Monday, December 6, 2010

Telunas 2010, here we come!

We will be leaving for Telunas on Friday, 17 December 2010. Report at 645AM at Harbourfront Ferry Terminal, 2nd Floor. Do not be late, the ferry will not wait!

Packing List

1.   4 sets of clothes and underwear
2.   Toiletries
3.   Bible
4.   Water Bottle
5.  Pen
6.  1 set of clothes to get wet in
7.   Towel (one is provided per bed, but you may wish to bring your own)
8.   Money (optional)
9.   Personal Medication
10. Slippers
11.  Passport
12. Sun Tan Lotion

As we wish for this retreat to be a time of focus on God and on getting to know each other better, please refrain from bringing personal gaming devices such as iPads, PSPs, DS Lites, etc. If you need to contact people on your handphone, you may bring it along but you will have to be responsible for it.


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