Thursday, November 29, 2012


We woke up at 6am and headed to SawaengHa High School for our day of teaching. It started with assembly where all the students, Secondary 1-6 gathered to sing the national anthem and recite their pledge. The Thai National anthem was relatively short but their pledge was extremelyyyy long compared to Singapore's! The students there were generally very polite, greeting everyone with the waii (Thai greeting) whenever they walked past us.

The TMT team were split into 6 teams and allocated to teach different classes. We definitely have to thank God for the great favour with the students and teachers and the rapport we managed to built within the short few hours! :) After finishing our lessons, their English teacher gave us feedback saying that their students really enjoyed themselves and some even requested for us to stay to teach them everyday!

The amount of favour God poured forth for us was really beyond what we had expected or asked for. Despite it being a predominantly Buddhist school, God allowed us to pray for 2 of their teachers! The girls prayed for the English teacher who has been suffering from diabetes for the past 20 years while the guys prayed for the male teacher. Elaine shared her vision she got with the English teacher and she actually affirmed it, agreeing that the picture and descriptions Elaine drew looked exactly like her. Overall, the teachers appeared to be really thankful for our visit to the school and even, for our prayers. They even presented us with locally hand-made fans and small pouches for souvenirs!

After school, we proceeded to Lek's house to pray for her family who were recovering from their son’s death. They were a family who came to Christ only after the accident occurred; hence it was so heartwarming to see that rather than being bitter towards God, they were so faithfully and earnestly seeking God, knowing that they will meet their loved one in heaven one day. They even opened up their home for cell group meeting every week! After praying and seeking God, the group had a small sharing session where we shared about what God wanted us to bless the family with. Charissa shared a short passage from Psalms 23:5-6: You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. This verse was also very much relatable to the vision that Uncle Henry saw, which was of a river overflowing and streaming through their household. Charissa later reiterated with sentence from a song that goes: “though the sorrow may last for the night, my joy will come in the morning”. Qi Hui also shared a verse from Romans 8:28 that goes: And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Afterwards, we went to the nearby Sawaengha church and Ps Eng Kiat explained how this new church started as a children club 4 years ago. Since then, God has brought many new believers to this church. As we were about to leave the house, Grace, Qihui and Arunee came back with an amazing testimony. When Grace was in Singapore, she had a vision from God that she should pray for a limping man with different leg lengths that would be walking by. As she was outside the church toilet, she saw the exact same guy!!! Qihui and Grace then proceeded to run after him, and stopped him just in time before he drove off with his wife. They prayed for him, and found out that actually he had not been attending church regularly. After praying, he said that he was very encouraged, God had sent a messenger to bring him back to Christ! It was a divine appointment. Teary eyed, he promised to come on Sunday J PRAISE THE LORD! KOP KHUN PRA-JAO!!!!!!!!!

We then went to Tachang Church to have dinner!! Phi Naa made us a very very gooooooood dinner J We had Thai curry, lemon soup and stir-fried vegetables. The taste that exploded in our mouths was unparallel to any delicacy we had eaten in Singapore! After dinner, we then prayed for Phi Naa and her family. She has a slipped disk and experiencing excruciating back pain L As we prayed for her, the atmosphere was suffused with God’s Holy presence, and she was truly exultant. She could turn her back without any pain. However, she was still wearing the back brace when we left, so please continue to keep her in your prayers!! J

We then prayed for her son, who was recently released from jail. While praying, many of us got a ‘download’ from God. Aunty Carol received a word of knowledge that his life with similar to the design of his shirt. The shirt was half tattered and the other half was normal. Aunty Carol felt that it was like he was running away from God and moving to another phase of his life. She felt that he should turn back to God; even while facing all the struggles in his life, God was always by his side. Sean also had a phrase from God, ‘You’re all I need’. Elaine had a vision of a yellow carnation, with dried and wilted leaves falling apart from the budding flower. The yellow bud was blooming and growing, larger and larger, under an immense light which represented the favour of God outpouring upon the man. Whereas, the blooming flower represented the man whom God was nurturing and growing under His favour.  The colour yellow, in relation to the yellow ribbon, also represents acceptance.

We also prayed for Phi Naa’s daughter-in-law, who was a pre-believer. While praying, Charissa had a vision of a beautiful red rose, enclosed in a fence. Grace’s word of knowledge was also related, the daughter-in-law was resistant to becoming a Christian because she feels that she is unworthy to receive God’s love. God wants her to love herself as much as He loves her.

We ended at around 8pm and went back to rest J
Prayer update for today: please pray for Pii nan, a worker at the mushroom farm who was just bitten by a snake! Pray that the snake is not poisonous.

That’s all for today, we’ll be going to Wat Pra Prang Primary tomorrow! Pray that everything goes smoothly JJJ TATAAAAAA

Reported by: Elaine and Carissa ;)
p.s. Thanks to Ps EK who translated for us!!


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