Thursday, July 1, 2010

YA TMT '10 Prayer Requests

Covenant Presbyterian Church

Young Adult (YA) Mission Trip to Central Thailand

3- 11 July 2010


Sat 3 July

Departure from T1 (FD 3502) –

ETD 10.55am

Team Prayer and Preparation

Sun 4 July

Tachang Church Worship Service

Thanpraporn Church Worship Service (Bangrachan)

Mon 5 July

Children’s Club at Inburi Rice-Mill

Evangelistic Concert at Inburi Rice-Mill

Tue 6 July

Visitation at Tachang

Children’s Club at Wat Yai Soi

Cell-Group at Wat Yai Soi

Wed 7 July

Visitation at Singburi

Treasure Hunt/Tracting/making contact with youths at Bangrachan

Thu 8 July

Visitation at Inburi & Thong En

Visitation at Sawaeng Ha

Evangelistic Concert at Sawaeng Ha

Cell-Group at Sawaeng Ha

Fri 9 July

Visitation at Bangrachan

Cell-group at Sa Jaeng Village, Bangrachan

English Outreach Camp at Thanpraporn Church (Day 1)

Cell-Group at Sanamchai Village

Sat 10 July

English Outreach Camp at Thanpraporn Church (Day 2)

Sun 11 July

Flight to Singapore (FD 3501) –

ETA 10.25am


19 young adults and Henry; the two team leaders are Shi Wei and Andrew, and the rest of the team members are Shaun, Charissa, En Ting, Keith, Louisa, Vanessa, En Xuan, Bella, Ben, Daryl, Pei Lin, Emelyne, Devi, Janelle, Eunice, Daniel and Kusha.


Pray for Thailand

· The hearts of the people in Thailand be ready to meet and encounter God

· The churches will be refreshed by the team’s ministry

· God will meet his Church in Thailand and the darkness be lifted off Thailand

· May God make this land of smiles become a land of Joy and happiness in Jesus.

· Break the chains that bind and seal off God’s blessings for his people in Thailand , May God flood the nation of Thailand with his LOVE

Pray for the Team

· Pray that the joy of the Lord will prevail amongst the team members, and that their joy and smiles will be so contagious that it will be imparted to the local people.

· Pray that there will be such a strong bonding to one another and everyone will be close to one another as one big family.

· Pray that we will be like the most disciplined army, not consumed with self or seeking recognition, but rather be united and able to move in harmony so that we will be effective against the enemy.

· Pray that we’ll be as adequately prepared for the programme, and also be flexible to adapt to the changes which would inevitably arise.

· Pray for wisdom for the team, especially the leaders, to make the right decisions at crunch time.

Pray for Individual Team Members

· For this period before we leave, many of the trippers have taken to prayer and fasting to consecrate ourselves to minister to the Thais

· Pray that the Thailand Mission Trip will be an extraordinary God-experience for every team member.

· Pray that everyone in the mission team will be used mightily by God as a channel to release His love and healing to the people that we meet.

· Protection for the Team - From the Commando Mosquitoes, Injuries, while traveling on the song-thaew from village to village.

· Good Rest, Good Health & Good Energy to carry out the planned programme, visitations to churches & ministry time.

Pray for a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit

· Pray that the Holy Spirit will once again move like a wind across the province in the next nine days, touching and healing people through the ministry of the mission team members.

· Pray that the team will put their trust and dependence on the Holy Spirit and in faith release healing for the sick and deliverance for those who are oppressed. In Mark 1:32-34, 3:7-11, 6:53-56 and Matthew 4:23-25, 8:16-17 when Jesus’ ministry was accompanied by healing and exorcism, the people were amazed at “the newness of Jesus' teaching and authority.

· Pray that there will be a powerful Baptism of Love and Baptism of Power by the Holy Spirit for the Team and the Thai people.

· Pray for God’s presence to be so real and tangible to the entire team through the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

· Pray that the team will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s prompting.

We are thankful to our God and thank you Covenantors for your loving support !!

Henry Wong


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