Saturday, July 3, 2010

TMT 10 Day 1

Hello all,

we have reached Singburi, Thailand and have settled in very well at Pastor Eng Kiat's place. Everything has been very smooth flowing thankfully. The goodie bags for the events and camps have been packed and the atmosphere is wonderful. Morale of the group is high and the joy is overflowing if i might add.

Today, we had lunch under the same golden arches as the previous TMT team en route to Ps Eng Kiat's place.

Scenes of jubilation ensued after the customary introductions and greetings amongst the group, tears of joy could be seen on Daniel's and Keith's faces, as high fives and congratulatory hugs went around, UPON finding out that we would be able to WATCH THE WORLD CUP!!!!!! GOD IS GOOD!!!!! Daniel subsequently went on his knees in all gratitude, well okay, not all of that is true, BUT hey it came close, quite close, somewhat close...

In other news, riding in the Song teow brought back fond memories for a lot of the team that came previously and we managed to find a Tesco to procure the necessary supplies for the rest of the trip.

The team would like to thank:

1)Everyone that came to send us off at the airport

2)All your continuous prayers for us

Prayer requests:

1) Pray for good health for all members

2) Pray for a smooth day tomorrow

3)Follow the extensive and rather exhaustive prayer list:)

Do keep Tabs on our progress. Next update tomorrow. We believe that God WILL show up!

on behalf of the TMT 10,

Daryl & Louisa


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