Monday, June 28, 2010

TMT '10 - Thanks for your Support!!

Dear Covenantors,

The TMT team would like to offer our deepest appreciation for the overwhelming support you have given during last Sunday's fund-raiser.

Due to escalating costs, we had a deficit of around $2200, which seemed insurmountable as it was a rather large amount to raise in such a short time. But amazingly, the donations collected on Sunday exceeded $2300, which more than covers our cost. Praise the Lord! Our God is indeed a God of much more, and His abundance knows no bounds.

We would also like to offer our thanks to Bella's family, Emelyne and Vanessa's family as well as Charissa for providing the delicious confectioneries which sold so well.

All in all, your generosity and selflessness has really touched us deeply. In fact, several individuals had given amounts in the hundreds of dollars. Your donations will go a great way in helping to spread the Gospel in Thailand through various means, blessing the Thai people with resources and keeping us well-fed over there. Do keep us in your prayers as we plan to rock Thailand by touching the people with God's power, grace and love.

God bless,
Neo Shi Wei
on behalf of TMT '10


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