Thursday, May 26, 2011

A sharing from Joyce Goh from Sunday worship service :)

 A sharing from Joyce Goh from Sunday worship service :)

Yesterday, during main service worship where Uncle Jonathan led, was one where I saw many colors. I wondered if it was God teaching me a lesson on colors, but beside me, stood a flagger, that I only realized when his flags kept hitting my face, that I realized was an angel when I open my eyes to check who was that.

During the initial worship, he waved the colors blue and red. Blue which represented royalty and red, which represents the blood of Jesus. As the worship progressed, he waved the colors of gold, which represented the glory of God.

It was a sight to behold, when the angel flagged the different flag and colors, that he did it with such beauty and grace (that made me want to join him for a moment), right in the center of our sanctuary.

As he waved the gold flags, as the congregation sang the words of glory, with their hands lifted up high, His majestic presence was there. I know I felt like kneeling in His presence, in awe of His grandeur and splendor, it was beautiful.

As worship was nearing the end, he waved green flags, which would mean restoration and refreshment.

God once again showed me His goodness, that He always is:)


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