Friday, July 27, 2012

Sell all, Live Merrily Together (SLMT 2012) Day 3

Day 3 Hey all! Today is day one of SOH (aka school of healing)! Having it at kataragama where a church leader was martyred by Buddhist monks, yet in his place rose his wife and four other young men who carried out his calling in life.  It seems apt that we are having this SOH right in the church where his wife is the senior ps of! Shows how God is ever faithful!  Anyways moving on to the main story (as told by UH, additional info from me!) School of Healing today was awesome. Things started slow. Then Ps Keith gave word of knowledge for hip pain. One lady Esther came fwd, I prayed & she fell n God healed her. Few more people got healed, of aches and pains that have been disturbing them.  Here louie comes in with little addendum. There was a woman with a wrist pain, who was wearing a cast because her shoulder was in pain too. After praying, she move her arm fully!  Another woman with pain in her toes came forward after a WOK was called, her toes were cracked. After praying she said she felt a heat in her legs, and after a few rounds her pain was gone! K back to UH's account.  Neo then taught on Word of knowledge, he asked participants to practice. Esther came out, and she gave a WOK for stomach problem. (Louie: admire her lots, will never ever be the first to  go out) A lady came fwd, we asked Esther to pray 4 her. The lady fell n got healed! Talk abt chain rxn huh.  I spoke in afternoon on 5-step prayer model, follow by impartation of gift of healing. Everyone came up; the SLMT members prayed for them. Very charged up. The SOH participants will be our ministry team at tomorrow night rally. It is our prayer tt the Sri lankans would be able to rise up and really step into their identities as healers, prophets and basically the anointing given as children of God. And tmr is gonna be the real deal, the slankans are going to minister beside us as we do the rally.   So prayer pointers: That the slankans would step into their identities as children of God, for courage and the understanding of this truth Presence of God just go forth before us the healing rally, that all lots of miracles would be seen and lots of people would be ministered to, and people ministering would be ministered to as well Covering over the trippers, good health (some are sickish) and blood of Jesus just be with us. Tmr would be an awesome day, we would be carriers of God's presence everywhere we go, people can't help but be drawn to the majesty of his glory.  Lots of love (LOL), Louisa Ps. Day 2 coming to theatres near you soon...


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