Friday, August 20, 2010

Greetings from Columbo

5 minutes to post (became 25 mins, since the rest of the team still seems to be snoozing in their rooms, Aunty Joan and me are on time!) We're on a free wifi available at the Hotel's Business Centre (it is way faster than the one at Timor, PTL =X) before we head off to Wesley Seminary School to check out the facilities where Pastor Keith, Aunty Joan and Uncle Praba will be teaching.Today's been a day of pretty much resting and grocery shopping where we stock up water to drink and head off to the supermarket to get some food for the kids. We went for breakfast @ Nimal's (Pastor Sunil's twin brother) place and had a great start of rice and their curry fish and rice for breakfast.

The highlights of the day so far would still be Pastor's Keith's passport being left behind at the airport where the red book stayed on at the immigration counter since we left the airport and made a detour 15 minutes into our journey towards the airport (that was a span of an hr odd since we left the airport). Aunty Joan's bag getting checked and held back thanks to our beloved nation's Bak Gwa :) They got it for Nimal and his family! He realised his passport wasn't with him 15 minutes into our journey towards the hotel and did a detour to get it back.

Our dear calm and cool pastor took it real cool when I asked "Aren't you afraid of losing your passport?". He went "oh, I suppose it is God's way of asking you to stay @ Sri Lanka. But praise God, you'll have your head pastor back in SG soon. He got his passport back :D Some pics before we head off. Pictures from our breakfast at Nimal's place! There's a pic of Nimal and his family!

Yes they have tuks tuks here!
Ok, that's all for now while the refreshed team comes visiting :) The team's here! Gotta run,

Your Sri Lankan Correspondent,
Joy Joy


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