Thursday, February 17, 2011

YAYA Picnic @ Upper Pierce Reservoir, 27th Feb 2011

Hellos YaYAs,

Okays, so we have tried worshipping on a beach and now, we're gonna do it in the open, green fields. It is pretty much one of the places you can get as close as it is, to nature, right out of our busy schedules and country, called Singapore.

I assure you, that in order to get to this plot of green fields, it will be of a little adventure in itself already.. (/evil laughs) it is a downhill climb down the hills and it is pretty fun to get you all started out, warm and fuzzy and with the girls going "ahhhhhhh..." and it is time when the boys can become "heros" and help one another down the hills :D

Come down, have fun and a great time fellowshipping with one another and with God, there will be food and 2 buses chartered to take us there and back to church:)

To help out with the costs alittle, all you need to do is get $3.00 ready for the bus ride and we're all good to go!

Over the hills and faraway, we all came to play,


  1. Hey can you kindly share with me how to get there? :D