Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Homeward Bound

Final entry before heading off for the airport soon. Some pictures from the last day of the training for the returnees and it was a time of hugs, kisses and loads of smiles and photos before the families made their journey home :) It was a good time of encouragement and to see the countenance of their faces changed!

Yesterday was a day out for the team while the team went to a fishing village at Nagombo where their livelihood was mainly fishing and making tons of salted fish (you should have been there to take a whiff, it is bound to take you off your feet whoot) and a visit to a fish farm and a returnees home, Ashoka's family for a house cleansing where we removed some idols and prayed over his entire family :)

Flight Details of the team's return: ETA - 930 to 945pm, Emirates EK 348 from Colombo :) Thank you all for your prayers for the team! :D

The team (Pastor Keith, Mui Fong, Joan, Grace, Andrew, Praba, Shani, Joyce)


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