Monday, June 27, 2011

YaYA Camp Testimonies (cont'd)

Testimony from Matthew

Before the camp I could not really feel God's love that much. During the YaYA camp I could feel God's love and his strong presence, something that I have never really felt in my life.

The third night was when I could feel God's love the most, it was very prominent. Last night, I remember what Uncle Henry said about superior pleasure and inferior pleasure. I felt guilty about it and cried. The YaYA camp has helped me to feel God's love more and know that we should be comfortable in our own skin.

The camp itself was pure AWESOME. I hope that the next YaYA camp will be even better! God bless! :)

Samantha Ng
i will never ever forget those special 5 days of yaya camp i spent time with God and leant about his wonderful love for me. i all the ppl who went for this wonderful camp and i know for sure that i am God's child!!!!!
Pauline Lim
yaYa Camp was fun !
Knowing that god loves me and i'm his child (:
Great to know some friends too !
Can't wait for next camp :D

YaYA camp was an experience i would never forget. The worship, message and soaking were all great! Most importantly i experienced God's presence and LOVE!

Chua Boon Hui
During the camp, I felt that God was the most important person after all. He can do things which people can't do like washing my sins away. This camp is useful.

Janice Tay
The worship was such a powerful and pleasurable experience!! The camp was best ever! Can't stop humming and singing praises to God! (: Awesome!

I really enjoyed & experienced God's presence and Love for all of us in this Camp. Looking forward to the next YaYA Camp !~

Grace Fong
camp was just amazing. God's doing something in all of us! :)

Thank u lord for everything you have done for me,you are truly and surely the best!

Fabian Ng
one word, awesome.
Kelda Wong
i loved camp! really enjoyed his presence during worship and all:) cant wait for the next one. well done everybody!

Luo Lingyan
Flexibility. Identity. Quality (time with God & friends). That's what I ♥ about this camp :D
Elias Goh
this year camp very holy, so many worship and preaching, something supernatural happen also. don't believe can go ask fabian kevin elaine they all

Nothing can beat this YaYA camp. Well done fellow camp comm members! Thank you Ah Jaan Henry and Auntie Carol and of course Shih Yang :) Above all, greatest thanks to our Heavenly Father who watched over us and helped us make this camp a success. Awesomeness :)


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