Sunday, December 12, 2010

TMT - Indelible Impressions

Joanne: TMT 2010 was a really awesome trip, had lots of fun interacting and getting to know the children as well as the youths and adults. I have learnt to count my blessings and I thank God for His love and everlasting presence. Getting to experience God’s healing power was amazing, not only the people will healed but I myself was healed as I was sick during the trip. Thank God for everyone in this team, Ah Jaan Henry and Carol, and the Thai people (: This trip has instilled much joy and euphoria in me (: Love Thailand!

Audrey: I was really quite eager to embark on this trip and the trip definitely lived up to its hype! It was really a beyond amazing experience for me, feeling God’s presence with us, praying for healing, watching people getting healed, meeting old friends and of course the amazing kids. Thank God for his amazing love for us always!

Ah Bi: I am still having fun! I am happy. I thank God for healing me when I was sick. (: I met my old friends and made some new ones too. (: I like covenant and I love tmt I love YaYA.

Cheryl: Initially, I was somewhat reluctant to come for this TMT trip due to the other plans that I had. However, I will never regret spending these 8 days in Thailand!  What I experienced these few days is more than just an  experience, it was a whole new connection with God and the people in Thailand. Thank God for the amazing opportunity to come for TMT rather than my initial plans I had! I wanna come back in JULYYYYY! (:
Damaris: This trip is really a meaningful one and I’ll never regret going for TMT!! I get to play and haha with the little kids.[: Most importantly, experiencing God’s awesome healing power upon those that we prayed for. Also thank our Elders for taking care of us. Finally, Thank God for everything!! Amen:D
Kelda: I was really excited and could not wait to go for TMT this December. This trip has really boosted my confidence in praying for others, I also experienced healing which was really interesting as I felt heat and the person was healed! I also became much closer to the trippers and from not talking at all, now we talk a lot. As I talk to the Thai people, I realize I really am very fortunate to be born in Singapore, where I have a home and a school to go to with electronic gadgets to use. The team and that Thai people are like a bowl of salad, we mix together well and we match each other. Hahaha. I love our TMT team and everyone rocks! I <3 Thailand loads! I will DEFINITELY be back! (: Thank God for the awesome, jaw-dropping experience! (YAY EVANGELLE, you decided to come yeah! I heart you.)
Darius: This trip has brought back my child-likeness in me and the Lord has truly blessed me in giving me the confidence to pray for people and reveal himself through the people that the TMT team prays for. Healing, affirmation and encouragement, lives transformed by God through one thing: Prayers. The Thai people have show us that you can be help without your gadgets and computers, the simple life like our parent’s era has experienced. Their heartwarming and genuine affection just warms our cold, distant Singaporean hearts. It’s really heaven here apart from the awful mosquitoes. I can see why people go TMT and they want to go again. Their lives are changed forever.
Joyce: This trip is truly special because it feels like the team not only ministers to the Thai people, but the team itself gets ministered, through the love and unity of each other, sticking and supporting each other the best they can. Unending love and grace experienced from God, through each other, flowing to the people, has been an unforgettable experience. I’ll miss each other’s antics and the Thai kids dearly.
Carol :
This is my 2nd trip here. So I am more prepared this time J God is good and always good. There were so much good times – many that were prayed for – God showed up and we saw many visible healings. And I saw the generosity, warmth and love coming from the team.   I am super proud of you all !!! oh ya – I will miss the song tiao FM too.

Louisa: This trip really helped me step out of my comfort zone, considering I happened to be one of the older ones around. It was fun to play with all the kids and also see many people that we used to meet in previous trips around and to talk and reconnect with them. It was really great to see all the youths really stepping up and going for everything, and a lot of them really took up many responsibilities and carried them out really well! I know we have a new crop of people who will eventually rise up now J

Evangelle: This trip has shown most of my true colors to the other TMTers.    At first, I didn’t really want to come for TMT because I was quite scared but after much persuasions I decided to go. After this trip, it has helped me to be more lively in a way and more spiritually mature. I made many friends in Thailand also bonding with teammates. I can’t wait to go again.   I LOVE YOU LOUISA AND JOYCE[TMT] .   (I love you mom & dad too.)

Keith: This trip to me is really a life changing experience. On the night that Joanne was sick and everyone was dead worried, we prayed as hard as we possibly could and so did I. That night, I received a dream. It was about Joanne being bullied. Then, Darius and En Yong stepped in and pushed the bully away, however, I did not see the bully. That being said, the next day, Joanne felt better. It was really amazing as this has really never happened before. Other than that, I would like to say that at the start of everyday, when we are all dead tired and the song tiao was always half alive in the morning, the children’s faces always changes the mood totally. Nothing was more amazing than seeing the kids actually enjoy themselves and getting to know more about God. I would also like to thank my fellow Tmters’ that every single one of them made a difference.
Justin: I’ve had to wait for 5 months, but I was finally able to go for this TMT, and I must say that it has most definitely lived up to all of my expectations! Throughout the entire trip, I constantly felt God’s refreshing presence, and was able to stay closely attuned to His voice, which felt, as Ah Bi would say, ‘super-duper cool’. I also relished the opportunities to lead and mentor the younger members of the team which arose in the course of the 8 days. I probably wouldn’t have been so active if I had gone for the previous all-YA TMT, so perhaps this is God’s timing at work once again. I had such a ridiculously good time, I am putting my name down for next year’s TMT right now, thank you very much.
En Yong: The trip of 7 days is almost over! Totally not looking forward to it though. The trip has been filled with ups and downs for me BUT nonetheless enjoyable. I am very thankful towards God for providing all 21 of us the strength to last through the whole trip with enthusiasm. Through this trip, I have learnt that Singaporeans are super fortunate! Being born in a place where the economy is good and the place is clean and green. As compared to other less industrialized countries (such as Thailand), being very dirty. But of course, the food here is great and CHEAP! Throughout the whole trip, I could truly sense God’s hand over everything. No one got too sick or hurt. Although I did not have any of my close friends in this trip, but God is always good and will provide friends to encourage and share good times with me, being thankful for that. Lastly, I believe God wants me to love others just as he loved us. The urban life of Singaporeans has led to many people being very cold towards others and not show enough love towards others. So in this trip, I met many new friends and people which had many problems and somehow I was always given the chance to help them out and I did. So yeah that’s an important lesson that I have learnt and I believe everyone should learn to as well. ‘ To give more than receive ’

