Thursday, December 2, 2010

YaYA Thailand Mission Trip (6-13 Dec)

21 youths and young adults had signed up for the Dec TMT 2010. They are :
Koh En Yong, Louisa Neo, Joyce Goh, Kelda Wong, Darius Tay, Elias Goh, Cheryl Chua,
Audrey Wong, Jasmine Tan, Damaris Lim, Keith Fong, Evangelle Tan, Clarence Ng, Sim
LiYang, Joanne Ler, Justin Lee, Andrew Wong WX, Cheng Kie, Henry & Carol & Keryn.

Flight details are as follow:
6 DEC Flight FD3502 Depart Singapore 1055am Arrive Bangkok at 1215pm
13 DEC Flight FD3505 Depart Bangkok at 0445pm Arrive Singapore 0805pm

Pray for Individual Team Members
* Pray that the Thailand Mission Trip will be an extraordinary God-experience for
every team member.
* Pray that everyone in the mission team will be used mightily by God as a channel
to release His love and healing to the people that we meet.
* Protection for the Team - From the Commando Mosquitoes, Injuries, while traveling
on the song-thaew from village to village.
* Good Rest, Good Health & Good Energy to carry out the planned programme,
visitations to churches & ministry time.
* Good bonding time even as we prepare for the trip : dance, skit, learning Thai,
praying and fasting, spending extended time with God.
* those students who are still battling the A levels to have peace and joy in the
midst of stress

Pray for a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit
* Pray that the Holy Spirit will once again move like a wind across the province,
touching and healing people through the ministry of the mission team members.
* Pray that the team will put their trust and dependence on the Holy Spirit and in
faith release healing for the sick and deliverance for those who are oppressed
* Pray that there will be a powerful Baptism of Love and Baptism of Power by the
Holy Spirit for the Team and the Thai people.
* Pray for God's presence to be so real and tangible to the entire team through the
revelation of the Holy Spirit.
* Pray that the team will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's prompting

Daily Mission Trip Update
Do look out for daily update from the Mission trippers on this blog.

We thankful to our God and thank you Covenantors for your loving support !!

Clarence Ng (Team Leader) & Henry Wong


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