Tuesday, June 29, 2010

YA Programme (Jun to Aug)

YA Schedule (June to August 2010)
· 20th June, Sunday: BAG (Fathers’ Day)
· 25th – 26th June: YA stayover (I/C: EWP team)
· 27th June, Sunday: BAG (Study on Ephesians to be completed)
· 4th July, Sunday: Prophetic worship (I/C: Clarence, Enmin)
· 11th July, Sunday: Table Fellowship@ Changi Airport (I/C: Carol, Jacob, Joel)
· 18th July, Sunday: BAG (Supernatural Ways of Royalty to commence)
· 25th July, Sunday: BAG
· 1st August, Sunday: BAG
· 8th August, Sunday: Extended worship (I/C: EWP team)
· 15th August, Sunday: Chinese Garden outing (I/C: Shaun Ho)
· 22nd August, Sunday: BAG
· 29th August, Sunday: BAG


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