Sunday, April 22, 2012


I recently read this startling statement from an author: “For many who are interested in the recovery of the spiritual, the last place they would look to find guidance in this quest would be the church.” I don’t think the author mean to put the church down; he has put across a point that cut right through the heart of the matter. I believe it is true that we find more religiosity in the church today than authentic relationship of care.

During the course of the last four years in TTC, I visited 10 churches as part of the Field Education programme, there seems to be some truth to this statement. There are a number of churches where I went in and sit in the congregation, and then left after the service without anyone noticing or talking to me. As a pastoral staff, I can recall there were days where I seem to be so ‘busy’ that I simply go through the motion with people instead of offering something that is relevant to them and meeting their needs.

Many people who come to the church would probably not bother with what I know, unless they know that I really genuinely care for them and love them with the love of Christ. I sense that there is a necessity for change – a change in thinking, a change in feeling, and a change in behavior. Indeed, it is only when people we care for know that we love them and praying for them, that there could be a good possibility that we could touch them.

I am convicted that caring for people is a challenging but rewarding task that requires the internal reality of our lives to match with the external actions. I also think that Jesus has given us the answer; Jesus has modeled for us what a man who is totally connected with God the Father and empowered by the Holy Spirit to understand the mystery of the human souls. The sinners, tax collectors, prostitutes and all the broken people all flock to Jesus because he just have this amazing ability to love and care for them.

When we begin to have the mind of Christ, when we start to know and experience the love of God, I believe that’s when we start to care for people for who they are, and not because they are one of our targets, or worst the potential victim of our evangelistic effort. A potential trophy that you go back to tell your friend about. There's something that happen when you just genuinely love and care for people.

Uncle Henry
Sunday, 22 Apr 12


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