Friday, November 30, 2012

TMT 2012 Day 3

TMT Day 3
Dear Concerned Parents and Valued Stakeholders,
Your children are doing very well. We have slept well; eaten very well (too well); and have managed to poop regularly. We want to thank you for all your prayers back home in Singapore, as we continue to experience the Holy Spirit’s work during this trip. God is truly amazing.
Please find a breakdown of today’s activities below:
Teaching at Wat Pra Prang School
The day started with a three hour lesson with primary school children (Primary 4 – 6) at Wat Pra Prang School. The lessons were very engaging across the levels, and the children enjoyed themselves tremendously. Elaine shared that she was not very good with children, however, her primary four class, loved her so much that she had mini-bodyguards with her the entire time! The children were enthralled by our impromptu games during the classes, especially Sean ‘BOOMZ’ Tng’s “Oppa Gangnam Style” impersonation.
We mingled with the children and even managed to squeeze in a quick game of football. Joshua was the star player, showing off his football prowess against a whole horde of younglings (children). During the game, Ps Henry, forgetting he was 50, took a tumble and injured his shoulder. Please pray for complete healing, and alleviation of discomfort in his shoulder.
Concert at Wat Pra Prang School
After a very tasty lunch of fish, egg and soup, we proceeded to hold a concert at the school, for the children that we taught earlier that day. It was amazing that we could openly bring a Christian themed concert to the children in the school, as Wat Pra Prang School is a temple school, much like how ACS and MGS are mission schools in Singapore. The children loved our dance and the skit that we prepared for them. Gift and Wesley gave an Oscar-worthy performance, earning them critical acclaim from the skit critics in the audience today. Elaine gave her testimony and we also invited the children to the English camp that will be run this Saturday. We were pleasantly surprised when the children presented another skit for Team Singapore. Please pray for the Children, that they will be responsive to the gospel and that they will be able to attend the English camp.
Rest at Thanpraporn Church
We were presented with a well deserved break at Thanpraporn Church (homeland of the Shaun Ho). As it was quite a hot day, we set out in search of cold drinks and desserts. Vanessa and Daryl came across the same lady that we prayed for two years ago, this time she was walking and did not need her wheel chair, a stark difference from her condition before. Hallelujah.
The team was divided into two groups to go for visitation.
Visitation at the Hospital
Due to hospital regulations, a smaller group visited the hospital. Loong Thong Lok (the fish farm guy) was warded because of kidney and lung infection as his the wound on his back had not recovered since his fall a few months ago. He had an oxygen mask on and the doctors were not sure how long he would have to be warded for. We did a short worship in the hospital ward and the boys – Wesley, Sean, Alex and Joshua - all laid hands on him to pray. Alex gave a word that God was pouring forth his anointing oil on everyone present. Vanessa saw a vision of calm waters and assured him that God has given Loong Thong Lok peace. Loong Thong Lok said that he had difficulty breathing the past few nights but he actually managed to sleep during our prayer. Wesley said that he also felt that Thong Lok’s breathing improved after the prayers. PTL!
Visitation at Ba Yuan’s Home
The team had a taste of Ps Eng Kiat’s work by visiting Ba (Read Auntie) Yuan’s home. We caught up with the happenings in her life, and found out that she had a fall preventing her from attending church regularly. Please pray that she will be healed and be more able to attend church regularly.
Children’s Club at Pakathan Village
After the visitations, we ran a children’s club session at Pakathan Village. We were reunited with familiar faces and also had a good time catching up. The children really enjoyed the programme and had a lot of fun learning about Samson and Delilah. At the village, Ps Eng Kiat took the opportunity to ask the team to pray for Gaey’s father’s new motorcycle. This was also a divine to pray for him as he is a pre-believer. Gaey inspired all of us as she is only 12 years old, yet she stands up for her faith in school and her father’s cyst was healed because she persisted in prayer for two months. Mark, Grace, Wesley, and Carissa stepped up to pray for two older ladies, blessing them with prayers of healing and encouragement. The presence of the Holy Spirit was strong and a few of them were moved to tears.
Dinner and Christmas Setup at Thanpraporn Church
After a filling dinner, we proceeded to pray for Pii Som Sii, who has had a bad back and thigh. Qihui felt that Som Sii was like a strong pillar for the church and that we should sing our TMT song and march around her seven times. After some prayer, the pain that she usually felt was much reduced. Praise the Lord. Please pray for her healing as she is one of the elders of the Thanpraporn Church. We also helped Air with the Christmas decorations in the church.

Our God is Amazing!
Daryl and Vanessa
30 Nov 2012


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