Cheryl, Deborah, Louisa, Peilin, Joyce, 
         Keith, Shi Wei (team leader)
       Health and Safety of Team 
       Lots of energy through God’s grace

       Being united in love/ bond of peace
       Outstanding teamwork (different gifts, same mission)
       Individual members

       To be confident in their identity as children of God and a royal priesthood
       To know and operate out of God’s Love(Theme: Father’s Love)

Prayer for Ministry
       Interpretation (Bandara and Sudaiman)
       T-net Training sessions
       Minister to hearts thru programs  @orphanage, School of Healing, Wesley College
       Encouragement for returnees during visitation @Matara & Colombo
       Establish warm relationships with New Covenant Life Church and the 3 churches in Kataragama
       Anointing (move mightily in power and love of the Spirit)
       Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit (heed and promptly obey God’s voice)
       Change of spiritual atmosphere through the release of God’s presence wherever we go 


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