Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Telunas 2010 - LIVE WHATEVER FOR

A bountiful loads of thanksgiving (and love) from the campers :D

"I'm thankful for the reminder that faith is all it takes and not my ability to run the race, that counts" 
- Ryan


"Really grateful for organising the trip at that wonderful serene place where you can soak up the sun and sand and just chillout a whole and in God's presence, just, WOW!"

"1. This paper 2. A funny buddy 3. Being able to enjoy this trip despite being sick 4. Jetty 

5. Beach Soccer

and on (how do I run so that I will win the race?), I discovered that GOD'S word is my map, the HOLY SPIRIT is my compass and JESUS is my running buddy."
- Andrew WX

"I want to thank everybody for making the camp fun. I'm thankful for all the camp leaders and MY BROTHER and thank GOD"
- Alvin's Brother (Alex)

"I thank God for good food, good sleep, good activities & good reflection"

"I thank GOD that this camp really gave me the opportunity to interact & understand the youths better, especially the younger ones since I've been really apprehensive about my role in the youths, as I am grateful that the position of group leader was appointed to me as it helped encourage & affirm my doubts about entrance into the youth."
- "Big" Charissa (Tan)

"I am thankful for BEN CHAN, Neo, Eunice, Clarence, JESS, GOD, I am thankful for revelation during the trip, new understanding, refreshing faith and new drive."

"that I got to see God's Kingdom here and that each person's GIFT was so evident"

"I thank GOD for revealing Himself and His LOVE to me time and time again. I also want to thank God for this time of rest & relax in Him"

"1. For not getting a sunburn 2. AWESOME Team 3. Perfect Weather 4. Good bonding with CG1 & 2 5. <3 GOD

"Thankful for the new closeness forged between the youth and the YA. Thankful for SHIH YANG'S wonderful workshop"
- Daryl

"I'm thankful that God brought me to this YaYA retreat as it reminds me of the need to trust in Him and also the fact that He knows ALL that I am going through! It was definitely an awesome get-away from life in Singapore! =)"

"I am thankful for all the fun, KOREANY games"
- Josiah

"Awesome team, friends that encouraged me and most of all, the camp committee that made this camp ROCKING!"
- Wayne

"I'm thankful for this time of retreat because honestly, I was really jaded before coming for this camp. But this camp helped me realise that what I was live for is CHRIST and the JOY and purpose that comes along this realization"
- Louisa (the other NEO

" I'm thankful that Telunas is such a beautiful place and for the dearfulness of everybody here :) "
 - Esther 

"I am thankful for the REST God has given me this camp, for new friends and old friends, for the fun & activities, for the teaching and the messages"
- Andy

"I am thankful for this trip. I was feeling quite exhausted physically. But coming to this trip has allowed me to rest in God and just meditate on Him. The word He spoke to me was "Your sea has always been rough, now this is my sea before you - Calm & Peaceful, Enjoy it my child. I feel well-rested after this 4 days, recharged to be back for work. Thankful for all the people who worked hard to make this camp possible."
- <3 Daddy's Little Girl

"Thank you for everyone here who made this retreat AWESOME!" 

"I am thankful that I decided to come for Telunas. At first, I was lazy and didn't want to come. I thank God for THIS experience."
- Evangelle

"This retreat was a great way for me to take my mind off recent disappointments and to just relax and have fun. I'm thankful for the chance to clear my mind and really find out God's purposes for me. I'm also thankful for the chance to know so many new people (especially the YOUTHS!)
- Justin

"I thank God for creating such a beautiful scenery, reminding me of His awesomeness and power that He controls to make everything"

"YOYO, it was a good time to unwind & relax at Telunas again. I'm thankful for a good youth buddy with whom I could HTHT with on a deep level. She's one impressive gal.  
- X.


"I am thankful for great leaders, committee members, organisers, musicians, all those who planned for a great camp, Reuel's cooking, friendly people, encouraging, humorous, talented, Lectio Time, Beach Service (HOW DO I GET TO GO FOR ONE?), nice staff, good good, good weather, God's presence here & His creation, to hear from Him"

"I have never seen such a nice and clean beach. Truly a first time and unique feel. Perfect for inspiration and to truly hear/feel God.
- NJ

"I would like to thank God for this wonderful retreat. Something I really benefited from was the workshop by Shih Yang. It really helped me realise my dreams and aspirations.

