Friday, July 27, 2012

Sell all, Live Merrily Together (SLMT 2012) Day 1

Day 1 Hey all! Sorry Abt the media blackout last few days, the journalist is enjoying the time away from the Internet. Okay here is quick update on the first and second days. We have reached sri lanka safely, it's a place that is definitely not what I imagined, pretty modern with large swathes of beauty. It's called garden of Eden for a reason! I think that is apt that we started with the trip with this idea as us as little children, carrying streamers of love and joy with us as we go ard SL. went to church, and the next day went grocery shopping cos everyone is a food monster and cos we gotta buy some gifts for the various orphanages we go to. After that, went to mahagarama orphanage where we had our first prog in the open field, with a makeshift stage demarcated with plastic chairs and eager faces ard us. We have also found a sure fire way of ice breaking with children, with a singoff competition amongst the children! The power of worship, brings so much laughter! Audrey was being dragged on the dusty floor, but I guess it was all worth it as many kids raised their hands to express interest. For Jesus says let the children come to me, and I guess they can't help but to draw close to his love.  Went to New covenant church for the youths, they are a really awesome bunch of youths, moving strongly in the Spirit. Many words of knowledge (wok) released, one abt father issues was released and a newcomer came forward. Said  he identified with everything (haha meant the skit) and dedicated his life to God.  Went to niwala, were super late! Do you know that slankans sleep at eight and wake up at five. Cannot imagine that! Perhaps has sth to do with the tendency for blackouts in sl, the children who had an item for us performed in total darkness. Our skit too was in darkness, illuminated by two torchlights. Really fun times! Anyways enough Abt blackouts, the children there are really well brought up, speak really good English and many aspire to be pastors, missionaries, doctors and lawyers. Ps Sudaiman said cos the emphasis in this orphanage is on the children, hence, they are a real talented bunch. Makes me wonder what I wanted to be then, if I'm not wrong, it was a policeman, then a oyster opener or sth to that tune. Really glad they have found security in their identity in Christ :). Okay I'm tired and really backlogged on updates so shall end here, day 2 coming soon!


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