Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sell All, Live Merry Together (SLMT 2012) Day 4

Okay today will be a short one, not that it is not eventful, but because its too eventful that now I am really tired and hence, I will make it a really brief one. Prob will try to catch up if the wifi works and when I have the time, and day 2 is finished but the wifi is ... uncooperative. So, as I always say, good things require some waiting yes? But enough on updating abt updates, and let's plunge into the day itself.
We had as mentioned in the previous day, school of healing (SOH) day 2 in the morning today, followed by the night rally. SOH was good I think, was out playing duck duck goose with the kids, but came back in time where we had impartation of love (from Ps Keith) and also healing of any newcomers who require healing. Prayed for healing and as expected from God, most people were healed, some more exciting, some not so much. Not too exciting since such healings are only to be expected from God no? Well but anyway not to focus too much on the healings, but more on how to equip the leaders to continue this in their lives, that they can just learn some you know, "guidelines" (for lack of a better word) on healing and also just be empowered to know they have this authority and power to heal.
Anyways, we heard the testimony from the lady whose husband was martyred and it is a really powerful one, but due to time constraints (it is 12 am SL time here and I am currently dying) shall not go into it. Will definitely share it with you guys one day, pls look forward to it :)
The healing rally was electrifying (their av system was somehow not grounded properly so they had minor current leakage). But actually, I think through the night rally (which lots of people were healed, and lots of "fallings" haha) the SLankans really opened their eyes to the signs and wonders (not that they haven't seen it, I just think they haven't seen it done to so many people and they themselves doing it) and the power of God's presence when He just falls onto a place. Kinda shocking always huh, the first time lol. And I think they are fired up to just do this as part of their everyday life, it's kinda exciting to just see where they would bring this movement to. Just know it will sweep through SLanka.Detailed accounts next time. THEY OWE ME THAT.
Prayer pointers for tmr:
Will be splitting up to individual churches, just pray that God's presence will just continue to be with us throughout the 3 churches. Whatever you are praying its working so haha just continue!
Rising up of the local leaders
Continued good health for the team
Thanks for the prayers guys!



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