Andrew: Our God heals. And I think God really loves the Thai people here in Singburi, since we have witnessed so many instances where people experienced healing, here on this trip. On the very first day, I was already encouraged by Ps Eng Kiat’s sharing about conducting a Christian funeral service in Sawaeng Ha. He was relating to the team how, without him knowing, the service was broadcast through the Public Announcement speakers into the community. The moment he mentioned the speakers, God reminded me of what happened on my last TMT in July. Basically, a piece of prophetic art I had drawn for pastor had come true. I still remember clearly that it was Peilin’s idea to do a card for our hosts, Pastor Eng Kiat and Aunty Anong, using prophetic art. The idea was only finalized at night on the last day of the trip. So in the early hours of the morning, after cleaning up the house, I quickly did the artwork, without much thought, and wrote some random quote off the top of my head. Coming from a design background, and having been drilled extensively in art and I did not think much of prophetic art. Like I know that there is the concept of sanctified imagination, but the hastily sketched and colored artwork I did that night probably would not even make it onto one of my sketchbooks. However, today I stand corrected and there definitely is a place for prophetic art to edify and encourage others. And when the prophecy comes true, we have to give credit where it’s due. To God be the glory!

Jasmine: This TMT is really like a battle field, some of the TMT members got sick, hurt, and not to mention bitten by different kind of insects. But I know God was there with us through the whole trip, carrying us through really shocking times like, Ah Bi’s fever, Joanne’s breathlessness, and the sink breaking incident. Everyone is okay now, because our God heals and protects :D
Thailand is an amazing place, full of amazing people and food. God has blessed many people in Thailand and the Thai people had blessed us too in many ways!  
It was a really amazing mission field experience, and I feel that the next TMT is a must go ^^   
Cheng Kie: I come to this trip with great expectation of meeting the Thai people which I have met during 2005 prayer trip and also seeing God’s transformation work in the lives of the Singburi churches. TMT2010 members were amazing. It is exciting to see each member rising up to the occasion especially the younger ones. In John 14:12 God’s promise if we have faith in Him we will do greater things. Truly there were many healings that have taken place and many lives were blessed. Likewise we have been blessed too by them. It is heart wrenching to see some families were in debt incurred before they accepted Christ. If they unable to pay their debt they will have to go to the city and leaving the young one behind. This team has responded immediately by collecting some money for two families. Indeed it is better to give than to receive. I end every night sharing with Pastor Eng Kiat, what strike me is his word “work while it is still day before the night come”. Existing work is only a drop in the bucket there is still a tremendous harvest in Thailand.

Henry: I thank God for anointing the team of youths and young adults and making them rise up as a cohesive Army of God, filled with his love and power. They literally went from the playground of preparation to the spiritual battleground to release God’s compassion, healing and joy to the Thai people. The trip once again affirms the strong partnership between the churches in Singburi province and CPC in advancing the Gospel. The friendship forged are unforgettable. I even have a Thanpraporn church staff who calls me his dad from S’pore. The experiences on this trip indeed cement the special relationship between Eng Kiat’s team and the S’pore team.

Liyang: God has graced this (and probably all the other) mission trips to Singburi aplenty. Everyone can attest to the sheer variety and delight of the food that was spread before us every single day. I believe God has a special blessing for cooks who prepare wholesome food that nourishes our bodies to do His work.

Elias: In the past 7 days, I experience God’s love and healing power. When I prayed for auntie Anong on the first night, I find that I was really crying out to God for her. Throughout the trip, I observed that Thai people have deep affection for one another. From them, I have learnt the importance of showing others that we love them.  I enjoyed the Sunday cell group meeting where I get to share my life story, and I was touched by the life of the Thai youths.
Ok. Over and out. BUT not yet! This TMT has been trying for me personally, I really wanted to be in the children’s team I like playing with kids. :) I guess God had other plans, so I ended up just hanging around doing nothing very coherent, and a lot of miscellaneous things. So yeah, I must say I did fail my own expectations of trying to be a good leader, GOD who is ever so gracious really pulled through where I failed, and shone through where I lacked the strength, I must say this TMT has been a learning experience I will not forget. The sicknesses, injuries and mishaps were always followed up by GOD’s healing and his mega dosage of grace was definitely evident. I think I really have to thank this team that came to TMT, with anyone missing I think this trip would be incomplete. (: I guess we all feel like a family when we are here, one set of thai parents (Ps Engkiat and Auntie Anong) and one set of Singapore parents (UH and AC) and one Uncle ChengKie constantly looking out for us. i must say the joy the thai people gave us as a team was really epic. LOVE, GRACE and JOY were definitely the key notes of the trip.
I’ll be back – The Terminator. ^^
OK TMT OVER, just flight left. :(


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