"I thank God for the time spent to interact with people that I don't usually talk to and I thank God for a stronger bond with my CG mates, AWESOME! :)  

"I <3 Telunas and it really has been such a REFRESHING experience for me. GOD IS SO GOOD!"
- Shaun HO

"I am thankful for the safe trip here, good food and the good weather :D"

"I am thankful for a time of rest in God's presence :)"

"I'm thankful for my group (not so GG afterall!), ample rest during the entire camp, getting to know more youths (MY SISTER IS AWESOME!), the  
- Joyce Ho

"I'm thankful that I didn't back out of the trip because I really didn't want to go at first. I'm thankful for the awesome scenery and the nice & friendly people that made the camp
- Natalie

"For this camp, I am really thankful for what the LOVE of God can do in each and everyone of us when we open our hearts and just come to Him together. It has really been an AWESOME time of just resting in Him and enjoying His presence. And it is so apt that we are at the beach and Jesus just invites us to come and experience water - walking with Him.
His love never fails."
- Tammie

"I am thankful for the food, the bed, the people that make me laugh and the activities that they conducted and lastly, God who protect us"

"I'm thankful for TEAM GINSENG and the great team dynamic that we had; the positive attitude and energy even when the chips were down. Also thankful for JINGSEN was such a good sport when we made all the jokes about him - He's a good guy. I'm thankful for Neo's message on running the race with perseverance; he preached the gospel as if should be.
Finally, I'm thankful for God's grace which catches me always despite my failings."
- Daniel Tan 

":D I really enjoyed hanging out with everyone!! It was fun"

"I am thankful for the NEW FRIENDS that I made during the camp!"

"I thank God for the beautiful sand, sea, skies of Telunas beach! It was really relaxing to just lie back and feel the sea breeze, something we don't experience back in Singapore. :)" 

"Thank God for the fun, ACTION-PACKED but relaxing trip, for my awesome team and the food. Most importantly, thank God for the beautiful time and weather." 

- Alex's Brother (Alvin) 

"I am thankful for a good get away with all my friends"
- Grace :)

"Thankful for the good bonding time with my friends :D"

"I'm thankful for the awesome breakfast and the obstacle course at the hill"

"I want to give thanks to God and everyone who cared + prayed for me, that I managed to recover in just a day even though a headaches can already take up to 3 days to subside. 
Thanks for the warmth, love, care going around in this retreat."
- ZhiQi 

"I'm thankful for the activities and the people who showed care to me. I'm thankful for the free time so we can do our own stuff" 

"I thank God for the awesome group that I was in and also the fun time we had together and also all the nice good. :) & all the new friends I made!"
- Gift Fong

"I am thankful for the three saviors (Jessica, Daniel & Ben Chan) who encouraged me to do the jetty jump, because I don't know how to swim. It really takes me alot of courage & faith in God to just jump without much thought. I am also thankful for the good weather despite now being the monsoon season"
- Peilin

"Thank God for the opportunity to come and experience this beautiful place and also getting to know more people better"

"I want to thank the camp. It was good and fun and interesting. 
I <3 Josiah.  
Because he is sitting next to me"
- Jerone Ho

"I thank God for the great time I had with my group bonding together and really putting in effort into all the things we had to do, the cheer, flag, skit and all the other stuff with a spirit of excellence. And most of all, IT WAS FUN! I also thank God for the chance to know my buddy, Wayne, in a more personal level. And finally, I thank God for the Cajun and omelet practice He let me have :/ "
- Reuel

"The fun trip that the members planned, concern of others when I was sick, learn more about God, make new friends"

"I am thankful for all the friends that kept me company throughout the trip and also many thanks to the camp committee for putting so much effort into the camp"
- Daniel Chan

"Just wanna thank God for this opportunity to come back to SG, to spend time with family, friends and to come for this camp. Thank the committee and everyone involved in organizing this camp. Thank Telunas for cooking good food!"
- Jia Wei

"I thank God for letting me be a part of the CPC family, to experience how it is
to live with the Spirit and have fun."

"I want to thank the committee and also everyone for making this camp enjoyable. I am also thankful for God who blessed us with good weather, good food (most of the meals) and very beautiful location. Lastly, I want to thank UNCLE TONY (my buddy) for sharing with me about life."
- Gui Jia

"I'm thankful towards the committee for organizing this retreat as the workshops were encouraging and refreshing for me. Thankful for the HIGH levels of energy of everyone to be so enthusiastic throughout the trip."
- En Yong (Yongie)

"Thank God for the people who cheer me to have courage to jump the  
Thank God for the night stars and the sunrise. Thank God for my buddy who accompanied me throughout the camp."
- Elias

"Actually I'm really thankful for EVERYTHING. I really thank the committee for organising such a great camp! I thank God for being with us during the duration of the whole camp, protecting and guiding me."
- Nathaniel Foong

"I would like to thank the people who took time to prepare all the fun and exciting games to play and all the company I had. I would like to thank those people who took care of me and comforted me."
- Nicolas

"Really thankful for my team for encouraging me as a leader. Thank you!
Daryl Jan, Ian, Daniel, Jolene, Jing Sen, Keith W."
- Jacob

"I am thankful for EUNICE & AUDREY, I think I got to know them better, committee for planning. My 流星花園 for being the best group in my mind. Cell group! G6! :D "
- Clarence

"Thankful for the people (ALL THE CAMPERS WHO MADE IT), the good food (Fish Soup?!),
great committee teamwork,  
awesome worship &
- Joyce Goh


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