Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sell all, Live Meatily Together (SLMT 2012) Day 2

Day 2 (this is a backdated copy!) Woke up bright and early, had an awesome breakfast lovingly prepared on the bus. Yes, I mentioned prepared on the bus. The chaos that ensued can be left up to your imagination, but whatever you imagine prob won't be far off from what happened. So many firsts on this trip haha. Thank God that we all didn't get a tummyache despite our lack of sanitary conditions :) anyway day 2 is a busy day, with lots of stories to share! Had 3 visits to various different places, 4 in total. First one was to Roshan, he's like a real cool surfer dude who owns like a surf school cum restaurant at the beach. Rebuilt it after the tsunami hit. Sang for him (imagine: sun sea and guitar music) to encourage him, and I think attracted a few of his colleagues/friends attention! Haha we really wanted to have a beach concert there, but that pending discussions with our tour manager haha. Hopefully our arrival is a step to sth greater, I think PL released a prophesy that he is a lighthouse to his friends and Auds corresponded with the image of an umbrella reflecting the sun rays in its seven colored splendor to his friends. We then went to visit Gomez, in a history filled (300 yo) church quite near like some colonial administerial district. He has a testimony that is really colorful (read also: long) and was really sleepy then so pls forgive if I don't do it due justice. He was actually a Buddhist chief, but one day  had a dream where he saw the temple being destroyed and the church built in its place. So he decided to join the winning side and told the monk he could no longer be a buddhist. Naturally being a Christian in Sri Lanka is one fraught with difficulties, society, family and communities just dont support you. Told us abt his struggles to balance societal commitments with Christian expectations.  Also had the caretaker told us abt her story in the tsunami, super drama and cool! If you want to know, go to Sri Lanka yourself.  Joyce had a WOK for back pain. Couldn't quite figure out who had it, until a woman came in suddenly. Prayed and she had no more pain, even broke out into song praising God. Realized that the Slankans really enjoy praising God, haha we should really learn from them!  We also visited the hospital to visit a nurse returnee and also, Ps Sunil's (a pastor in a church near Kataragama) church. Ps Sunil was one of the four young men who came out to start churches after the senior pastor in Kataragama died. Will tell you abt the story of the wife who is an awesome woman one day, am really tired right now. Anyway ps Sunil is a really welcoming chap, and Ps Keith had a cricket exchange with the kids. And the church is being built with funds from farmers, so just can imagine the seasonal nature of the funds. We then went to the Agape children's home, met the coolest, wittiest pastor (Ps Dayak, if i didnt get his  name wrong) I have ever met. And our pastors in church are really awesome already so yea you can imagine! Haha he had a really interesting story to why he opened this children's home, it all started with him being asked to bring a kid to the orphanage. But he didn't as he couldn't find one. Abt one week later a guy brought a kid to him, saying the kid drank pesticide as he was suicidal. The kid died in his arms, and only later did he realize that it was the same kid that he was supposed to help earlier. Prayed for a second chance and abt a week later the first kid of many (103 in total) came into his life. Had lots of struggles in the way, but God has provided much, such as a friend giving free milk powder when he ran out, so much so tt he had to resort cutting down on milk given to the children under his care, and tt included his own children. Also, a van (which he didn't order to come) delivered like two fridges and cupboards and towel racks one day just out of the blue, when they required supplies to build up their home. Also he has like a Road Runner Coyote like relationship with a Buddhist monk, it's really funny but God always comes through and wins the authorities over to his side. Ask any SLMT member and I'm sure they would duly relate the details to you.  The Programme we ran was good I guess, many children came for prayer. Just glad we could just play with them and show some love and attention to them, am pretty sure they are in good hands  under Ps Dayak.  Also met Ps Don at agape, a ps from US. More stories were told, shall not delve into them here. Interesting it seems like this mission trip we have really come to be ministered to, ourselves be refreshed and inspired by all these people in Sri Lanka. Good stuff mans. Join SLMT next year if you feel as if you need refreshing in your life.  Okay signing off now, Louisa.  P.S if you want the full stories, just approach me after I come back okay!


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