Friday, September 30, 2011

Updates 4 - Here He comes!

This week has been a week of some
more of creating materials and being
with the kids. The Lion and Mouse story
was still ongoing and we did the craft of
a mouse finger puppet (seen here in
Joyʼs hands). I have become a regular
in starting off the welcome song section
for the smaller kids and I was invited to
read the story of the Lion and Mouse in
English. Taught the smaller ones how to
sing the “I have 2 hands” song which was really quite funny with my

limited Tetun. It is quite amusing watching how the kids program is done here with loads of songs, games, stories and repetitions.

I have also finished the drawings to the story of Aze and
Migi, and finally - I have got the storyboards done in a
sitting. Tedious in a sense that I havenʼt been drawing for
a long time and doing it 4 hours in a shot was intense but
very fun. The fat boy is Migi and the teachers decided to
make him fat because of the culture of how fat kids often
end up being laughed at and called names like - Panliero.
It is a word used for everything under the sun, teachers
pet, fat, loser but the word was meant to be used for guys
who tend to be more feminine. So the story tells of how
Aze, needed help (he fell from the Mikrolet) and how a rich man and a first in class classmate, refused to help him but an unexpected friend, Migi, helped him in the end.

The storyboards have been developed into worksheets for the kids, that will get them to color and to do handwriting exercises here like - friends, happy and sad. Haha, I completely do feel like a teacherʼs assistant here in which my teacher sister has giggled at me that I seem to be one sent on an “work” attachment from the big boss up there to where I am now.

Staff trainings are on Saturday mornings and I was helping out in teaching these teachers how to create a blog and the objective of the lesson was to help them realize that content on the internet is created by men and it can actually be factual or fictitious in that sense. See, coming here has made me realize (with explanations from SL)that the education system that we have, has built in us certain skills that we have taken very much for granted. How did we learn how to decipher how relevant the piece of information we are reading and I had this thought - I think our humanities subjects teaches us very well in that! So take heed all you students, weʼre learning good skills in school!

Highlights of this week will have to be our Bible Study we had with the student teachers - Francs, Alloe (as seen in the picture on the left) and Acasi. SL felt led to cook lunch for them and we had our bible study as usual. What soon became very obvious as the lesson ended and it was prayer time, was the presence of God that came and the spirit fell on SL as she
started praying for the Francs, how she sensed the Fatherʼs love for him and we managed to pray for one another. I joined in the prayers for the boys too as I sense their tender hearts yearning for the more of Him, that they will receive, experience and know the Fatherʼs love for them as they discover more of God, they will discover their identities in Him. I got prayed for too, Acasi prayed (among some of the things I can pick up with my small bits of Tetun) was that Iʼll pick it up soon, was a very heart warming time.

Team devotion prayer time on Saturday night was something too as we shared with one another what the Lord was doing in our midst and recognizing how He is moving (Ateto was really quiet during this week and super, duper well behaved, it is very hard to believe!) and just spent our time praying and worshipping, was again realizing who God is and who we are and allowing Him to have His way among us.
Things to pray for:
  • -  Continue to uphold the teachers and students in prayer, God is moving and working in the midst of them, that they will know and experience Him more.
  • -  Successful application of Cocoon as an NGO (the application processes here with the government tends to be very tedious), pray that the team will see through it and for a successful application result.
  • -  I should be heading off for the medical checkup real soon, sometime this week for the application of the work visa (yeap, Iʼm on my 4th week here already!), please pray that the medical checkup will be smooth (I have heard horror stories of the drawing of blood, they tried on SL for like 10x la!) and that the application will be successful!
  • -  I love prayers and do keep me in prayers very much especially for my health here, it is acting up here a lot (second bout of fever/sore throat in 3 weeks) and it takes a lot more effort to recover and to start on the rhythm of things again and having a clean bill of health, daily will help a lot. I have recovered from the fever from last night (thank you for praying :D), but yet to feel at my best.
  • -  And the usual of in all things, for His love, favor and grace to flow, as I work with the kids or work on materials or help out in the training or teaching of the teachers.

    Loves, Joy Joy 


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