Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Testimonies from Youth Alpha Course 2011

Testimony by Cheryl
After this whole Alpha course, I can really see how God works so amazingly in His own time and ways. I am filled with joy and I myself feel more refreshed after each session with the girls. Felt that I'm actually learning so much more from the girls. I feel close to the Holy Spirit now and more ready for God to just touch me in His own special way! I loved this weekend away so much! LOve each and every moment spent with the girls. Love it the way the Holy Spirit came and filled the girls. Enjoyed soaking in His presence! It was an awesome weekend, a time to just rest and feel God so strongly once again! I wanna come back again! :):):)

Testimony by Audrey
I'm really really thankful to be part of the youth alpha team and to be able to participate in weekly meetings, and of course the Weekend Away! I have since challenged myself to take a step of faith to be out of my comfort zone and to lead and share my experiences during this time. I'm really very happy to be here! :) After this alpha course, I think I would become braver to challenge myself to lead and serve the Lord. Hopefully I will be able to expose myself to new avenues to serve God and fellowship wth others. I think God for this REALITY! :)

Testimony by QiHui
After this weekend, I am: Refreshed by the holy spirit, Recharged to continue on this journey, Touched by His love, Super Attached and close to the girls, on a Spiritual HIGH! I really didnt expect this alpha to be such a special and powerful experience. The girls are wonderful, all of them different. I super love getting to know them, spending time with them and praying. I feel God has touched all of us as the holy spirit came last night. Alpha is so special, the eyes of the girls have been opened! Praise the LORD! Love my special group of princesses so much! <3

Testimony by Joanne Ler
I used to be a person who never stops worrying. I worry about so many things; even the slightest things would weigh a burden on my heart. Many a times, I would like to put up a strong front as if I didn’t have anything to worry about. The thing is I don’t usually talk to God about my worries. Thus I would just keep to myself.  I have the habit of being paranoid too, which I hated myself for. I couldn’t help but worry about school, studies, friends, and church, almost anything. I didn’t want to be like this but it happened repeatedly. Finally, I cried out to God one day in my room and prayed to Him to take my habit and worries away but to no avail. I continued struggling but everything changed when I served in the youth alpha ministry. God gradually took my worries away and I felt this sense of euphoria each time He does that.

The weekend away came. I had a personal encounter with God which was so unexpected. I simply thought that the weekend away was only for the girls. I had the mindset that only the girls would be ministered to but not the team. Little did I know God would touch me so deeply. When I prayed for some of the girls during the Holy Spirit night, I started pouring and crying my heart out. I had no clue why I was crying but one thing I felt was this warmth that constantly embraced me. Immediately, I knew God was there, His presence overwhelming the room and His love touching all of us, including the alpha team and worship team. The peace which God instilled in me that night has never faded away even till today. I have stopped being such a worrier but instead, I feel so happy every day. I have learnt to rely on God and put my faith in Him, whatever worries or fears I’ll cast them on Him. As 1 Peter 5:7 says- “Cast all your anxieties on Him because He cares for you.” I’ve certainly never felt so hungry for God in my entire 17 years of my life. I thank God for lifting up the burdens in my heart and using the alpha team so mightily! God is so real and awesome! Praise be to Him J

Testimony by Sara Ann
 Before I joined Youth Alpha, I was spiritually dead. I couldn't feel God, I couldn't
hear God.. I was quite lost about what to do about it. But then one day, there was
an announcement saying they needed help for Youth Alpha and I heard this voice in my
head really clearly- "Sara, go help out." I knew it was God, and so I decided to
follow what He told me to do. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect and I was

So then Youth Alpha began and I was really glad that I was starting to feel alive
again. I could feel God now, and I even wanted to spend more time with Him. Youth Alpha 
for me was really a time where I got to know God all over again. And it was a
really refreshing experience. It also made me realize how much God loves me and how
real He is in my life. 
There was one session where we asked the girls to write down things they wanted to
get rid of and all, then we burned the pieces of paper. Suddenly the fire got a
little bigger than expected and we started to panic. So we rushed to open the
windows. Then out of no where this gush of wind blew in and the door slammed shut.
For a moment all of us stood there in awe and Cass went, "God knows, God knows!" it
was a really small incident but it really reminded me of how real God is. 
God taught me about how powerful prayer is. Before Alpha a group of us will always
join Pastor Chris in prayer before Alpha starts and I see now how powerful prayer
can be. I'm not very good at starting conversations with people, but through Youth  
Alpha has really got me out of my comfort zone and now I'm getting better at
talking to people! 

We would always come up with discussion questions for the session and sometimes we
will discuss them among ourselves. I really feel very blessed to be able to have
times of sharing like this. God has opened my eyes to see the love around me. Not
only God's love for us but also the love the team has for the girls. I have really
learnt from the girls in many many ways and I'm really thankful.

The weekend away was really a very good weekend of fellowship.I really got to know
more girls during the weekend. If I were to describe the weekend in one word, I
would say I felt very "ENCOURAGED". Encouraged by the love and effort of the team,
encouraged by the girls. For me the highlight was the night where we ministered to
the girls. To be honest, I felt abit at a lost about what to so because I have never
prayed like this for anyone before. It was also my first time being in the midst of
this kind of stuff. I started off by praying simple prayers, but nothing happened to
those I prayed for. So I decided to let the experienced people take over and I stood
at the side and just worshipped. As I was worshipping I just started crying. I
didn't know why I was crying. But I continued worshipping and pouring out all my
worries and troubles unto Him. And He told me, "I know, I know." I wasn't expecting
myself to be touched by the Holy Spirit and I felt so refreshed after the whole
thing. When I go for Youth Alpha every week now, I'll feel very excited because I
always look forward to what surprise God has in store for us!

Now, I'm feeling all fired up for God! I guess I've really learnt not to take God
for granted. And that He will never leave us for He is always there, whether we feel
Him or not. I am very grateful for this awesome God we have! :)


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