Tuesday, July 6, 2010

TMT 10 Day 4

Greetings from Thailand again!

We ended a little late today, so please forgive any mistakes we made in this report. And we will have a few guest writers, so please have a mood of eager anticipation…

Today we did visitations followed by children’s club and lastly the cell group. Visitation was good; we went to believers’ houses that did not turn up in church the week before.

Morning Visitation

If you recall, Miew is a pig farmer supported by our Green Store (See last year’s report for details). We visited her pig farm today and her new house is up – albeit short of windows and doors – and the Fishery Department has dug a pond for her as well. Unfortunately, a large number of her pigs died due to the heat wave that has swept through the area recently. The damaging effects of the heat wave were apparent to us today – the ground was parched, the pond had almost dried up save for two small pools of water, and one of the ducks literally dried up and died.

We prayed and prophesied over her. Her main concern is her debt to construction workers. She mentioned that previously they beat her up because she was unable to pay! We also did a prophetic act, pouring some water on the parched ground and praying for God to restore her land to its original lush state.

However, our ministry to Miew did not merely end there. Tonight after the bible study Neo, Peilin and I prayed for her. At the farm, Neo sensed a spirit of death over the place, and this corresponded with various events that had happened in recent times, e.g. her suicide attempt, the death of the pigs, and some people broke in and actually dumped a dead body in her field! I sensed a spirit of oppression over the place. Peilin saw an image of an angry insect-devouring plant that looked menacing which wanted to devour something. Collectively we decided that there was a need to break this spiritual stronghold. She mentioned that she feels that she is suffering because God is punishing her for something she’s done, or some sin she’s committed. Thus we led her in a prayer to renounce that thinking before she could be delivered from the spiritual oppression. After this was done she said that she felt uplifted, and we continued in a prayer for deliverance from the spirit of death and oppression.

Miew said she felt a huge burden lifted from her. She saw a vision of knights in armor riding to her rescue on horses and a golden sunrise. I thought that was pretty awesome. I commented that her life was very dramatic to Aunty Anong (our lovely translator) and Miew shared some stories of how God has really rescued her from out of the dumps, time and time again. For the sake of brevity I will only share one of them in brief. Miew’s ex-husband tried to kill her some time back, and she locked herself in her room. This crazy fella then proceeded to use a chain saw to saw through the door and get in! (Channel 8 dramas cannot compare to this man!) She was terrified and her children were shouting for Jesus to help. One of them called a friend, and thank God, when he ran out of the house zhun zhun there were 2 policemen at hand, and within one minute they arrived at her rescue! Praise God! Yeah, it’s really awesome. Though we were technically supposed to minister to her, I felt like she ministered to us through her testimonies, more so than we did her.

Afternoon Visitation

Neo, Keith, En Ting and Eunice visited a man whose leg muscles were degenerating. As a result, he had difficulty walking and has not been attending church for a while. Seeing him lie on a mattress, we were reminded of the paralytic to whom Jesus told to take up his mat and walk, but not before He forgave his sins. Sensing that the illness was similarly more than physical, we probed and found out that he had some spiritual ties – such as worshipping the spirit of a deceased monk and consulting a witch doctor for his condition. We led him to renounce the spiritual ties first, then we prayed for healing of his legs. His walking improved considerably after prayer – the pain in his pack completely lifted and he could lift up both legs to walk. As we left, he told us that he would be coming to church again soon.

Children Club

Children’s club at Wat Ya Soi was good, we really kept the energy up despite the energy-sapping heat and trips that we encountered today. Today, we again saw the trippers work together to pull off an impromptu skit of David and the lion’s den. The children seemed to enjoy it very much, and we had a very good trio of lions comprised of Neo, Daniel and Daryl. Shaun was also perfectly in character acting as King Darius, even though he had a Frisbee as his crown.

Cell Group

The cell group led by Daniel was good too. He taught a simple but profound lesson on the life of Peter with the central theme being Peter’s identity in Christ. A lady also prayed to receive Christ. Ministry time was another good time, but rather tired to tell, so shall save the story for later! Our fried rice is calling to me, so we shall end now.

We had the usual healings during the time of ministry – the supernatural has become natural! However, what was unusual about this time of ministry was that the Thai church workers themselves were activated to move in the Spirit. Songsee and Dawrung, two church workers, were encouraged to pray for another church worker, who had pain in his ankle due to an operation. His ankle was healed, and the church workers were amazed to realize that they themselves had the same power to heal, because the same God who works in us, works in them. We hope that the good work will continue even after we leave.

Prayer requests:

  1. Tomorrow’s tracting would be fruitful, as we really need to attract the youths for Thanpraporn Church.
  2. Energy levels will remain high, as we would have a long day tomorrow.
  3. Of course, the presence of God will remain with us always and that we can be mighty warriors for God. And that we will be refreshed spiritually everyday.

Louisa & Daryl with guest writers Eunice & Daniel


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